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Welcome to the Final Fantasy Wiki's fora! While we are fairly relaxed around here, there are a number of rules you should be aware of:

  • Always be civil. Flaming is strongly discouraged, and repeated offences will result in warnings and possibly a ban.
  • You are free to swear, so long as you obey the above rule. Use profanities at your own risk - overuse may make your posts incomprehensible.
  • Do not bump long-dead topics for trivial reasons.
  • The main language on this wiki is English. It is preferred that you post in clear, understandable English. While you may post in another language or chatspeak, it is unlikely your post will replied to.
  • Name your topic something which is descriptive of its content.
  • Always sign your posts with either four tildes (~) or a talk template.
  • If you have not already, read the Stickied threads.

This particular forum is Rin's Travel Agency. Discussion here is mainly about official wiki business such as policy and information that improves articles. Before posting, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it possible that my question has been answered somewhere else? Good places to look for answers are the help portal and Returners' Conclave.
  • Has my question been answered before? You can use the "Find" feature to quickly search for keywords. It is preferred that you bump a topic with a relevant issue, rather than create a new, similar thread.
  • Does it pertain to one article/person, or many? If your question involves only one article, it may be better to bring up the issue on the talk page of that article. Similarly, you may want to communicate directly with an involved user.
  • Do I need an immediate reply? Other users may not spot your topic immediately during periods of high activity. If you want a quick reply, it may be better to ask a user on their talk page, or go to the FF wiki's IRC channel.
  • Does my forum thread relate to the wiki? Rin's is a place for discussing how to improve the wiki, and bringing new information to editors. You should check the descriptions of the other fora to decide if your topic belongs in Rin's.
  • Is my forum related to Final Fantasy at all? Off-topic threads are not allowed in any of the fora. Please take it to the IRC channel, or a user subpage.


A little lost on the wiki? Here's a handy guide: