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Before anyone says it, yes, I realize that there's absolutely no chance of an adaptation being made. This list is just for fun.

This is a "complete" list for a live action cast of the Final Fantasy series (minus FFXI and FFXIV since I never played those) that various GameFAQs users and I came up with. I consider this "complete" since all the main characters for each game are here already. There are some minor characters missing, but I decided to stop here anyway because this will get outdated unless I revised it constantly and I don't want to do that. So I'm ending it here. This is my Final Fantasy live action cast list for 2009-2011.

That said, any feedback, and new or better suggestions would still be appreciated.

Just try to be realistic with your suggestions. Don't suggest too much high-ranking A-listers, especially for minor roles, and don't cast younger/older versions of an actor/actress.

Keep in mind that some characters have to be aged to make it look plausible in live action. Anime and JRPGs intentionally make characters younger for their target audiences. Preteens are fledgling warriors, late teens are already expert fighters, and 30s are wrinkled vets. But in live action, this doesn’t translate well and 18-year-olds don’t appear as convincing capable warriors. So in live action adaptations, characters have to be aged slightly, which is okay if the age is not all that relevant to the storyline anyway. Add to that the fact that the actors/actresses typically play characters younger or older than their actual age, then there is some room to play around with the characters and the actor’s/actress’ ages. That said, stay close enough to their age range.

Here is a slideshow video of the choices:

And here's the complete list. (Credits for the suggestion are in parenthesis.)

- Adrien Brody as Warrior of Light (fireinthewronghole)
- Marion Cotillard as Princess Sara (fireinthewronghole)

- James McAvoy as Firion (fireinthewronghole)
- Olivia Wilde as Maria (fireinthewronghole)
- Freddie Stroma as Guy (fireinthewronghole)
- Hayden Christensen as Leon (fireinthewronghole)
- Ralph Fiennes as Emperor Mateus (fireinthewronghole)

- Dominic Scott Kay as Luneth (fireinthewronghole)
- Max Records as Arc (fireinthewronghole)
- Haley Pullos as Refia (fireinthewronghole)
- Callan McAuliffe as Ingus (fireinthewronghole)
- Chandler Riggs as Onion Knight (fireinthewronghole)
- Michael Jai White as Xande (fireinthewronghole)
- Summer Glau as Cloud of Darkness (fireinthewronghole)

- Orlando Bloom as Cecil Harvey (fireinthewronghole)
- Michael Fassbender as Kain Highwind (fireinthewronghole)
- Scarlett Johansson as Rosa Joanna Farrell (fireinthewronghole)
- Ellen Page as Rydia of Mist (fireinthewronghole)
- G. Hannelius as Rydia of Mist [child] (fireinthewronghole)
- Dean Geyer as Edward "Edge" Geraldine (fireinthewronghole)
- Jeremy Sumpter as Edward Chris von Muir (fireinthewronghole)
- Donald Sutherland as Tellah (fireinthewronghole)
- Joel Courtney as Palom (fireinthewronghole)
- Elle Fanning as Porom (fireinthewronghole)
- Zach Galifanakis as Cid Pollendina (fireinthewronghole)
- Steve Austin as Yang Fang Leiden (fireinthewronghole)
- Ian McKellen as FuSoYa (fireinthewronghole)
- Michael Rosenbaum as Zemus (fireinthewronghole)

- Emile Hirsch as Bartz Klauser (manmouse)
- Emma Bell as Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (fireinthewronghole)
- Jena Malone as Faris Scherwiz (fireinthewronghole)
- Abigail Breslin as Krile Mayer Baldesion (fireinthewronghole)
- Tim Curry as Galuf Halm Baldesion (fireinthewronghole)
- Jack Black as Gilgamesh (fireinthewronghole)

- Emmy Rossum as Terra Branford (fireinthewronghole)
- Keira Knightley as Celes Chere (AsheSkySavior)
- Jamie Bell as Locke Cole (fireinthewronghole)
- Ben Foster as Edgar Rene Figaro (fireinthewronghole)
- Mike Vogel as Sabin Roni Figaro (fireinthewronghole)
- James Franco as Setzer Gabbiani (fireinthewronghole)
- Cary Elwes as Cyan Garamonde (fireinthewronghole)
- Ray Park as Shadow (fireinthewronghole)
- Billy Unger as Gau (fireinthewronghole)
- Chloë Moretz as Relm Arrowny
- Christopher Lloyd as Strago Magus (fireinthewronghole)
- Jim Carrey as Kefka Palazzo (fireinthewronghole)

