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If you find that any of these apply to you, that means you are eligible to use this userbox!

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Please beware; there may be spoilers within this page.

You like FF WAY too much if...

  1. ...You find an synonym for Final Fantasy and arrange the letters to form a synonym.
  2. ...You think that if you wait a long time you will be able to do a Full ATB skill
  3. ...You think stones can teleport you
  4. ...You found a black ball and say "Hey, I found the Black Materia, Where's Sephiroth!!!!"
  5. ...You think the end of the world in 2012 will not happen as long as you face and defeat Sephiroth in FFVII
  6. ...You believe walls want to kill you
  7. ...You will only wear sunglasses if you're blind
  8. ...You think in American Idol, one of the singers will sing any Final Fantasy Music
  9. ...You think that any female American Idol is Lenne is disguise
  10. ...You think that every horse is Slepnir
  11. ...You believe paintings can become demons
  12. ...You wait for someone to hit you so that you can hit them back
  13. ...You believe Mognet is real in Dissidia they are sending them to you
  14. ...You think that if you hold an egg it will give you lots of experience in life
  15. ...You think time travel is real
  16. ...You plan what you are going to do on any Final Fantasy game for tomorrow or the day after that etc.
  17. ...You dream that a monstrous whale is destroying the world and you accompany a summoner to defeat it
  18. ...You believe that Vegnagun lies beneath us
  19. ...You change your computer password to a Final Fantasy term.
  20. ...You think that if you use enough gel, you can get your hair to look like Cloud's.
  21. ...You scream when anybody says Aeris instead of Aerith (or vice versa).
  22. ...You make a list called "How to tell you like FF WAY too much".
  23. ...Your wet dreams involve Sephiroth.
  24. ...Your wet dreams involve Tifa.
  25. ...Your wet dreams involve Tifa and Sephiroth simultaneously.
  26. ...You know more about the history of Ivalice than the history of your own country.
  27. ...You're called a Tifaboy.
  28. ...You are a self-proclaimed Tifaboy.
  29. ...You argue over whose are larger, Tifa's or Lulu's?
  30. ...You argue over whose is bigger, Cloud's or Sephiroth's? And we're not talking -just- about sword sizes here.
  31. ...You can argue with a straight face that Advent Children was a good movie.
  32. ...You can speak Al-Bhed fluently.
  33. ...You have posters of Tifa all over your wall.
  34. ...You bawled when Aeris died.
  35. ...You say your marble collection is a bag of Materia.
  36. ...You hold your arm in your sleeve and wear sunglasses.
  37. ...You call your money Gil.
  38. ...You write too many fanfics about Final Fantasy love triangles.
  39. ...You have a iPod full of FF tracks.
  40. ...You have every Final Fantasy game in existence (and this doesn't mean just the main series!)
  41. ...You only play FF related games, and shun all others.
  42. ...You cried when Galuf died
  43. ...You name your pets after FF summonings.
  44. ...You can sing the lyrics One-Winged Angel in different languages (including Al Bhed).
  45. ...You actually give a damn about the Cloud/Aeris/Tifa thing.
  46. ...You own all Final Fantasy merchandise in existence.
  47. ...You criticize anything fan-made about Final Fantasy.
  48. ...You think Tifa and her boobs are real.
  49. ...You cry every time you hear the Aria di Mezzo Carattere.
  50. ...You walk or run like an FF character.
  51. ...You cry in every death scene other than Aeris'.
  52. ...You go to FF conventions.
  53. ...You try to develop a gunblade.
  54. ...You argue on talk pages about the differences between Orators and Mediators.
  55. ...You have a life-size picture of Tifa.
  56. ...You have a body pillow of Tifa (you perv).
  57. ...Your whole family has beaten the final boss of at least 3 Final Fantasies.
  58. ...You edit this wiki regularly.
  59. ...You use Balthier's quotes as pick-up lines.
  60. ...(worse yet) You don't know what a pick-up line is.
  61. ...You use "You Spoony Bard" as an insult on a regular basis.
  62. ...You have attempted to get someone to fear you by saying "I will knock you all down!"
  63. ...You think you gain money and get stronger by killing animals.
  64. ...You think that if you are knocked out, the only thing that can revive you is a Phoenix Down.
  65. ...You cosplay as FF characters.
  66. ...You cosplay... period.
  67. ...You cannot tell the difference between a natural phenomenon called a "cloud" and Cloud Strife.
  68. ...You don't wear shirts or accessories that aren't licensed.
  69. ...You think you're the descendant of the Dynast King.
  70. ...You yell out Blizzard when you throw ice shards at someone.
  71. ...You dress like Cloud for Halloween.
  72. ...You tell your mom you have Geostigma, so you can't go to school.
  73. ...You use the line "It's time we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!" as pep talk.
  74. ...You think girls have naturally green or pink hair.
  75. ...You get at least half of these.
  76. ...You think people can lift swords the size of small cars... if they train hard enough, of course.
