(You like FF WAY too much if...)
(You like FF WAY too much if...)
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#...You have any Final Fantasy XII summon glyph tattooed on your body.
#...You have any Final Fantasy XII summon glyph tattooed on your body.
#...You can pronounce the Final Fantasy XII summon names
#...You can pronounce the Final Fantasy XII summon names
#...You drink Potions instead of Pepsi.
#...You can decide who should marry Cloud,Tifa or Aerith (yes,you can bring Aerith to life!)
#...You dress up as a monster in Final Fantasy for Halloween.
#...You think that everyone who has a gun is obsessed with Barret.
#...You play Final Fantasy every day.
#...You try to ride on your [[Chocobo|birds]] back and hope that it will take you places without having to encounter enemies.
#...You think that when you wear a pointy hat,your a Black Mage.
#...You have read this whole list to here. NOW GO PLAY OUTSIDE DANGIT!

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If you find that any of these apply to you, that means you are eligible to use this userbox!

You like FF WAY too much if...

  1. ...You change your computer password to a Final Fantasy term.
  2. ...You think that if you use enough gel, you can get your hair to look like Cloud's.
  3. ...You scream when anybody says Aeris instead of Aerith (or vice versa).
  4. ...You make a list called "How to tell you like FF WAY too much".
  5. ...Your wet dreams involve Sephiroth.
  6. ...Your wet dreams involve Tifa.
  7. ...Your wet dreams involve Tifa and Sephiroth simultaneously.
  8. ...You've actually played the Final Fantasy games before VII... after you beat VII 10 times, of course.
  9. ...You know more about the history of Ivalice than the history of your own country.
  10. ...You're called a Tifaboy.
  11. ...You are a self-proclaimed Tifaboy.
  12. ...You argue over whose are larger, Tifa's or Lulu's?
  13. ...You argue over whose is bigger, Cloud's or Sephiroth's? And we're not talking -just- about sword sizes here.
  14. ...You can argue with a straight face that Advent Children was a good movie.
  15. ...You enjoy ALL the Final Fantasy VII spin-offs.
  16. ...You think Auron and Rikku would make a great couple.
  17. ...You can speak Al-Bhed fluently.
  18. ...You write romantic fanfic for Final Fantasy XII.
  19. ...You have posters of Tifa all over your wall.
  20. ...You bawled when Aeris died.
  21. ...You say your marble collection is a bag of Materia.
  22. ...You hold your arm in your sleeve and wear sunglasses.
  23. ...You call your money Gil.
  24. ...You write too many fanfics about Final Fantasy love triangles.
  25. ...You have a iPod full of FF tracks.
  26. ...You have every Final Fantasy game in existence (and this doesn't mean just the main series!)
  27. ...You only play FF related games, and shun all others.
  28. ...You name your pets after FF summonings.
  29. ...You can sing the lyrics One-Winged Angel in six different languages (including Al Bhed).
  30. ...You actually give a damn about the Cloud/Aeris/Tifa thing.
  31. ...You own all Final Fantasy merchandise in existence.
  32. ...You criticize anything fan-made about Final Fantasy.
  33. ...You think Tifa and her boobs are real.
  34. ...You cry every time you hear the Aria di Mezzo Carattere.
  35. ...You walk or run like a FF character.
  36. ...You cry in every death scene other than Aeris'.
  37. ...You go to FF conventions.
  38. ...You try to develop a gunblade.
  39. ...You argue on talk pages about the differences between Orators and Mediators.
  40. ...You have a life-size picture of Tifa.
  41. ...You have a body pillow of Tifa (you perv).
  42. ...Your whole family has beaten the final boss of at least 3 Final Fantasies.
  43. ...You edit this wiki regularly.
  44. ...You use Balthier's quotes as pick-up lines.
  45. ...(worse yet) You don't know what a pick-up line is.
  46. ...You use "Spoony Bard" as an insult on a regular basis.
  47. ...You think Paladin Cecil looks better than Dark Knight Cecil.
  48. ...You enjoyed Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.
  49. ...You have attempted to get someone to fear you by saying "I will knock you all down!"
  50. ...You think you gain money and get stronger by killing animals.
  51. ...You think that if you are knocked out, the only thing that can revive you is a Phoenix Down.
  52. ...You cosplay as FF characters.
  53. ...You cosplay... period.
  54. ...You cannot tell the difference between a natural phenomenon called a "cloud" and Cloud Strife.
  55. ...You don't wear shirts or accessories that aren't licensed.
  56. ...You think you're the descendant of the Dynast King.
  57. ...You yell out Blizzard when you throw ice shards at someone.
