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Final Fantasy 1 etymology

Astos αστος (astos) -townsman, citizen

Marilith from मार (māra) -the destroyer, Mara demon who tempted Buddha and Lilith Mesopotamian storm demon derived from either proto Semitic root l-y-l meaning night or from Sumerian lil -air, nin lil -lady air

Tiamat -either from Sumerian ti -life and ama -mother or Akkadian tâmtu, ti'amtum -sea.Tiamat is sea godess and embodiment of primordial chaos.Tiamat created first generation of gods

Kraken -from krake Norwegian word for unhealthy animal or something twisted.Cognate with English crook and crank, in modern German krake -octopus

Centipede centum -hundred + pes, pedis -foot

Sauria σαυρος (sauros) -lizard

Pyros πυρ (pyr) -fire

Agama αγαμαι (agamai) -wonder, be jealous, angry

Geist -spirit, ghost (German)

Koppe 骨片 [こっぺん] (koppen) -bone fragment

Basilisk βασιλευς (basileus) -king, basilisk was the king of snakes and most poisonous creature on earth

Bahamut بهموت , giant fish creature from Arabian mythology, word is derived from בהמות (Behēmôth) plural of בְּהֵמָה (behemāh) -animal (Hebrew).Hebrew method of expressing greatness by pluralizing a noun; it thus indicates that Behemoth is the largest and most powerful animal

Cornelia cornu -horn

Medusa μεδεουσα (medeousa) -guardian, μεδω (medō) -protect

Gargoyle gargouille -original meaning was throat (French), Lat. gurgulio -gullet, γαργαριζω (gargarizō) -to gargle

Ryukahn desert 流汗 [リュウカン] (ryūkan) -sweat

Allosaurus αλλος (allos) -another + σαυρος (sauros) -lizard

Orthros Ορθρος (orthros) -mythical dog, ορθρος (orthros) -time just before daybreak, dawn

Hyenadon hyena -from Lat. hyaena, from 'υαινα (hyaina), from 'υς (hys) -pig, swine and -αινα (aina) -feminine suffix + οδων (odōn) -tooth

Chimera χιμαιρα (chimaira) from χειμα (cheima) -winter season

Minotaur μινωταυρος (minōtauros) from Μινως (minōs) -Minos king of Crete + ταυρος (tauros) -bull

Catoblepas καταβλεπω (katablepō) -look down at, κατα (kata) -down + βλεπω (blepō) -look

Hydra 'υδρα (hydra) -water serpent, 'υδωρ (hydōr) -water

Piscodemon piscis -fish + δαιμων (daimōn) -evil spirit, demon, ghost, divine power

Naga नाग (nāga) -snake, cobra, class of beings associated with waters, rivers, lakes, seas, wells and are generally regarded as guardians of treasure

Pyrolisk πυρ (pyr) -fire

Rakshasa रक्षस् (rakshas) -guarding

Sphinx Σφιγξ (sphinx) from σφιγγω (sphingō) -to draw tight

Warg varg -wolf (Norse)

Yamatano Orochi 大和の大蛇, 大和 [やまと] (yamato) -ancient Japan, 和 -harmony, peace, Japan, 大蛇 [おろち] (orochi) -mythical eight headed serpent, 大 -large, big, 蛇 -snake

Garland -from surname meaning triangle land from Old English gara and land.The surname originally belonged to a person who owned a triangle-shaped piece of land, not to be confused with word garland

Orichalcum ορειχαλκος (oreichalkos) -yellow copper ore, orichalcum, ορος (oros) -mountain + χαλκος (chalkos) -copper

Mythril mith -grey (Sindarin) + ril -glitter (Sindarin)

Ashura 阿修羅 [アシュラ] (ashura) -Asura, असुर (asura) -evil spirit, demon, opponent of gods

Murasame 村雨 [むらさめ] (murasame) -passing shower (村 [むら] (mura) -village + 雨 [さめ] (same) -rain)

