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The Portal App is cool overall. But here are the issues I have with it!

1. If you own any of the games that are listed on the games list, the links wont take you to the game directly, it makes a detour to the GooglePlay Store first!

2. The points you earn have expiration dates! WTF?!? How am I supposed to earn enough points to buy the Triple Triad Cards if they keep expiring before I can collect 100 points to buy one?

3. The only thing I can buy with real money in Triple Triad is Crystals! I don't want to buy game time, I want to buy card packs!!! I will not pay about $1 per crystal so I can play a match that doesn't even last a minute! And I cant believe anybody does! Give me card packs! I will spend way more than I should buying those!

4. Triple Triad needs more offline enemies! Offline is too boring and easy now with the limited amount of opponents!

5. Triple Triad Online doesn't seem to work! I have been trying to play an online game since the game came out, and I never have been able to find an opponent! Please fix this if broken, or create more incentive to play online! Maybe cross platform it to play against people playing FFXIV.

IDK, these are just my thoughts on it. I am curious about other peoples thoughts about this game!

--ZenonFeicht (talk) 21:46, March 15, 2016 (UTC) Thank you!! I haven't been able to play a single online match either and I'm beyond bored with the offline enemies as you stated. I thought maybe it was because not enough people were online playing when I was because I played this game constantly when it came out and got it right when it was brand new. But now I think it just never works or something. I LOVE Triple Triad and was beyond excited when it came out for mobile but it's just not what I hoped for.

--User:Zeratz 16:25, March 31, 2016 (UTC+1) Hello everybody! I agree with all your 5 points. The fifth is the worst ever. That's why I am looking for players in order to meet and exchange some cards. Do you know a place (forum?) where people can meet and organize meetings?

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