- Alex Pettyfer as Cloud Strife (fireinthewronghole)
- Nina Dobrev as Tifa Lockhart (fireinthewronghole)
- Mandy Moore as Aerith Gainsborough (fireinthewronghole)
- Quinton Jackson as Barrett Wallace (wheresatari)
- Barry Pepper as Cid Highwind (fireinthewronghole)
- Ellen Wong as Yuffie Kisaragi
- Ben Barnes as Vincent Valentine (fireinthewronghole)
- Jake Gyllenhaal as Zack Fair (fireinthewronghole)
- Shyann McClure as Marlene Wallace (fireinthewronghole)
- Robert Downey Jr. as Reeve Tuesti (NessEggman)
- Jon Lee Brody as Tseng (fireinthewronghole)
- MyAnna Buring as Elena (fireinthewronghole)
- Nick Lashaway as Reno (fireinthewronghole)
- Liam Hemsworth as Rude (fireinthewronghole)
- Chace Crawford as Rufus Shinra (fireinthewronghole)
- Hugo Weaving as Professor Hojo
- Zachary Quinto as Sephiroth (fireinthewronghole)

- Jared Padalecki as Squall Leonhart (MintChip_lover2)
- Camilla Belle as Rinoa Heartilly
- Leelee Sobieski as Quistis Trepe (fireinthewronghole)
- Thomas Dekker as Zell Dincht (fireinthewronghole)
- Alexis Bledel as Selphie Tilmitt (wheresatari)
- Kevin Zegers as Irvine Kinneas (fireinthewronghole)
- John Stamos as Laguna Loire
- Edi Gathegi as Kiros Seagill (fireinthewronghole)
- Randy Couture as Ward Zabac (fireinthewronghole)
- Rachael Leigh Cook as Ellone (castrejon04)
- Robin Williams as Cid Kramer
- Cam Gigandet as Seifer Almasy (pho_)
- Serinda Swan as Fujin (fireinthewronghole)
- Victor Rasuk as Raijin (fireinthewronghole)
- Monica Bellucci as Sorceress Edea (Rhapsodic_Chord)
- Tilda Swinton as Ultimecia (Phostopho)

- Max Thieriot as Zidane Tribal (WesternShotgun)
- Selena Gomez as Garnet til Alexandros XVII (SuperMetroidFTW)
- Brendan Fraser as Adelbert Steiner (fireinthewronghole)
- Jason Momoa as Amarant Coral (fireinthewronghole)
- Karley Scott Collins as Eiko Carol (fireinthewronghole)
- Miranda Otto as Beatrix (fireinthewronghole)
- Kathy Bates as Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI (fireinthewronghole)
- Christopher Lee as Garland (Scizoreon)
- Ezra Miller as Kuja (silentbloodshed [dissidiaforums])

- Michael Welch as Tidus & Shuyin (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Kirsten Prout as Yuna (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Willa Holland as Rikku (fireinthewronghole)
- Kellan Lutz as Wakka (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lulu (fireinthewronghole)
- Ron Perlman as Kimahri (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Hugh Jackman as Auron (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Mickey Rourke as Jecht (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Cillian Murphy as Seymour Guado (silly_sausage)

- Anton Yelchin as Vaan (fireinthewronghole)
- Gemma Arterton as Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (fireinthewronghole)
- Chris Pine as Balthier (fireinthewronghole)
- Zoe Saldana as Fran (fireinthewronghole)
- Chris Hemsworth as Basch & Noah fon Ronsenburg (TaticalWarrior)
- Jennifer Lawrence as Penelo (fireinthewronghole)
- Jesse McCartney as Reks (fireinthewronghole)
- Djimon Hounsou as Reddas (fireinthewronghole)
- Russell Brand as Al-Cid Margrace (fireinthewronghole)
- Taylor Kinney as Vossler York Azelas (fireinthewronghole)
- Preston Strother as Larsa Ferrinas Solidor (fireinthewronghole)
- William Petersen as Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (fireinthewronghole)
- Eric Bana as Vayne Carudas Solidor (fireinthewronghole)