Masamune 正宗 [まさむね], (正 [まさ] (masa) -correct, justice + 宗 [むね] (mune) -origin, essence, religion)

Genji armor 源氏 [ゲンジ] (genji) -Genji, character from Genji Monogatari, (源 [ゲン] -source, origin + 氏 [シ] -clan, surname)

Final Fantasy 2 etymology

Firion φυρω (phyrō) -speak confusedly, confused, Phirun -rain (Khmer)

Leon λεων (leōn) -lion

Mysidia μυσιδδω (mysiddō) Lacon for μυθεομαι (mytheomai) -speak, μυθος (mythos) -story, tale

Malboro (malus -bad, evil, wicked + βορος (boros) -devouring, swallow or βορειος (boreios) -north wind)

Hecteyes 'εκατον (hekaton) -hundred, eyes

Lamia Λαμια (lamia) -lamia, a fabulous monster, λαιμος (laimos) -throat

Mezzo -semi, half (Italian)

Eyemoeba, eyemeba amoeba from αμοιβη (amoibē) -change

Phorusracos φορος (phoros) -bearing + ρακος (rakos) -rag

Gorgimera γοργος (gorgos) -grim, fierce, terrible + chimera

Purobolos πυρ (pyr) -fire + βορος (boros) -devouring, swallow

Beelzebub -lord of flies baal -lord, master + zebub -fly

Final Fantasy 3 etymology

Luneth Lunete variant of Luned -from Welsh mythology, eilun -image (Welsh) or luna -moon

Moogle 土竜 [もぐら] (mogura) -mole + 蝙蝠 [こうもり] (kōmori) -bat

Abtu, Anet -two identical fish that according to Egyptian legend swam in front of sun god's ship on lookout for danger

Adamantai αδαμας (adamas) -unconquerable, diamond

Bovian bos, bovis -ox, bull

Balor -in Irish mythology Balor of the Evil Eye was a king of Fomorians, a race of giants

Carbuncle carbunculus -little coal (literal meaning from Latin) carbo -coal + ul -little, small

Dira dira -curses, bad omens

Garm, Garmr -dog in Norse mythology

Parademon (similar to demon) παρα (para) -beside, beyond, against, similar + δαιμων (daimōn) -evil spirit, divine power

Boros βορος (boros) -gluttonous, in compounds: devouring, swallow

Kage 影 [かげ] (kage) -shade, shadow

Myrmecoleon μυρμηξ (myrmēx) -ant + λεων (leōn) -lion

Ouroboros ουρα (oura) -tail + βορος (boros) -devouring, swallow

Shinobi 忍び [しのび] (shinobi) -spy, sneak thief

Valefor valeo, valere -be strong, powerful + φορος (phoros) -bearing

Amon -the hidden one (Ancient Egyptian)

Hecatoncheir 'εκατον (hekaton) -hundred + χειρ (cheir) -hand

Rukh, Roc -from Persian رخ (rokh) is a mythical bird

Kunoichi くの一[くのいち] (kunoichi) -female ninja

Ninja 忍者 [ニンジャ] (ninja) -ninja, Japanese secret agent of old (忍 [ニン] -endure, conceal, secret, sneak (刃-blade + 心 -heart, mind, spirit) +者 [シャ] -person)

Chakram चक्र (cakra) -wheel

Shuriken 手裏剣 [シュリケン] (shuriken) -throwing star, small throwing blade (手 [シュ] (shu) -hand + 裏 [リ] (ri) -palm, back, reverse, rear + 剣 [ケン] (ken) -sword

Simurgh -from Persian سيمرغ from Avestan mərəγō Saēnō -the bird Saena

Sleipnir -smooth or gliding, is related to English word slippery.Is Odin's magical eight-legged steed, and greatest of all horses

