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Some Color Mage / Talk Contribs / Let's Stream Random PS4 Crap. / 09:15, December 13, 2019 (UTC)
Alternate title: Canonicity of Bravely Default, Hopefully For the Last Fucking Time.

When this topic came up with Default, my opinion was that as a single title with more than a passing resemblance to FFV's job and magic systems, it made sense to include here. When this topic came up with Second, I argued that we brought the topic up way too early and we should talk about it when users that only know English had more information. Said later discussion didn't happen, mostly because a bunch of people were sick of one particular annoying user who had an amazing talent for poisoning what was allegedly their own side of the argument.

We don't need to wait for Default II to come out. Second distanced itself from the classes it borrowed from FF to focus on its own classes, only one of which (Astrologian) could be considered related. Second culled the spell lists it borrowed from FFV. The only FF related thing that has a similar level of prominence in Second that it did in Default is that the Seven Deadly Sins from 4HoL are still there. Furthermore, Curtain Call lists Default in its non-FF section, instead of the miscellaneous FF section.

We have more than enough proof that the series is not first-tier scope, to the degree that we don't even need to take the words of the dev team into consideration. It is certainly a related series that requires a degree of coverage, but nowhere close to what we currently do.

I am definitely interested in working on a forked site, so let it be clear I'm not just trying to mark a significant chunk of the site as "not our problem lol". It just appears to me that it's not meant to be here.

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Techno has practically stated all my points on why it should be separated from this wiki at this point. We don't cover the likes of later Mana and SaGa titles on this wiki even if they had their heavier FF-based roots for their first titles. So yeah, let's send them to a new proper Bravely series wiki.

On the topic of 4 Heroes of Light, keep everything here, and just give it a page on the new Bravely series wiki that still redirects to here, similar to our Kingdom Hearts page linking to the KH wiki. The thing is 4 Heroes of Light, despite being called a Gaiden game, is still a just an FF game, even being helm by the King of Traditions himself, Takashi Tokita. --Miphares (talk) 16:23, December 13, 2019 (UTC)--Miphares (talk) 16:23, December 13, 2019 (UTC)

Some Color Mage / Talk Contribs / Let's Stream Random PS4 Crap. / 20:52, December 13, 2019 (UTC)
For the incredibly few shared things (so, uh, jobs, maybe spells/items, and a few bosses), we would be doing the same thing we do for Kingdom Hearts, we give a brief overview and link to our affiliated site. 4HoL content would not be affected, it's first-tier scope, it remains here.

If I've understood comments Techno's said on the Discord correctly, we'll be able to start preparing a fork in about a day's time, so if there's any reason why we shouldn't do this, now's the time to speak up. -- Some Color Mage ~ (Talk) 05:11, December 15, 2019 (UTC)

happy to see this matter finally resolved. happy new year. --Arciele Spira (talk) 03:41, January 2, 2020 (UTC)

New wiki created[edit source]

Hi all, the new wiki now exists at w:c:bravelydefault. Not quite finished the main page or logo yet, but the rest is set up. All pages from the Final Fantasy Wiki have been imported, and I also imported a bunch of templates that I use on other wikis I set up as Wiki Manager. Not imported Final Fantasy templates yet, in case they need changing in any way, though most can just be copypasted.

I'm thinking we give it like a few weeks or so of a "transition" period to move content over, get it perfected on Bravely Default Wiki, and hopefully go through w:c:bravelydefault:Special:SpecialPages and resolve all/as many maintenance concerns as we can. Namely, I'd start with the WantedTemplates, create (or just copypaste) templates for all of these, and then go through WantedPages, add images, and finally fix any remaining links. The other thing would be creating pages for things like individual spells, which we don't have on BD for the time being.

I've given Hexedmagica and Some Color Mage bureaucrat rights on the wiki, as they agreed to it. I am now serving as the Wiki Manager there, and I'm sure they'll be happy to consider new staff members. In the meantime, we encourage people to edit Bravely Default content on the Bravely Default Wiki. We can consider this a "transition period". Once the wiki's in a good shape, i.e. no maintenance reports and good quality pages, we will begin the process of deleting Bravely Default content from the Final Fantasy Wiki, and replacing it with second-tier scope coverage. Thanks all, and let me know if you have any questions or need help!--Magicite-ffvi-ios.png Technobliterator (TC) 22:09, December 18, 2019 (UTC)

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