  77. ...You hum Terra's theme to your baby to get them to go sleep rather than a traditional lullaby.
  78. ...You think that the story of the Star Wars movies is stolen from FFXII.
  79. ...You call your cat by twirling a rod and saying: "I summon you, Lelo."
  80. ...Your ring tone is One-Winged Angel.
  81. ...You named your kid "Squall" or "Cid".
  82. ...This offends you on a personal level.
  83. ...You hum the Victory Fanfare when you win a school fight... that is if you ever win a school fight. Or achieve anything for that matter.
  84. ...You believe that if you're wearing something red, you won't be damaged by fire.
  85. ...You think you hear the Crystal Theme in a fast food commercial. No offense to a certain blue user.
  86. ...You get easily offended if someone insults Kefka or Sephiroth.
  87. ...You ask a rock whether or not you can restore the light.
  88. ...You think being a thief is not only legal, but a good thing to do.
  89. ...You think that if someone hits you, you can learn how to hit them back in an identical manner.
  90. ...You think boxing would be more fun if the boxers take turns.
  91. ...You've scream for a Phoenix Down when you fail in Rock Band and can still be saved.
  92. ...You've accidentally called Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Down... on multiple occasions.
  93. ...You think if you get shot, all it will do is take down a few HP points.
  94. ...You argue about how Kingdom Hearts is a Final Fantasy spin-off.
  95. ...On Career day, you say you want to be a Fighter.
  96. ...You've read any Final Fantasy hentai.
  97. ...You've downloaded any Final Fantasy hentai.
  98. ...You make Final Fantasy hentai! (S**t!)
  99. ...You make Final Fantasy hentai... Involving Red XIII! (Double s**t!)
  100. ...You make Final Fantasy hentai... Involving Red XIII AND Kimahri! (Triple f**king s**t!)
  101. ...You hum Battle on the Big Bridge every time you cross a bridge.
  102. ...You're still reading this list. Come on, man! Its a lovely day outside! What are you doing?
  103. ...You edited this list!
  104. ...You think that once you die, you can remain in the world longer as a ghost.
  105. ...You have made a script for FFXXX (if you know what I mean).
  106. ...You think Star Wars named Biggs and Wedge after FF characters.
  107. ...You think if you sell rocks and snake skins to a shop, you'll get a big-ass yellow sword.
  108. ...You wonder why chickens are so small and say...whatever the hell chickens say, instead of "kweh".
  109. ...You wonder what the conversion rate is between Gil and and you nation's currency.
  110. ...You yell "DOINK!" every time a knife you are holding comes in contact with another, unfortunate person.
  111. ...You cried at the end of Final Fantasy X and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
  112. ...for three hours afterwards with your cousins.
  113. ...You spend $50 dollars to buy a Final Fantasy soundtrack that's imported from Japan.
  114. ...You wonder why planes need wings. Airships don't, and they fly just fine.
  115. ...You keep wanting a FF Lego set.
  116. ...You want a FF Lego video game even more.
  117. ...You can quote most or all of the games word for word.
  118. ...Your solution to temporary boredom with an FF game is just to play another FF game instead.
  119. ...You have ever tried to imitate Kefka's laugh.
  120. ...You make AMVs using Final Fantasy video clips and music.
  121. ...You finish a FF game within three days of its Japan.
  122. ...You hum the Victory Fanfare whenever you accomplish something.
  123. ...You named one of your pets (or several, or all of them) after a Final Fantasy character.
  124. ...You want to name/have named your child (or several, or all of them) after a Final Fantasy character.
  125. ...You have attempted to use your dog as a rocket launcher, aka Rinoa.
  126. ...You think that to hold something in each hand, you must train like a ninja.
  127. ...You don't realize that this page is NOT a description of you.
  128. ...You can say with a straight face and without a hint of irony that you like random battles and turn-based combat, and do not think at all that they were never anything more then short-cuts created in the 80's due to technological limitations that Square kept around for decades out of inexcusable laziness and fear of losing fanboys.
  129. ...You often say "kupo" when not supposed to.
  130. ...You can play Prelude...with your eyes closed.
  131. ...You call your living room "The Sky Pirate's Den".
  132. ...You understood the above three jokes without clicking on the links.
  133. ...You use Final Fantasy terms in other games no matter what. (e.g. using Blizzard to name an ice spell.)
  134. ...You claim to follow the religion of Yevon.
  135. ...You claim to follow the Cult of Kefka.
  136. ...Give money to random people in hopes that they will chop your enemies in half.
  137. ...Attempt to bring dead people back to life with feathers.
  138. ...Cloud Strife comes to your mind every time you listen to Cyanide by Metallica... The crying, weeping, shedding strife... year after year life after life...
  139. ...You get two daggers or a thief sword, attach a tail to you and go around asking people if they have seen your Dagger.
  140. ...You kicked your TV when you saw Seifer cut Squall's face in the intro of FFVIII.