Madhura harp मधुर (madhura) -sweet

Cerberus κηρ (kēr) -doom + ερεβος (erebos) -darkness of the deep, Erebos

Echidna εχιδναιος (echidnaios) -like a viper

Final Fantasy 4 etymology

Rydia ρυδια (rydia), ροα (roa) -pomegranate tree

Zemus ζημια (zēmia) -damage, penalty, loss

Damcyan κυανος (kyanos) -blue

Tower of Babil bab -door (Akkadian) + ilum -god (Akkadian)

Kary -from Cary from Irish surname which was derived from O Ciardha meaning "descendent of Ciardha", Ciardha -dark (Gaelic)

Roc -from Persian رخ (rokh) is a mythical bird

Arachne αραχνης (arachnēs) -spider

Domovoi -a slavic guardian spirit

Gorgon Γοργω (gorgō) from γοργος (gorgos) -terrible

Higuchi 火口 [ひぐち] (higuchi) -burner, origin of fire

Ging Ryu 銀竜 [ギンリュウ] (ginryū) -silver dragon (銀 [ギン] (gin) -silver + 竜 [リュウ] (ryū) -dragon)

Stratoavis στρατος (stratos) -army + avis -bird

Zuu ζουον (zouon), ζωον (zōon) -living being, animal or from Ziz זיז giant griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology, Ziz was created to protect all of the birds and is also believed to be a simple metaphor for air and space, along with the Behemoth as land and Leviathan as the seas and oceans

Barbariccia -curly beard (Italian)

Valvalis valva -double or folding door + al -of, in a condition of

Calbrena, Calcabrina calco, calcare -tread, trample upon, crush, ram down + brina -hoarfrost, frost

Geryon γερυνος (gerynos) -tadpole

Cagnazzo -bad dog (Italian)

Leviathan לִוְיָתָן -twisted, coiled (Hebrew), in modern Hebrew it means whale

Shiva शिव (shiva) -benign, kind, auspicious.Shiva is Hindu god of destruction his aspect is usually terrifying but can also be gentle

Ogopogo πωγων (pōgōn) -tail

Rubicant ruber -red + cantus -song, (since responses of oracles were given in verse to prophesy, foretell, predict)

Scarmiglione scarmigliare -ruffle, rumple

Ahriman -modern Persian form of Angra Mainyu -evil spirit in Avestan.In Persian mythology was god of darkness and destruction

Excalibur -from caliburnus latinized form of caledfwlch (Welsh) wich combines elements caled -battle, hard and bwlch -breach, gap, notch

Behemoth בהמות (Behēmôth) plural of בְּהֵמָה (behemāh) -animal (Hebrew).Hebrew method of expressing greatness by pluralizing a noun; it thus indicates that Behemoth is the largest and most powerful animal

Soma drop सोम (soma) -drink of gods, moon

Ragnarok -from Old Norse ragnarök from regin -gods + rök -fate, development

Gungnir -swaying one (Old Norse) is Odin's magical spear

Kunai 苦無 [くない] (kunai) -ninja throwing knives

Nirvana निर्वाण (nirvāna) -blown or put out, extinguished

Zantetsuken 斬鉄剣 [ザンテツケン] (zantetsuken) -sword that cuts iron (斬 [ザン] (zan) -to cut, to slash + 鉄 [テツ] (tetsu) -iron + 剣 [ケン] (ken) -sword)

Raiden 雷電 [ライデン] (raiden) -thunder and lightning 雷 [ライ] (rai) -thunder + 電 [デン] (den) -electricity, before was thunder

Odin -from Old Norse Óðinn from Proto-Germanic Wōdinaz derived from Proto-Germanic wōþuz -rage

Esuna エス (esu) -Japanese pronunciation of the letter "S," often used to refer to something of high quality (shows up on some scales as a grade above "A"); could also be an abbreviation for "status" in this case. ナ (na) -the first syllable of the verb 直す [ナオス] (naosu), meaning to cure.