  58. ...You dress like Cloud for Halloween.
  59. ...You tell your mom you have Geostigma, so you can't go to school.
  60. ...You use the line "It's time we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!" as pep talk.
  61. ...You think girls have naturally green or pink hair.
  62. ...You get at least half of these.
  63. ...You have done at least 3-5 of these.
  64. ...You think people can lift swords the size of small cars... if they train hard enough, of course.
  65. ...You hum Terra's theme to your baby to get them to go sleep rather than a traditional lullaby.
  66. ...You think that the story of the Star Wars movies is stolen from FFXII.
  67. ...You call your cat by twirling a rod and saying: "I summon you, Lelo."
  68. ...You think robes are sexy.
  69. ...Your ring tone is One-Winged Angel.
  70. ...You named your kid "Squall" or "Cid".
  71. ...This offends you on a personal level.
  72. ...You hum the Victory Fanfare when you win a school fight... that is if you ever win a school fight.
  73. ...You believe that if you're wearing something red, you won't be damaged by fire.
  74. ...You think you hear the Crystal Theme in a fast food commercial. No offense to a certain blue user.
  75. ...You have read this far.
  76. ...You think Dark Knight Cecil looks better than Paladin Cecil.
  77. ...You get easily offended if someone insults Kefka or Sephiroth.
  78. ...You ask a rock whether or not you can restore the light.
  79. ...You think being a thief is not only legal, but a good thing to do.
  80. ...You believed that Spirits Within is related to Final Fantasy someway, somehow.
  81. ...You think Aki is hot.
  82. ...You think that if someone hits you, you can learn how to hit them back in an identical manner.
  83. ...You think boxing would be more fun if the boxers take turns.
  84. ...You've scream for a Phoenix Down when you fail in Rock Band and can still be saved.
  85. ...You've accidentally called Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Down... on multiple occasions.
  86. ...You know Kuja's a man.
  87. ...You beat Final Fantasy VI without using the Vanish-Doom bug.
  88. ...You have an FFVI game with characters that know every single spell.
  89. ...You actually use Cyan.
  90. ...You think if you get shot, all it will do is take down a few HP points.
  91. ...You can only count using Roman numerals.
  92. ...You argue about how Kingdom Hearts is a Final Fantasy spin-off.
  93. ...On Career day, you say you want to be a Fighter.
  94. ...You can say Vivi's last name without messing it up or getting confused at least once.
  95. ...You can pronounce any other character's last name without messing it up or getting confused at least once.
  96. ...You've read any Final Fantasy hentai.
  97. ...You've downloaded any Final Fantasy hentai.
  98. ...You make Final Fantasy hentai! (Shit!)
  99. ...You make Final Fantasy hentai... Involving Red XIII! (Double shit!)
  100. ...You can think of 100 signs that prove someone likes FF WAY too much!
  101. ...You hum Battle on the Big Bridge every time you cross a bridge.
  102. ...You're still reading this list. Come on, man! Its a lovely day outside! What are you doing?
  103. ...You edited this list!
  104. ...You think that once you die, you can remain in the world longer as a ghost.
  105. ...You have made a script for FFXXX (if you know what I mean).
  106. ...You think Star Wars named Biggs and Wedge after FF characters.
  107. ...You think Yuffie is a ninja.
  108. ...You think if you sell rocks and snake skins to a shop, you'll get a big-ass yellow sword.
  109. ...You wonder why chickens are so small and say...whatever the hell chickens say, instead of "kweh".
  110. ...You wonder what the conversion rate is between Gil and and you nation's currency.
  111. ...You yell "DOINK!" every time a knife you are holding comes in contact with another, unfortunate person.
  112. ...You started a online pub.
  113. ...You cried at the end of Final Fantasy X.
  114. ...You know how to properly say the names of all the FFVI charecters.
  115. ...You spend $50 dollars to buy a Final Fantasy soundtrack that's imported from Japan.
  116. ...You wonder why planes need wings. Airships don't, and they fly just fine.
  117. ...You keep wanting a FF Lego set.
  118. ...You want a FF Lego video game even more.
  119. ...You've thought up an acronym for "Gabranth".
  120. ...You can quote most or all of the games word for word.
  121. ...Your solution to temporary boredom with an FF game is just to play another FF game instead.
  122. ...You have ever tried to imitate Kefka's laugh.
  123. ...You make AMVs using Final Fantasy video clips and music.
  124. ...You finish a FF game within three days of its Japan.
  125. ...You hum the Victory Fanfare whenever you accomplish something.
  126. ...You named one of your pets (or several, or all of them) after a Final Fantasy character.