  141. ...You kick your TV every time you see Seifer in FFVIII, or... Kingdom Hearts?
  142. ...You kiss your favorite character when s/he appears on the screen.
  143. ...You say "You don't need a reason to help people." when you help someone that's been beaten up and has been a jerk to you.
  144. ...You replace other boss music with your favorite Final Fantasy Boss music.
  145. ...Someone dresses up as an evil black mage and mistakes you for a princess.
  146. ...You see a messenger that looks evil, and it makes you think of a theme you know....
  147. ...When someone nags at you, you talk in your mind and when the nagger asks were you listening, you say "Whatever."
  148. ...You call a tree an Exdeath
  149. ...You start punching the air when standing still.
  150. ...When your girlfriend falls asleep you carry her on your back across a bridge while talking to yourself (and humming Eyes On Me of course).
  151. ...You start to get dizzy and sleepy, so you think it's time to switch Junctions to a new character. What else could it mean?
  152. ...You call your school a Garden.
  153. ...When you graduate you silently acknowledge yourself as a member of SeeD.
  154. ...You think Hillary Clinton is a sorceress.
  155. ...You style your hair after a character less popular than Cloud.
  156. ...You style your hair after an FF character...period.
  157. ...You go on a trip to a big city and secretly imagine you are in Esthar.
  158. ...You think that everything has HP
  159. ...You hum the Chocobo Theme every time you see a bird
  160. ...When you get in a fight and think it is turn-based
  161. ...When you imagine any show into an RPG
  162. ...When you describe any character with a job class
  163. ...You instantly imagine a battle scene when listening to any lyricless music
  164. ...You believe that onions are nasty but taste better when they level up
  165. ...You believe that you can suplex a train
  166. ...You think that when you are in a casino, and someone was bluffing, you think that they are much younger then you think they are.
  167. ...You actually have a bumper sticker on your car that reads, "My other ride is a Chocobo".
  168. ...You dress up as a monster in Final Fantasy for Halloween.
  169. ...You think that everyone who has a gun is obsessed with Barret.
  170. ...You play Final Fantasy every day.
  171. ...You try to ride on your birds back and hope that it will take you places without having to encounter enemies.
  172. ...You think that when you wear a pointy hat, you're a Black Mage.
  173. ...You've had two boys and a girl, named the boys Cecil and Kain, the girl Rosa, and the boys fight over her.
  174. ...You think your Mother came to this planet after a long journey.
  175. ...You think you can gain levels from killing bugs.
  176. ...You think soft drinks are potions.
  177. ...You refer to the leader of your country as Emperor Gestahl.
  178. ...You wanted to cross the Pacific Ocean on a poorly built raft.
  179. ...You plug earphones in and play the world map theme every time you travel on foot.
  180. ...You think airships exist.
  181. ...You think a psychotic clown will ruin the world and become a god.
  182. ...You think that Final Fantasy is real life and that real life is a game.
  183. ...You reply "Whatever..." or "Not Interested" to at least half of what people say.
  184. ...You got smacked in the face by a monk.
  185. ...You think that when you fight bandits and criminals, you get exp. points
  186. ...You think that all natural events are caused by you.
  187. ...You think the Big Bang was caused by a Lunarian
  188. ...You think the Big Bang is Zeromus' ultimate attack, and not a natural occurrence
  189. ...You ask people their Zodiac signs, then tell them what Job Class they are.
  190. ...You think God is Ramuh.
  191. ...You know all the lyrics for all Final Fantasy songs (that have lyrics) in both English and Japanese.
  192. ...You spend most of your free time bitching about the franchise.
  193. ...You have every Final Fantasy movie/anime/whatever on DVD (and Blu-ray for Advent Children Complete)
  194. ...You bought a console only so you could play Final Fantasy for it
  195. ...You know the voice actor of every character in the series (by heart).
  196. ...You've filed a divorce with your "other" because they didn't look or act like this guy or this girl
  197. ...You've quit your job so you have more time to play Final Fantasy
  198. ...You're editing this list even though you "have more important things to do." Please. What's more important than this?
  199. ...You buy flowers for someone and claim they're from Aerith or Aerith's Church.
  200. ...You receive flowers from someone and ask if they're from Aerith or Aerith's Church.
  201. ...You see a fan-made Buster Sword and start crying.
  202. ...You think you can weaken a whale if everyone in the world sing the hymn of the Fayth.
  203. ...You think you can summon Sephiroth if everyone in the world sing One-Winged Angel at once.
  204. ...You've sung One-Winged Angel at least once since you began reading this list.
  205. ...You go to a circus expecting to see Kefka, and hates hates hates hates(x50) when you don't!
  206. ...When you see someone sad you tell to then: "Stop pretending you're sad."
  207. ...You think that eating bread can make your eyesight more better.
  208. ...When you think a cactus can move.