Final Fantasy 5 etymology

Lenna -short of Helena from 'Ελενη (helenē) probably from 'ελενη (helenē) -torch or σεληνη (selēnē) -moon

Faris fari -speak, talk, say

Achelon Αχελωος (achelōos) -Achelous, name of several rivers, in poets any stream, generally water

Acrophies ακρος (akros) -highest, topmost, farthest point, top

Aspis ασπις (aspis) -shield

Vishnu vest विष्णु (vishnu) - all-pervasive, worker from विष् (vish) -to work, pervasion.Vishnu is Hindu god assotiated with protection and preservation of universe

Garula garrulus -chattering, talkative

Enkidu -Enki's creation en -lord (Sumerian) + ki -earth (Sumerian)

Druid - dru-wid -oak knower, dryw -seer

Ushabti -from Egyptian wšbty -answerer, ancient Egyptian figurine

Ziggurat -from Akkadian ziqqurratu, from zaqaru -to build high

Nereid Νηρηις (nērēis) -daughter of Nereus, sea-nymph, νηρος (nēros) -wet, water

Archeoaevis αρχαιος (archaios) -ancient + aevis, aevum -time, avis -bird

Hiryuu flower 飛 [ヒ] (hi) -fly + 竜 [リュウ] (ryū) -dragon

Phobos φοβος (phobos) -fear

Shinryu 神竜 [シンリュウ] -divine dragon 神 [シン] (shin) -god, divine + 竜 [リュウ] (ryū) -dragon

Mineuchi 刀背打ち [みねうち] (mineuchi) -striking with the back of sword

Final Fantasy 6 etymology

Strago στρατηγος (stratēgos) -leader, commander, general

Esper 'εσπερος (hesperos) -evening, god of darkness

Abaddon -destruction, abyss, destroyer

Actinian ακτις (aktis), ακτιν (aktin) -ray, beam

Apocrypha αποκρυφος (apokryphos) -hidden, concealed, secret, unknown, απο (apo) -from, away from + κρυφος (kryphos) -lurking place

Aspidochelon ασπις (aspis), ασπιδος (aspidos) -shield

Borghese -middle class, civilian (Italian)

Brachiosaur βραχιων (brachiōn) -arm + σαυρος (sauros) -lizard

Briareus Βριαρεως (briareōs) -Briareus hundred handed giant

Caladrius callus -hard, tough + atrius, ater -deadly, terrible, poisonous

Clymenus Κλυμενος (klymenos) -god of nether world, κλυμενος -famous or infamous

Daedalus Δαιδαλος (daidalos) -cunning

Enuo ενυον (enuon) -guardian, overseer

Intangir in + ταγγιζω (tangizō) -to be or become rancid

Mahadeva महादेव (mahādeva) -great god, (महा (mahā), महत् (mahat) -large, big + देव (deva) -god

三闘神 [サントウシン] (santōshin) -three war, fighting gods (Japanese name of Warring triad, statues), 闘 [トウ] (tō) -struggle, fight

鬼神 [キシン] (kishin) -fierce god (literary ghost god) (Japanese name of Poltergeist boss)

魔神 [マジン] (majin) -devil, evil spirit, genie (Japanese name of Doom boss)

女神 [めがみ] (megami) -godess (Japanese name of Godess boss)

Purusa purse + ursa - she-bear

Samurai 侍 [さむらい] (samurai) -warrior, samurai

Suriander συρια (suria) -garment + ανηρ (anēr), ανδρος (andros) -man

Trillium -kind of plant

Erebus ερεβος (erebos) -darkness of the deep, Erebos

Dadaluma δαδοομαι (dadoomai) -become afflicted with resin-glut + λυμα (luma) -moral filth, defilement, water used in washing

Nelapa ne, nere -spin, ne -not + lappa -bur

Atma आत्म (ātma), आत्मन् (ātman) -soul, self, essence

Vargas vargus -vagabond

Final Fantasy 7

Shinra 神羅 [シンラ] (shinra) -soul collecting (Shinra collected Mako), (神 [シン] -god, mind, soul, divine + 羅 [ラ] -to collect, to gather, to catch, gauze, thin silk)

