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TacticAngel TALK 01:17, July 23, 2013 (UTC)
Raylan, a Wikia Staffer and provider of content, dropped a line to me on my talk page regarding where he should direct people for Final Fantasy XIV. My initial impression is that our coverage should be similar to Final Fantasy XI which is what I have posted on my talk page, but I have asked him to check back in 7/31 as well.

What I would like to see is who is going to be playing the game, and what everyone thinks we ought to do with regards to covering the game.

Now that said, our FFXI coverage was born of a single person version of pragmatism some 6 years ago, and he is most likely not going to be playing FFXIV. Since then, I know we have picked up a handful of other users who have FFXI experience and may be primed to play and write a ton on FFXIV. The way I see it, these are some likely things to think about when making this decision.

  • Final Fantasy XI coverage was largely high level 'outside perspective, looking in,' and as there were more users, we went a little more micro, and reduced the macro. By no means did we ever get to FFXIclopedia status though.
  • There is going to be a wiki devoted solely to Final Fantasy XIV. I wonder to what extent we can or will want to compete. There are already at least two registered with Wikia, as proof.
    • Its anyone's guess if the average FFXIV fan is going to want to deal with all of the other games covered on here.
    • If it turns out they like the other coverage, you can count on, more than likely, an improvement in coverage of under-covered games, most likely FFXI.
  • If we are able to compete, this would likely mean we have incurred a massive influx of editors who are of largely or solely a Final Fantasy XIV persuasion.
    • We will probably have a lot of edit issues due to people not familiar with our policies. I expect there would be more than a few 'oops, I deleted everything but what I cared about' or numbering issues.
    • Probably wiki-drama associated with a large number of old-time users who disrespect the online games being in charge, while they are still cutting their teeth creating content.
    • This would greatly change the pseudo-democratic landscape, may necessitate a change in how we look at staff, and potentially disenfranchise older editors.

I would prefer the direction we take is similar to FFXI, because I would like to cause as little disruption to current users as possible, but this is an issue that really is larger than any one person. We certainly don't chastise people improving our coverage, so its possible that something else will happen that you or I don't specifically want, so it would be good to have an idea what tone we want to set at or before launch.

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