  209. ...When you open a thick book from the library and feel sad because you realised that that was not the Grimoire.
  210. ...When you pick a wooden branch on the ground and do some sword moves... left-handed because the sword is Sephiroth's Masamune.
  211. ...When you show off those moves to another FF fan.
  212. ...When, on a hiking trip, you actively search for a branch to exercise your swordplay.
  213. ...When you do that often enough that it doesn't look weird even if it takes three reasons on this list.
  214. ...When one of your goals in life was/is to play every game from the main series.
  215. ...When you look at a clock (in Roman numerals, of course) and think about all the FFs from I to XII.
  216. ...When FFWiki is one of your home pages when opening Internet.
  217. ...You cried when Zack Fair died.
  218. ...You REALLY cried (like a little girl) when Zack Fair died.
  219. ...When you look around to find more reasons, and they pop up everywhere.
  220. ...You think about something or other about the series while walking to school.
  221. ...You have One-Winged Angel stuck into your head during your English class.
  222. ...And your math class.
  223. ...And your other classes.
  224. ...You draw Final Fantasy characters in your notebooks.
  225. ...You intend to buy the Cloud Strife cologne (there must be some).
  226. ...You can not only sing OWA, but can also recite LOVELESS.
  227. ...Because you like Genesis.
  228. ...You played Dissidia at least 100 days straight.
  229. ...You think this list is too short
  230. ...You send an engineer to battle, after all they can use tools.
  231. ...You've made a Final Fantasy Spin-off.
  232. ...You bought ALL of the Final Fantasy Trading Arts Action Figures.
  233. ...You've built a full- sized replica of Squall's Gunblade
  234. ...You've built a snowman that is eerily identical in appearance to Seifer.
  235. ...You slice the above snowman's head off with your replica Gunblade.
  236. ...You realized what you have done, then try to revive the snowman with some Dove feathers spray-painted red.
  237. ...You didn't realize that the above wouldn't work!
  238. ...Your overwhelming belief in FF physics made the above work.
  239. ...You've built a model of any city in the FF series.
  240. ...You believe that the word selfie came from Selphie.
  241. ...You mix several soft drinks together, then you claim you're an Alchemist afterward.
  242. ...When you learn how to jump REALLY high, and then you get some armor that looks like a dragon, and then get a spear, you call yourself a Dragoon.
  243. ...You go into a battlefield wielding a lance and start jumping.
  244. ...When you want to insult someone, you say "Son of a submariner!".
  245. ...You scream "AWW HELL NO!!!" when you see a red jester and a blue jester.
  246. ...You yell at Tifa to strip whenever you see her on screen.
  247. ...You instantly confuse a baby chicken for a chocobo chick.
  248. ...You try to keep a pet bird in your hair.
  249. ...You take feathers with you when going to a graveyard... just in case...
  250. ...You think when you're feeling down, a random monster will appear and knock you back into sense after you defeat it easily.
  251. ...You break into somebody's house, steal their treasure, and ask the home owner standing nearby if they have seen a man in a black cape.
  252. ...You clocked over a thousand hours collectively playing various Final Fantasy games and you are proud of it.
  253. ...You believe immortal machines are responsible for the land formations of the world.
  254. ...You believe you can summon the aforementioned random monsters from gemstones.
  255. ...You think putting MMO's into the Main Series was a good idea.
  256. ...You're thinking "oh crap I really do like FF too much!" right now
  257. ...You cried in the shower when you realized that Vivi died.
  258. ...You start using terminology from the games in your every day life.
  259. ...You think you can walk on the Moon without a space suit.
  260. ...You didn't think it was weird that a space craft was called The Lunar Whale.
  261. ...You realized there is more Lulu hentai out there than Tifa. And you're really gross.
  262. ...You have over 10,000 edits on this wiki.
  263. ...You put a large blue dome on the ground and say your casting Ultima.
  264. ...You think that Square got the idea for Lightning from a cricket team. (Sorry Jeppo :P)
  265. ...You think that Sion from The Bouncer looks like Cloud Strife or Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
  266. ...If your girlfriend is murdered you vow to go after Sephiroth.
  267. ...If you make a Versus series of FF against (insert other favorite series here).
  268. ...You can list all playable characters across the whole series in alphabetical order
  269. ...You yell "Sweet Christmas, it's a talking turtle!" when ever you see a turtle (Whether they actually talk or not does not matter)
  270. ...You call anyone who plays a musical instrument a "spoony bard" on a regular basis
  271. ...Your friends have lost a little respect for you because all you talk about is FF related.
  272. ...You hum the victory fanfare after completing an exam.
  273. ...You say "Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn tea!" every time you see a girl with tea.
  274. ...You blame the above on a reflex.
  275. ...You can't help but say that.
  276. ...You name characters in any of the first 9 games after other FF characters.
  277. ...You name characters in any game after FF characters.
  278. ...You named Cloud Sephiroth at the start of 7, sat back and watched the hilarity unfold.