Mako 魔晄 [マコウ] (makō) -magic light, (魔 [マ] (ma) -magic, demon (麻 -hemp + 鬼 -ghost)+ 晄 [コウ] (kō) -bright, dazzling (日 -sun + 光 -light)

Tifa τιφος (tiphos) -standing water, pond, marsh

Kujata كيوثاء (kuyūthā), is bull from Arabian mythology which is atop Bahamut

Aeris aer, aeris -air, sky, cloud, mist, breeze | eris, era -lady, mistress | eris -hedgehog | ερις (eris) -strife | aeris, aera -darnel

Sephiroth -plural form of sephirah סְפִירָה -counting, enumeration (Hebrew).Each of the ten attributes that God created, through which he can project himself to the universe and man

Rufus rufus -red

Hojo 宝条 [ホウジョウ] (hōjō), 宝 [ホウ] (hō) -treasure, valuables (宀 -roof + 玉 -jade) + 条 [ジョウ] (jō) -item, article

Midgar Miðgarðr -middle earth/enclosure (Old Norse)

Nibelheim Niflheim -nifl (Old Norse), nebel -mist (German) + heim -home (German)

Cetra cetra -small light shield

Behemoth בהמות (Behēmôth) plural of בְּהֵמָה (behemāh) -animal (Hebrew).Hebrew method of expressing greatness by pluralizing a noun; it thus indicates that Behemoth is the largest and most powerful animal

Bagnadrana bagnare -irrigate, water, to wet

Diablo διαβολος (diabolos) -slanderer, accuser, enemy | διαβαλλω (diaballō) -throw across, slander, blame, accuse, deceive, (δια (dia) -through, across + βαλλω (ballō) -throw)

Garuda गरुड (garuda) -devourer, mythical bird Garuda

Pepio nut pepper, pepo -watermelon

Zemzelett zimzelen -evergreen (Slavic)

Zeio nut ζειω (zeiō) late Ep. for ζεω (zeō) -boil, be fiery hot

Ghirofelgo ghiro -dormouse, loir (Italian) + felgo from felo -suck, felio -roar + go -act of or result of action of verb

Hippogriff 'ιππος (hippos) -horse + γρυψ (gryps) -griffin

Ho-chu 捕虫網 [ホチュウあみ] (hochūami) -insect net, (捕 [ホ] (ho) -catch, capture + 虫 [チュウ] (chū) -insect)

Stilva stilus, στυλος (stylos) -pillar + varus -bent outwards, vas -vessel, utensil, instrument, tool [had spike like nose]

Piazzo shower piazzo, piazzare -to land (a punch), to place or put (Italian)

Pyramid πυραμις (pyramis), πυραμιδος (pyramidos) -pyramid, πυρ (pyr) -fire (because pointed)

Final Fantasy 8

Quistis quire -be able

Edea εδεατρος (edeatros) -steward

Kiros κυρος (kyros) -authority

Fujin 風神 [フウジン] (fūjin) -wind god, (風 -wind (虫 -insect (carried by wind) + 凡 -all) + 神 -god (示 -omen, show + 申 -extend)

Raijin 雷神 [ライジン] (raijin) -god of lightning, (雷 -thunder (雨 -rain + 田 -field) + 神 -god)

Balamb βαλαιον (balaion) -large + αμβων (ambōn) -crest of hill, edge

Galbadia galbanum -resinous sap of plant in Syria, galbanatus -delicately clothed + badius -bay, reddish-brown, chestnut

Trabia trabea -white state mantle, equites uniform

Esthar probably from Esther -star in Persian.Queen Esther, the Jewish wife of the king of Persia who saved the Jews

Torama 虎間 [とらま] (torama) -in sense close to, similar to tiger (虎 [とら] (tora) -tiger + 間 [ま] (ma) -between, space, time