- Milla Jovovich as Lightning (chaosflame108)
- Chris Evans as Snow Villiers (fireinthewronghole)
- Mike Epps as Sazh Katzroy (chaosflame108)
- Hayden Menard as Hope Estheim (fireinthewronghole)
- Zooey Deschanel as Oerba Dia Vanille (WesternShotgun)
- Maggie Q as Oerba Yun Fang (fireinthewronghole)
- Jewel Staite as Serah Farron (fireinthewronghole)
- Tyree Brown as Dajh Katzroy (chaosflame108)
- Taylor Kitsch as Rygdea (fireinthewronghole)
- Lee Byung-Hun as Cid Raines (fireinthewronghole)
- Martin Csokas as Yaag Rosch (fireinthewronghole)
- Martin Sheen as Galenth Dysley

- Diane Kruger as Cosmos (chaosflame108)

Alternate suggestions:
- Mads Mikkelsen as Sephiroth (fireinthewronghole)
- Bill Pullman as Cid Kramer (M_Infernum)
- Rosie O'Donnell as Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI (Dragon Angel X2)
- Katrina Bowden as Rikku (Fallacia)
- Bruce Boxleitner as Auron (DivineFistOka)
- Rachel Nichols as Lightning (fireinthewronghole)
- Evan Rachel Wood as Oerba Dia Vanille (Thinker2112 [YouTube])
- Cate Blanchett as Cosmos (fireinthewronghole)

Additional characters:
- Gerard Butler as Garland (fireinthewronghole)
- Dev Patel as Minwu (NinjablazerZero)
- Joe Pantoliano as Josef (fireinthewronghole)
- Liam Neeson as Ricard Highwind (fireinthewronghole)

Sequel characters:
- Jamie Chung as Paine (fireinthewronghole)

Possible future replacements:
- Liana Liberato as Rinoa Heartilly (fireinthewronghole)
- Saoirse Ronan as Quistis Trepe (fireinthewronghole)
- Stephanie Scott as Selphie Tilmitt (fireinthewronghole)

Other decent suggestions:
- Ryan Kwanten as Gordon (fireinthewronghole)
- Tom Selleck as Cid (fireinthewronghole)
- John C. Reilly as Borghen (fireinthewronghole)
- Alyssa Milano as Rydia of Mist (Scizoreon)
- Michael Cera as Bartz Klauser (fallenswords)
- Summer Glau as Tifa Lockhart (vheissu512)
- Rachael Leigh Cook as Tifa Lockhart (Scizoreon)
- Gerard Butler as Cid Highwind (KamenRiderOsaka)
- Brenda Song as Yuffie Kisaragi
- Daniel Dae Kim as Tseng (fireinthewronghole)
- Scarlett Johansson as Quistis Trepe (fusespliff)
- Zac Efron as Irvine Kinneas (fireinthewronghole)
- Carey Mulligan as Garnet til Alexandros XVII (WesternShotgun)
- Brad Garrett as Adelbert Steiner (fireinthewronghole)
- Brian Blessed as Baku (Scizoreon)
- Bruce Willis as Auron (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Ashley Walters as Reddas (fireinthewronghole)
- Vanessa Hudgens as Fran (fireinthewronghole)
- Ryan Gosling as Snow Villiers (fireinthewronghole)
- Ellen Page as Serah Farron (Scizoreon)

Thanks to those who participated.


FF8 Adel

Wow, I gotta congratulate everyone who contributed. These are nothing short of brilliant! Every actor chosen looks almost identical to the character they're paired with. And some were hilarious (Ron Perlman = Kimahri). But seriously, these are great. Also, I think it's universally accepted that Christopher Lee is the real life Garland!

Thanks. I'm glad to have gotten a lot of good contributions too. (And yeah, I thought that Ron Perlman as Kimahri was awesome too.)

I wanted to avoid high-ranking A-listers like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, who seemed to be in almost every live action cast list that I've seen so far. I think the less high-ranking A-listers, the better. (Unless they're the absolute best choice for that character.) And unfortunately, both Jack Nicholson and David Bowie are too old now to play those roles. =/

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