  279. ...You actually did the above prior to reading this.
  280. ...You spent twelve collective hours trying to learn Ultima from Ultima Demons in the battle with Zombie Zalbaag.
  281. ...You decide to add some variety to another run through a FF by playing Dissidia simultaneously.
  282. ...You spend more time raging over the series than enjoying it, the true mark of fandom.
  283. ...You paint lightbulbs and claim that they are your materia.
  284. ...You categorize your friends into different job classes judging by their personality and mannerisms.
  285. ...You jam a knife into every tree that you see.
  286. ...You attempt to harpoon or blow up any whales you see on the off chance they might be a destructive monster made up of the souls of the dead.
  287. ...You keep One-Winged Angel on your MP3 player on the off chance you need to ward off Cloud fans.
  288. ...You try to blow up the computers of Warcraft players for betraying Final Fantasy XI.
  289. ...You chase midgets/dwarves/little people/whatever won't get me sued into the next epoch around trying to put a Black Mage hat on them to make up for Vivi's death at the end of Final Fantasy IX.
  290. ...You still mourn Vivi's death, for that matter. NEVER FORGET!
  291. ...You think anyone from the series is hot.
  292. ...You bring up the notion of a character being hot, or even nice-looking for that matter.
  293. ...You burn down an orphanage just so some great being will come back to Earth.
  294. ...You never eat, sleep (unless you are in an inn), or use the bathroom.
  295. ...You search for an inn, a weapon shop, an armor shop, or an item shop every time you go to a new town.
  296. ...You have fallen asleep playing FF at least once.
  297. ...You are listening to an FF soundtrack now.
  298. ...You actually thought sword-chucks were a good idea.
  299. ...You think there is an FF reference somewhere in everything
  300. ...You went out of your way to get a gold chocobo...twice.
  301. ...You yell "Paradigm Shift!" when you want to change the subject of a conversation.
  302. ...You turn on FF tracks while you're playing different games to make them better.
  303. ...O-hohoho replaces your usual laugh
  304. ...You say that Chess is inspired from the Tactics series
  305. ...You swear to a judge
  306. ...You form a pact with a lady who happens wear blue
  307. ...You throw rings and hope they explode (Crystal Chronicles)
  308. ...You make wings for your pet cat and make it say *kupo* then toss it from a cliff
  309. ...You yell "Haste" to someone at a start of a race
  310. ...You force a doctor to say *Curaga* or *Curaja*
  311. ...You hit someone and yell "Critical Hit!"
  312. ...After you beat up a kid you yell "level Up!"
  313. ...You call the same kid's father "the Final boss" or Jecht
  314. ...You think your clothes give you stats
  315. ...You play with any long, thin object and say its a staff
  316. ...You hit people with your "staff"
  317. ...You give your "staff" to a Dog
  318. ...You think your pet turtle is a huge adamantoise and try to cast death on it
  319. ...You think Your pet Rabbit can heal you
  320. ...You give a blind person eyedrops!
  321. ...You think abiding the law makes you invincible
  322. ...You call any ribbon wearing girl Aerith and become her bodyguard
  323. ...Your think if you pray alot you can cast Holy, or you can heal anyone
  324. ...You scratch someone's back and yell "Back Attack!"
  325. have a pet ostrich and call it Boco
  326. ...You paint "Boco" yellow
  327. ...You feed "boco" "Gysahl Greens"
  328. ...You call Heaven Lemures
  329. ...You call angels aegyl
  330. ...You add the title "The Eternal" to the name of your deity
  331. ...You put make-up on your pet cat and Bunny
  332. ...You chant Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec ad nauseum
  333. ...You call yourself a "hume"
  334. ...You were tempted to change the above IN case a Viera, bangaa, or other non-hume creatures visit this site
  335. ...You prick a statue with a yellow needle
  336. ...You suffocate due to playing underwater soccer
  337. ...You join WIKIA!
  338. ...You've called your girlfriend Yuna, Tifa, Garnet, or any other female FF name.
  339. ...You've called your boyfriend Tidus, Squall, Cloud, or any other male FF name.
  340. ...You talk about Final Fantasy so much that no one will go out with you.
  341. ...Whenever you are annoyed, you say "Death awaits you.".
  342. ...You got an F on your science test because you said that the Asteroid Belt is the remains of the Red Planet.
  343. ...You try to initiate Time compression when you're having a bad day.
  344. ...You thought the Pope is a higher magical being whose goal is to burn the entire world to bring about a god.
  345. ...You carry any tool with a long handle as if you would attack someone with it, and breath heavily while doing so, while saying your brother is a loser who can't protect anything.
  346. ...Your family and friends don't even have to ask what you want for Christmas: Final Fantasy stuff (no games though, you have already played them all twice)
  347. ...You think that if you complete an objective you will turn into crystal.
  348. ...If Final Fantasy ended you would start a riot.
  349. ...You think Valentine's Day is named after the Final Fantasy VII character Vincent Valentine.