Propagator -increaser, enlarger

Renzokuken 連続剣 [レンゾクケン] (renzokuken) -serial, consecutive sword, (連続[レンゾク] (renzoku) -serial, consecutive, continuing連 [レン] (ren) -join + 続 [ゾク] (zoku) -continue, series + 剣 [ケン] (ken) -sword)

Final Fantasy 9 etymology

Vivi Orunitia vivi, vivere -be alive, live + probably from Orinthia from ορινω (orinō) -to excite, to agitate

Alexandros Αλεξανδρος (alexandros) -defending men from αλεξω (alexō) -to defend, help and ανηρ (anēr), ανδρος (andros) -man

Kuja कुज (kuja) -born from earth, name of planet Mars (it can also mean bad born कु (ku) can be prefix for earth and bad ज (ja) suffix born), कुजन (kujana) -a bad or wicked man (कु (ku) -bad + जन (jana) -man, जन् (jan) -to be born (as suffix ज (ja)

Brahne βραχνος (brachnos) -husky, raucous, hoarse

Laudo laudo, laudare -praise

Chakra चक्र (cakra) -wheel

Dendrobium δενδρον (dendron) -tree

Freya -from Old Norse Freyja -lady.This is the name of goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology

Mistodon mist + οδων (odōn) -tooth

Taharka τα (ta) τις (tis) -any one, any thing + χαρκευς (charkeus), χαλκευω (chalkeuō) -make of copper or generally of metal

Valia Pira valia, valere -be strong, powerful + πυρ (pyr) -fire

Fenrir -from Old Norse fen, marsh-dweller

Final Fantasy 10 etymology

Tidus 太陽 [てぃーだ] (tida) -sun

Kimahri 決まり [きまり] (kimari) -rule, custom, conclusion, settlement

Rikku, リュック(ryukku) -backpack (abbreviated from リュックサック -rucksack), (based on Japanese name)

Guado It. guado -woad (kind of plant from which blue paint was obtained)

Yu Yevon, エボン ジュ Yu is probably from 寿 [ジュ] (ju) -longevity

Yevon -from Germanic element iv -yew (Old English iw -yew (from Indo-European eiwo- from ei- reddish, colorful (because has red arils (berry like structure surrounding seeds), Old High German iwa -yew, German eibe -yew) also could be from Welsh ywen -yew tree.Other names derived from iv:Yves, Yvon, Yvonne, Yvette.Yew can live up to thousand years and is highly poisonous, Yu Yevon also existed as Sin for thousand years and caused destruction and harm.

エボン (ebon) 衛 [エ] (e) -defence, protection or 徊 [エ] (e) -wandering + 犯 [ボン] (bon) -crime, sin, offense or 煩 [ボン] (bon) -nuisance, trouble, pain, annoy, 万寿 [バンジュ] (banju) -longevity

ジュ (ju) 寿 [ジュ] (ju) -longevity

Yocun 余薫 [ヨクン] (yokun) -lingering odor

Gatta It. gatta -cat

Zanarkand ζα (za) -very + ναρκη (narkē) -numbness, deadness

Achelous Αχελωος (achelōos) -Achelous, name of several rivers, in poets any stream, generally water

Demonolith δαιμων (daimōn) -evil spirit, demon, ghost, divine power + λιθος (lithos) -stone

Gandarewa गन्धर्व (gandharva) -Gandharva

Gagazet γα (ga) Doric for γη (gē) -earth + γαζα (gaza) -treasure

Machea μαχη (machē) -battle, combat

Ragora ραγωδης (ragōdēs) -like berries

Raptor raptare -drag violently off, ravage, raptor -robber, plunderer

Xiphos ξιφος (xiphos) -sword

Baaj temple बाज (bāj) -eagle, falcon, hawk (Hindi)

Bushinzan 武神 [ブシン] (bushin) -god of military arts, 斬 [ザン] (zan) -to cut, to slash