  127. ...You want to name/have named your child (or several, or all of them) after a Final Fantasy character.
  128. ...You have attempted to use your dog as a rocket launcher, aka Rinoa.
  129. ...You think that to hold something in each hand, you must train like a ninja.
  130. ...You don't realize that this page is NOT a description of you.
  131. ...You think you are the "Supreme Badass" just because you're cooler than a bunch of nerds.
  132. ...You can say with a straight face and without a hint of irony that you like random battles and turn-based combat, and do not think at all that they were never anything more then short-cuts created in the 80s due to technological limitations that Square kept around for decades out of inexcusable laziness and fear of losing fanboys.
  133. ...You often say "kupo" when not supposed to.
  134. ...You can play Prelude...with your eyes closed.
  135. ...You have Rasler in your Sky Pirate's Den.
  136. ...You have completed your Sky Pirate's Den.
  137. ...You call your living room "The Sky Pirate's Den".
  138. ...You understood the above three jokes without clicking on the links.
  139. ...You use Final Fantasy terms in other games no matter what. (i.e. using Blizzard to name an ice spell.)
  140. ...You spend more then ten hours straight on this wiki at one time.
  141. ...You claim to follow the religion of Yevon.
  142. ...You claim to follow the Cult of Kefka.
  143. ...Give money to random people in hopes that they will chop your enemies in half.
  144. ...Attempt to bring dead people back to life with feathers.
  145. ...Cloud Strife comes to your mind every time you listen to Cyanide by Metallica... The crying, weeping, shedding strife... year after year life after life...
  146. ...You get two daggers or a thief sword,attach a tail to you and go around asking people if they seen Kuja.
  147. ...You kicked your TV when you saw Seifer cut Squall's face in the intro of FFVIII.
  148. ...You kick your TV every time you see Seifer in FFVIII, or... Kingdom Hearts?
  149. ...You kiss your favorite character when s/he appears on the screen.
  150. ...You say "You don't need a reason to help people." when you help someone that's been beaten up and has been a jerk to you.
  151. ...You actually read this whole list.
  152. ...You replace other boss music with your favorite Final Fantasy Boss music.
  153. ...Someone dresses up as a evil black mage and mistakes you for a princess.
  154. ...You see a messenger that looks evil,and it makes you think of a theme you know....
  155. ...When someone nags at you, you talk in your mind and when the nagger asks were you listening, you say "Whatever."
  156. ...All the music you listen to is 16-bit.
  157. ...You call a tree an Exdeath
  158. ...You start punching the air when standing still.
  159. ...When your girlfriend falls asleep you carry her on your back across a bridge while talking to yourself (and humming Eyes On Me of course).
  160. ...You start to get dizzy and sleepy, so you think it's time to switch Junctions to a new character. What else could it mean?
  161. ...You call your school a Garden.
  162. ...When you graduate you silently acknowledge yourself as a member of SeeD.
  163. ...You think Hillary Clinton is a sorceress.
  164. ...You style your hair after less popular than Cloud.
  165. ...You style your hair after an FF character...period.
  166. ...You go on a trip to a big city and secretly imagine you are in Esthar.
  167. ...You think that everything has HP
  168. ...You hum the Chocobo Theme every time you see a bird
  169. ...When you get in a fight and think it is turn based
  170. ...When you imagine any show into an RPG
  171. ...When you describe any character with a job class
  172. ...You instantly imagine a battle scene when listening to any lyricless music
  173. ...You believe that onions are nasty but taste better when they level up
  174. ...You believe that you can suplex a train
  175. ...You know that Vivi is the most adorable character in the whole series.
  176. ...You think that when you are in a casino,and someone was bluffing,you think that they are much younger then you think they are.
  177. ...You actually read this whole list to here.
  178. ...You actually have a bumper sticker on your car that reads, "My other ride is a Chocobo".
  179. ...You have any Final Fantasy XII summon glyph tattooed on your body.
  180. ...You can pronounce the Final Fantasy XII summon names
  181. ...You drink Potions instead of Pepsi.
  182. ...You can decide who should marry Cloud,Tifa or Aerith (yes,you can bring Aerith to life!)
  183. ...You dress up as a monster in Final Fantasy for Halloween.
  184. ...You think that everyone who has a gun is obsessed with Barret.
  185. ...You play Final Fantasy every day.
  186. ...You try to ride on your birds back and hope that it will take you places without having to encounter enemies.
  187. ...You think that when you wear a pointy hat,your a Black Mage.
  188. ...You have read this whole list to here. NOW GO PLAY OUTSIDE DANGIT!
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