  350. ...You believe a gelatinous dessert can come alive and attack you.
  351. ...You also know that stabbing the dessert with a fork will do very little against it.
  352. ...You yell "Firaga" every time you see a purple octopus...
  353. ...You believe that there really are two moons, but the Lunarians are hiding the second one.
  354. ...You think that if you are angry enough you can achieve Trance.
  355. ...You say "Fire" when lighting a match.
  356. ...You think Espers, Eidolons, Aeons, and Guardian Forces exist.
  357. ...You've ever said "Praise be to Yevon".
  358. ...You've dreamed about any FF character.
  359. ...You punch someone in the face if they say Horsebird.
  360. ...You're offended if someone hates Final Fantasy.
  361. ...You avoid dissecting a frog thinking that it's really a human being a victim of the Toad spell, even if frogs and toads are different.
  362. ...You constantly check for Dissidia 012 updates and are saddened when there is none.
  363. ...You have completed one character's sphere grid in X.
  364. ...You have completed all of the characters' sphere grids.
  365. ...You bought a Japanese game system just to play an international version of a game.
  366. ...You actually found a way to patch an International Version of a game.
  367. ...You came up with at least half of these.
  368. ...You're still reading this.
  369. ...You've read up to here.
  370. ...You still think this isn't enough.
  371. ...You will edit this page.
  372. ...You yell "Fungah!" every time you are about to sneeze.
  373. ...You think the lunar calander is the calendar Lunarians use.
  374. ...You think that the crystals are true. They're just hidden.
  375. ...You are trying to cast "Float!" so you could evade earthquakes.
  376. ...You wear a ribbon to avoid sickness.
  377. ...You call airplanes airships.
  378. ...You use Final Fantasy for school projects.
  379. ...You refer drinks as Potions.
  380. ...You plan to choose "Aerith's Theme" as the song to play at your funeral.
  381. ...You check this list daily for an update.
  382. ...You can play all of the chocobo themes on electric guitar.
  383. ...Make Lightning's Gunblade and kill some weeds with it.
  384. ...You burn a CD of nothing but Chocobo themes.
  385. ...You want the Tipa band to play at your wedding...even if they only know one song.
  386. ...You know global warming is a lie because it’s a cover-up for the real issue; Miasma.
  387. ...When you grow up, you want to be a Crystal Caravanner.
  388. ...You call into work to tell them you can’t come in because it’s Jagd outside.
  389. ...You’ve convinced someone else who doesn’t play Final Fantasy that there are hidden moon people asleep on the moon.
  390. ...You spell ‘CD’ as SeeD
  391. ...You don’t want to have any siblings because they’ll either end up in mortal danger or be evil.
  392. ...You think Square Enix should continue naming characters after weather. After all, they haven’t used Sleet, Sun, or Hail yet.
  393. ...You think it’s possible for your hair to remain over one shoulder the whole time while fighting, leaping out of airships and flipping upside-down.
  394. ...You find nothing on this list amusing; in fact, you're offended right now.
  395. ...LOVELESS has been melted into your brain.
  396. ...You think you can instantly change what you are wearing by holding a translucent glowing ball.
  397. ...You call Nuns and Priests White Mages.
  398. ...and Nurses.
  399. ...and Doctors.
  400. ...You use Esuna to be free from illness...
  401. ...or if you run out of MP you use an Ether
  402. ...You graduate from school and call yourself a Scholar.
  403. ...You make compatibilities with a person using each-other's Zodiac sign
  404. ...You think that Cloud's infamy is already way too much and he should let other FF characters shine.
  405. ...Silver haired people are evil. Period.
  406. ... You think "Its morphing time!" from Power Rangers was stolen from Gilgamesh
  407. ...You've made at least three contributions to this list.
  408. ... You think EVERYBODY likes FF.
  409. ... You think drinking some random liquid will close a fatal wound up and make the person good as new.
  410. ... You think halitosis can cause you to become angry, frozen in time, drowsy, or otherwise sick.
  411. ...You have asked the music director at your school to play "One Winged Angel".
  412. ...You believe that one day, you'll be able to summon Espers, Eidolons, Aeons, and Guardian Forces at your command.
  413. ...You think by calling out, "Shiva!", or any other summon, you'll summon them.
  414. ...You try to do a science fair presentation based on Cloud's gravity-defying hair.
  415. ...You bought EVERY FF related stuff.
  416. ...You bought EVERY FF game in Japanese and English version.
  417. ...You try to make a cactuar statue out of cactus.
  418. ...You would fly all the way to Japan just to line up and wait for your turn to buy the new FF release.
  419. ...You try to make an ostrich grow feathers on the neck.
  420. ...Then you hair dyed the ostrich yellow.
  421. ...Then you try to make it fly as little as possible.
  422. ...You can turn a novel/comic/anime into a FF game.
  423. ...You shout "THUNDAGA" when you see lightning.