Daigoro 大 [ダイ] (dai) -large, big + 虎 [コ] (ko), [とら] (tora) -tiger (ko changes to go in compounds) + 路 [ロ] (ro) -path, route, distance (足 -foot + 各 -each, every) or 狼 [ロウ] (rō) -wolf [tiger probably hints on its patterns, ornaments]

Karma कर्म (karma), कर्मन् (karman) -act, action

Kozuka 小柄 [こずか] (kozuka), (小 -small, little + 柄 -handle, knob, pattern)

Wakisashi 脇差[わきざし] (wakizashi) -short sword

Kottos κοτος (kotos) -grudge, rancour

Pteryx πτερυξ (pteryx) -wing

Ornitholestes ορνις (ornis), ορνιθος (ornithos) -bird + ληστης (lēstēs) -robber, pirate

Zanmato 斬馬刀 [ザンバトウ] (zanbatō) -type of long sword, (斬 [ザン] (zan) -to cut, to slash + 馬 [バ] (ba), [ま] (ma) -horse + 刀 [トウ] (tō) -saber, sword)

Ixion Ιξιων (ixiōn) -Ixion

Valefor valeo, valere -be strong, powerful + φορος (phoros) -bearing

Yojimbo 用心棒 [ヨウジンボウ] (yōjinbō) -bodyguard, (用心 [ヨウジン] (yōjin) -guarding, caution + 棒 [ボウ] (bō) -rod, stick, cane, pole, club)

Evrae Altana evre, eurus -east (or south east) wind + altanus -land breeze

すべて を 超えし者 (Japanese name of Nemesis) 全て[すべて] (subete) -all, whole, complete + 超え [こえ] (koe) -transcend, exceed +者 [もの] (mono) -person, someone

Pterya πτερυξ (pteryx) -wing

Echuilles ευχιλος (euchilos) -rich in fodder, feeding well

Spathi σπαθη (spathē) -flat wooden blade, blade of an oar

Nodachi 野太刀 [のだち] (nodachi) -large war sword

Katana 刀 [かたな] (katana) -saber, sword, blade

Nirvana निर्वाण (nirvāna) -blown or put out, extinguished

Nimbus rod nimbus -cloud

Final Fantasy 11 etymology

Purushamriga पुरुषमृग (purushamrga), पुरुष (purusha) -man, male, person + मृग (mrga) -deer, wild beast

Narasimha नरसिंह (narasimha) - man-lion, नर (nara) -man + सिंह (simha) -lion, powerful one

Ogmios Ογμιος (ogmios) -name of Heracles among Celts, ογμος (ogmos) -furrow, row

Yali யாளி (yāli) (Tamil), व्याल (vyāla) -fierce, cruel.Yali is mythical lion.

Kerkopes κερκος (kerkos) -tail of a beast (not a bird) + πης (pēs), παις (pais) -child

Maharaja महाराज (mahārāja) -great king, महा (mahā), महत् (mahat) -large, big + राज (rāja) -king

Rahu राहु (rāhu) -seizer, name of demon who is supposed to seize the sun and moon causing eclipse

Alastor αλαστορια (alastoria) -vengeance of heaven

Arboricole arbor -tree + colere -inhabit

Vulkodlac -werewolf (Slavic)

Kirin 麒麟 [キリン] (kirin) -Chinese mythical animal

Zlatorog -golden horn (Slavic), zlato -gold, rog -horn

Baumesel baum -tree + esel -donkey

Ziz -זיז giant griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology

Arrapago crab αρα (ara) -impatience, curse + παγος (pagos) -that which is fixed, crag, rock, frost or παγουρος (pagouros) -crab

Megapod μεγας (megas) -large, big + πους (pous), ποδος (podos) -foot

Apsaras अप्सरस् (apsaras) -between waters and clouds, class of female divinities that inhabit sky but often visit earth

