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The following is a list of rumors that have been talked about in the game Final Fantasy VI. Note that the staff of the Final Fantasy Wiki is not responsible for these rumors, so if you go try them, don't heckle us when you find out they're all false.

Gameplay Related

Reviving General Leo

Many players have often asked if it is possible or not to revive General Leo Christophe. Many theories have been suggested, the most common one involving the Dinosaur Forest. After fighting a certain amount of enemies there, a Gold Dragon would appear that is much stronger than the one in Kefka's Tower. Defeating it would earn a "Revival Potion." Using this on Leo's grave in Thamasa would, according to the rumor, bring him back to life.

Shadow's Dreams

Many have declared that they had seen as many as 7 of Shadow's dreams, seen throughout the game at points where Shadow is asleep, or otherwise unconscious. However, Squaresoft officially states that Shadow only has 5 such dreams in the game.

Throwing the Atma Weapon

It is not possible to Throw the Atma Weapon. The rumor says that if you throw it in the final battle, you'll get the message "too much damage to count," and you'll win the game.

The Paladin Ring

Because players can uncurse the Cursed Shield, many believe it's possible to uncurse the Cursed Ring. This is not possible though.

The CzarDragon

If you are able to hack a Final Fantasy VI ROM, you can access the enemy data. One of the enemies is known as the CzarDragon, and cannot be encountered in the main game. It has 60001 HP and 60000 MP and drops absolutely nothing. In addition, this quote was found in the text data:

Mwa, ha, ha.... Humans and their desires! I'm free at last! I bring you destruction... I bring you terror... I am Czar! Prepare yourselves!


Of course, this made people think. One of the rumors stated is that in order to fight CzarDragon, you must do the impossible. The technique involves casting Break on the Blue Dragon. If you do this, the Blue Dragon will die, and the Queen will turn herself into the Magicite Raiden. Thus, you'll have both Raiden and Odin in your possession. If you do this, and you have all other Espers in your possession except Crusader, you'll win Crusader.

So now, what happens when you beat all eight dragons? Well, you'll get the above quote, and you'll have to fight all eight dragons again, with no breaks. After that, you'll have to fight the CzarDragon. He is impossible to kill, but coughs up great rewards.

Unlockable secret characters

In 1995, a parody walkthrough containing intentionally fake secrets was made by a man known as "Eggnog". It contained a hidden character called "FWAK" (False Wisdom and Knowledge). The rumor eventually became an urban legend. Other characters included in the walkthrough include several temporary and non-player characters in the game, including Ultros, Kefka, Cid, Baram, as well as Kefka's "good" twin brother, Kakef.

More information can be found here.

Story Related

Gogo's identity

Gogo's identity has been a mystery to many.

Kefka = Baram

Used mainly to give Kefka a more detailed background, it is supported by the fact that Shadow in the game appears to be following Kefka most of the time, presumably wanting to kill him. It is at the end of the game that he completes his mission (and protecting the life of his daughter), and can only then rest in peace. The differences (and similarities) of the Baram and Kefka sprites can be explained by Magitek Infusion; however, this theory places Baram's age in Shadow's dreams in the 15-18 range.

Magic Master (Magimaster)

It is believed that the guardian of the Fanatics' Tower is none other than the powerful sorcerer who turned Odin into stone in the Ancient Kingdom during Mataisen (The War of the Magi). They both share the ghost sprite and Number024 of the Magitek Facility (魔導研究所) seems to be based on Magic Master, implying that Magic Master is an ancient entity.

Kefka the Antichrist

This theory states that Kefka was in fact born to overthrow the Santoujin (Majin, Kishin, and Megami) and destroy the world. During the game, Kefka's power increases inexplicably and in an otherwise logically absurd manner, from being able to be easily defeated by the party, to being moderately easily defeated by the party, to being knocked over by a Genjuu (Esper) and being shocked at their astonishing power, to being able to kill Guardians and many Genjuu, to being able to awaken and absorb the power of the Santoujin. As if an entity behind the power of Kefka existed. This is often explained to be the entity fought during the first three tiers of the final boss. The only name given to this entity (aside from objects, such as face or tiger) is María. It is debated whether this entity is also behind the Santoujin, and so if Kefka was born as a vessel of their power, or to suppress them and absorb their power. Ultima Weapon, an entity of magic and servant of the Santoujin, allowed Kefka and the emperor to pass, whereas the main party was not allowed to pass.

Connections to Final Fantasy IV

Due to Final Fantasy IV being called Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy VI being called Final Fantasy III when the two were released in the US, there were a few connections made, and it was rumored that the War of the Magi mentioned during Final Fantasy VI was in fact the war in Final Fantasy IV.

General evidence to support this includes the airship Falcon, which is sealed underground in both games, and especially the Ancient Castle. In Final Fantasy IV, Baron Castle houses a secret chamber in the right tower where Odin is fought after he is struck down by Cagnazzo. In Final Fantasy VI, Odin is petrified by a nameless sorcerer, and a hidden passage in the left wing of the castle leads to a chamber where he can be upgraded into Raiden.

Connections to Final Fantasy V

While few actual connections exist with Final Fantasy IV, some otherwise simple connections can also be made to Final Fantasy V. The mysterious Gogo secret character that can be unlocked in Final Fantasy VI bears many similarities to the boss secret character; Gogo's primary function (Mimic) and his/her limit break at lower HP is a stark contrast to Final Fantasy V's variant. It should also be noted that Gogo (from Final Fantasy V) fell into a rift, which may be one of the only story factors that directly ties Final Fantasy V and VI together.

However, Gogo does not seem to have a plausible explanation for their purpose in the game and goes along with the main character in the party. It should be noted that the main character does not even mention dialogue ("Who are you?" (as a generalized question from whichever character is in the party)) during the course of events and Gogo selectively joins the team after realizing the current state of affairs. All characters seem to be relatively moot in direction of Gogo's fate, most likely meaning that Gogo does not directly tie in with any character in the game.

If one pays close attention, one will note that the pyramid-shaped island Gogo is found within has an interior grass shape that bears similarity to the outline of Gogo's battle sprite from Final Fantasy V.

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