  424. ...You try to rip off all the spikes of a giant cactus with only three left then dig two identical holes and a rectangle.
  425. ...and a finishing touch, you added a mustache!!!!
  426. ...You think that cigarette company named themselves after the Malboro..
  427. only think of Celes when you go to the opera.
  428. can think of Dissidia movesets for just about anyone.
  429. hate every other JRPG in existence...except maybe Pokemon.
  430. hate every other JRPG in existence...including Pokemon.
  431. can think of a timeline for every FF game ever, a la Zelda.
  432. refuse to buy a game if it doesn't have FF characters.
  433. read all of the above in a few minutes.
  434. time your fights that you know you will lose around the full moon.
  435. ...You think that Santa is actually Gilgamesh giving you presents to say sorry for a previous fight.
  436. ...You call your goal in life your Focus.
  437. ...You have the Cloudy Wolf wallpaper on your phone.
  438. ...You watched Advent Children for more than 20 times.
  439. ...You think you can put out fire with ice instead of water.
  440. ...You spend for more than 6 months juz to get 12 Zodiac Spears.
  441. ...You think that bombs will float on air and explode whenever they want.
  442. ...You set your ringtone to Mog's repetitive "Kupo kupo!" and people think it's you who made the noise.
  443. ...You make an Adventure Survival Guide for real life using FF Walkthroughs as a general guideline...
  444. ...You relate anything (movies, comics, novels) to Final Fantasy.
  445. ...You get real pissed when your friends say all they know about FF is the blonde guy with a spike on his head.
  446. ...Or the silver long haired guy with a long sword.
  447. ...Or the girl whose boobs are like melons.
  448. ...Or your friends mistake Tidus for Cloud in a picture. (This really did happen.)
  449. ... You actually tried to make Lulu's dress.
  450. ...When you try to "merge" into your friend before exiting a building
  451. ...When you realize that was so 80's/90's and force your friends to run in a certain formation
  452. ...When you hide in the back row to take less damage (it works!)
  453. ...When you call your teacher Kurasame
  454. You go into a cave in hopes of finding a new GF
  455. You get bored at work and decide to make Final Fantasy VII top trumps...
  456. You are failing school because you daydream about Final Fantasy.
  457. You think earthquakes are caused by Titan.
  458. You think this page is only a bit of fun when really it is what you do every single day.
  459. You start to call things that are not probable to happen a "paradox."
  460. ...You think that there really are Temples of Yevon out there.
  461. ...You cried at the end of Advent Children in front of your parents. (Sad, but true.)
  462. ...You try to form a group to find spheres.
  463. ...You want to redecorate your room as the Chamber of the Fayth...Or redecorate your house as a Temple of Yevon.
  464. ...You cuss out the TV during Seymour and Yuna's wedding.
  465. ...You try to replicate Yuna's Earring.
  466. ...You succeed in replicating Yuna's Earring.
  467. ...You scream out "Forbidden Machina!!!" when you see factories or any type of machinery.
  468. ...You failed a geography test when you insist that Mt. Gagazet is a real mountain.
  469. ...Your top 5 places you want to go to are Zanarkand, Bevelle,Macalania, Besaid, or Luca.
  470. ...Your favorite sport is Blitzball.
  471. ...You see three animals: a dog, a monkey, and a bird and start commanding them to fight enemies.
  472. ...You think that if you get shot or stabbed you will live as long as you use Cure and potions on a regular basis.
  473. ...If you are still reading now, then you need to get a life. And no, you can't buy them from the magic shop.
  474. ...after reading the above you thought to yourself "That's because you buy Life at a White Magic Store."
  475. ... you had a dream about Final Fantasy.
  476. ... you had countless dreams about Final Fantasy.
  477. ... in your dreams you are one of the playable characters.
  478. ... afterwards, you thought you could lift swords bigger than small cars, then you woke up and went out and tried this, and it probably didn't go so well.
  479. ... you had nightmares about Final Fantasy!
  480. ... you had a nightmare about Seymour Guado wanting you dead! (Freaked me out!)
  481. ... You constantly think what you would do if Tifa was real.
  482. ... If chests are actually sitting around all over the world, why has no one gone around and emptied them?
  483. ... If something isn't related to Final Fantasy, you say "Not interested" or "Whatever".
  484. ... You think hunters either go out to kill legendary monsters or try and find video recordings.
  485. ... You believe you are safe from danger as long as you're riding on an ostrich
  486. ... Whenever you go hunting you first have to yell "<creature you hunting>The Hunt Begins!"
  487. ... If you kill any animals on said hunt you say "<creatures name> Vanquished"
  488. ... you think you're a fugitive running away from a floating sphere.
  489. ... you can name every Final Fantasy soundtrack.
  490. ... you recite LOVELESS on stage in school.
  491. ... and you get first prize for your performance.
  492. ... When my girlfriend says i lose man points (MP) for playing Final Fantasy so i open a beer and say "that's what this Ether is for!"