Makara मकर (makara) -a kind of sea monster

Odontotyrannus οδων (odōn) -tooth + τυραννος (tyrannos) -absolute ruler

Monoceros μονος (monos) -single, only, alone + κερας (keras) -horn

Orobon ουρα (oura) -tail + βορος (boros) -devouring, swallow

Amphiptere αμφι (amphi) -on both sides + πτερυξ (pteryx) -wing or πτερον (pteron) -feather

Acrolith ακρος (akros) -highest, topmost, farthest point, top + λιθος (lithos) -stone

Suzaku 朱雀 [すざく] (suzaku) -red sparrow, constellation

Citipati चिति (citi) -pile, layer, heap + पति (pati) -lord, master

Bhuta भूत (bhūta) -gone, past, spirit, ghost

Ignis Fatuus ignis -fire + fatuus -foolish, silly or fatum -fate, destiny

Olla Paquena olla -pot, jar

Vrtra वृत्र (vrtra) -enveloper, snake Asura

Gaki 餓鬼 [ガキ] (gaki) -ghoul

Eurytos ευρυτος (eurytos) - full-flowing

Rhoikos ροικος (rhoikos) -crooked, fluid, flabby

Avatar अवतार (avatāra) -descent, appearance of any deity on earth

Anapos αναποσις (anaposis) -swallowing up

Final Fantasy 12 etymology

Ichthon ιχθυς (ichthys) -fish

Urstrix pterix ursus -bear + πτερυξ (pteryx) -wing

Thalassinon θαλασσιος (thalassios) -from the sea

Thextera τερας (teras) -monster, sign, portent

Occuria occuro, occurare -come about, happen, occur

Orthros ορθρος (orthros) -the time just before or about daybreak, dawn, mythical dog

Ardor ardor -fire, flame, heat, brightness, ardor, intensity


Most impressive. Exdeath64 23:21, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

This is stupid and not Final Fantasy related.--BigCubby 18:53, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

Oh come now, it is rather interesting, and there may be those on the wiki who are curious as to where the names for some of these things came from. And I have noticed you have been insulting people around the forums lately, I must ask that you cease this troll-like behavior before I am forced to call in a staff member. Exdeath64 19:38, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

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This is neither stupid nor irrelevant. It is explaining the origins of the names of people, places, and whatnot throughout the series. Those of us with higher brain functions find this at least somewhat interesting. Silver Dragon XXVIII 02:46, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

Interesting and relevant, but seems wrong in some cases and not verifiable. Esuna, for instance, is much more likely to be an amalgam of エス esu "S" and 直す naosu "to cure" than the words "to be" and "one" in whatever the hell language that is. (See this thread for corroboration: Or was. I changed it. :p --m15r

You did a lot of research. A lot of this could be put into the etymology sections of the wiki (if they're not already). It wouldn't hurt to list what language(s) they're in, though. JohnnyC 02:46, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

This is impressive and you've obviously put a lot of effort to this list, but I can definitely spot many words that are pure guesswork and some that are just wrong - examples include Ho-chu, which is just a mistranslation of Ochu, a D&D monster, Vivi's last name Orunitia which is a poor romanization of Ornitier, and Valia Pira which likewise is a poor romanization of Barrier Pillar. So I don't think the majority of etymologies in this list can be used as a fact in the articles, since we rarely know what the game designers have based the names they've come up with. SamSandy 20:08, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

Unmarked languages are Greek, Sanskrit and Japanese (all recognizable by its own script) everything else unmarked is Latin.

Used sources, Free software:

Whitaker's words (for Latin, can guess from which words is combined from and recognizes grammar forms)

Diogenes (largest free dictionary for Greek and Latin but difficult to search)

Japanese word processor

Monier Williams Sanskrit dictionary (has etymology as well)

Freelang has many dictionaries

Aksharamala input from Google groups (for writing Sanskrit)


Wiktionary (has many languages and can guess words), Wikipedia (has names from many countries with etymology) (sometimes game name is actually from surname) (this is general etymology of English words)