  493. ... If you believe that when you fall asleep; burns, electrocution, drowning or freezing will not wake you up; however, any sort of physical contact will.
  494. ... If you believe that any type of animal poisoning (whether it be a spider bite, cobra venom, scorpion sting, etc.) can all be cured instantly with the same antidote.
  495. ... If you wonder why anybody would spend 8+ years studying medicine when all ailments can be cured nearly instantly with the right liquid (all of which can be found in your local town market.)
  496. ... You yell "Reflect!" whenever you successfully block a basketball shot.
  497. ... You tape a lit match to your fist and say that you junctioned one fire to your Strength.
  498. ... You cover yourself in snow and proceed to tell your friends "I absorb the ice element!" And are then pummeled by snowballs.
  499. ... You understand everything on this list.
  500. ... You think that the one girl on Pit-bulls and Parolees is actually Tifa.
  501. ... you train your cat/dog/rabbit/whatever pet you have so that they can fight your classmates/enemies/people you don't like.
  502. ... you think that SOLDIER, SeeD and PSICOM are the Marines, Navy & Air Force of the country you live in.
  503. ... you think that the Peacemaker from FFVII came before the Colt Peacemaker.
  504. ... You recolor your weapon to enhance its battle capabilities.
  505. treat life in school as a FF game, where the final boss is the headmaster or your most hated test.
  506. couldn't tell the difference between an Harley-Davidson & the Hardy-Daytona.
  507. ... You want a Sending for you instead of a funeral.
  508. ... You think you can ride a chicken.
  509. ... You downloaded a chocobo theme onto your anniversary song list.
  510. ... You tried every known way to ~spoilers~ revive the character that dies in FFVII
  511. ... You think that a supernova that destroyed every planet [except Saturn] won't kill you.
  512. ...You practice victory poses of characters in time with the Victory Fanfare.
  513. ...You also mimic poses and actions from cutscenes.
  514. ...You also watch cutscenes over and over to perfectly recite memorable lines from your favorite FF game.
  515. ...You notice it's raining outside and then immediately be reminded of Zack's Final Stand.
  516. then immediately play The Price of Freedom to enhance the feels.
  517. ...You listen to FF songs when you get into bed at night.
  518. ...You freak out in excitement whenever you see Final Fantasy merchandise on Sale.
  519. ...You find your Youtube history is full of Final Fantasy videos.
  520. ...You spend more time than usual listening to the home menu theme of Final Fantasy games on your PSP/PS3.
  521. ... Your friends have given up on you because of your FF obsession.
  522. ... You start working on a "Cool Final Fantasy Music playlist" on YouTube (and if anyone has any recommendations- you can post them on my talk page! ;) TMG)
  523. ...You yell "Ifrit, I summon you!" When you see Ice on the Freezer.
  524. ...You want a 3D Remake of Final Fantasy V.
  525. ...The password to unlock your phone is circle, square, x, x. (6,4,8,8)
  526. ...You are humming the Defeat theme if you failed the test.
  527. ...You are humming the Victory theme if you passed/got a perfect score in the test.
  528. ...You end each sentence with the word "KUPO!"
  529. ...You call your pet a moogle.
  530. ...When you talk about your friends, you are actually talking about characters of the Final Fantasy series.
  531. ...You have hallucinations based on famous deaths in the Final Fantasy games.
  532. ...You think both Vana'diel and Eorzea are on the same planet.
  533. ...Also, you think the playable races in both FFXI and FFXIV are related to each other. Even the Au Ra for some reason.
  534. ...And you think Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV are the same game, even though they obviously aren't.
  535. ...You refuse to drive your car because you think fossil fuels are made from the Lifestream.
  536. ...You think (And possibly swear) that Chuck Norris is Jecht.
  537. ...You're already speculating on how to resurrect That character in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  538. ...By now you're still hoping for a full 3D remake of Final Fantasy VI.
  539. ...You named your dog, not just Angelo, but Sant' Angelo di Roma.
  540. ...You think of Cloud when you hear the number 7, Squall when you hear the number 8, Zidane when you hear the number 9, and so on.
  541. ...You're always think that Quistis will crack her whip whenever you fight a monster in Final Fantasy VIII. (even if she's not in the party)
  542. ...You play the same Final Fantasy game for more than 12 hours in 1 day.
  543. ...You think punching someone can cure his or her headache.
  544. ...You yell "BLIZZAGA" when there's a hailstorm, snowstorm, or any ice storm.
  545. ...You think you'll die if you move while burning.
  546. sing the vocal theme (if any) of the Final Fantasy game you recently finished 24/7 for a year.


You used the wrong form of "you're" in several posts. You use "your" as in "it belongs to you" instead of "you're" which is "you are". Grammar please, kupo! AmbieSushi To think that mother would prefer Sephiroth over... 02:15, August 27, 2011 (UTC)

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