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Before anyone says it, yes, I realize that there's absolutely no chance of an adaptation being made. This list is just for fun.

This is a "complete" list for a live action cast of the Final Fantasy series (minus FFXI and FFXIV since I never played those) that various GameFAQs users and I came up with. (With help from a few people from other boards and YouTube.) I consider this "complete" since all the main characters for each game are here already. (Minus masked and/or CGI characters.) There are also some minor characters missing, but I decided to stop here anyway because this will get outdated unless I revised it constantly and I don't want to do that.

So this is our Final Fantasy live action cast list for 2007-2012.

(Bear in mind that the list was started nearly five years ago. Some actors/actresses have since gotten too old for their roles. Basically, this list has a set time when it could've been made.)

That said, any feedback, and new or better suggestions would still be appreciated.

Here is a slideshow video of the choices:

And here's the complete list. (Credits for the suggestion are in parenthesis.)
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- Adrien Brody as Warrior of Light (fireinthewronghole)
- Ryan Reynolds as Monk/Master (fireinthewronghole)
- Jang Dong-Gun as Thief/Ninja (fireinthewronghole)
- Karl Urban as Red Mage/Wizard (fireinthewronghole)
- Rachel McAdams as White Mage/Wizard (fireinthewronghole)
- Giovanni Ribisi as Black Mage/Wizard (fireinthewronghole)
- Rosamund Pike as Princess Sara (fireinthewronghole)
- Gerard Butler as Garland (fireinthewronghole)
- Keith David as the voice of Chaos

- James McAvoy as Firion (fireinthewronghole)
- Olivia Wilde as Maria (fireinthewronghole)
- Freddie Stroma as Guy (fireinthewronghole)
- Hayden Christensen as Leon (fireinthewronghole)
- Liam Neeson as Ricard Highwind (fireinthewronghole)
- Colm Meaney as Borghen (fireinthewronghole)
- Ralph Fiennes as Emperor Mateus (fireinthewronghole)

- Dominic Scott Kay as Luneth (fireinthewronghole)
- Max Records as Arc (fireinthewronghole)
- Haley Pullos as Refia (fireinthewronghole)
- Callan McAuliffe as Ingus (fireinthewronghole)
- Joey Ansah as Xande (fireinthewronghole)
- Summer Glau as Cloud of Darkness (fireinthewronghole)

- Orlando Bloom as Cecil Harvey (fireinthewronghole)
- Michael Fassbender as Kain Highwind (fireinthewronghole)
- Scarlett Johansson as Rosa Joanna Farrell (fireinthewronghole)
- Ellen Page as Rydia of Mist (fireinthewronghole)
- G. Hannelius as Rydia of Mist [child] (fireinthewronghole)
- Dean Geyer as Edward "Edge" Geraldine (fireinthewronghole)
- Jeremy Sumpter as Edward Chris von Muir (fireinthewronghole)
- Donald Sutherland as Tellah (fireinthewronghole)
- Joel Courtney as Palom (fireinthewronghole)
- Elle Fanning as Porom (fireinthewronghole)
- Paul Giamatti as Cid Pollendina (fireinthewronghole)
- Tom Hardy as Yang Fang Leiden (fireinthewronghole)
- Ian McKellen as FuSoYa (fireinthewronghole)
- Matthew Macfadyen as Golbez (fireinthewronghole)
- Mark Strong as Zemus (fireinthewronghole)
- Emile Hirsch as Bartz Klauser (manmouse)
- Emma Bell as Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (fireinthewronghole)
- Jena Malone as Faris Scherwiz (fireinthewronghole)
- Abigail Breslin as Krile Mayer Baldesion (fireinthewronghole)
- Tim Curry as Galuf Halm Baldesion (fireinthewronghole)
- Jack Black as Gilgamesh (fireinthewronghole)
- Ving Rhames as the voice of Exdeath (fireinthewronghole)

- Emmy Rossum as Terra Branford (fireinthewronghole)
- Keira Knightley as Celes Chere (AsheSkySavior)
- Jamie Bell as Locke Cole (fireinthewronghole)
- Ben Foster as Edgar Rene Figaro (fireinthewronghole)
- Mike Vogel as Sabin Roni Figaro (fireinthewronghole)
- Josh Holloway as Setzer Gabbiani (fireinthewronghole)
- Cary Elwes as Cyan Garamonde (fireinthewronghole)
- Donnie Yen as Shadow (fireinthewronghole)
- Billy Unger as Gau (fireinthewronghole)
- Chloë Moretz as Relm Arrowny
- Christopher Lloyd as Strago Magus (fireinthewronghole)
- Dominic Monaghan as the voice of Mog (fireinthewronghole)
- Fred Tatasciore as the voice of Umaro (fireinthewronghole)
- Ray Park as Gogo (fireinthewronghole)
- Jim Carrey as Kefka Palazzo (fireinthewronghole)

- Alex Pettyfer as Cloud Strife (fireinthewronghole)
- Ashley Greene as Tifa Lockhart (SuperMillionaire [EyesOnFF])
- Mandy Moore as Aerith Gainsborough (fireinthewronghole)
- Quinton Jackson as Barrett Wallace (wheresatari)
- Kenneth Branagh as the voice of Red XIII (fireinthewronghole)
- Billy Boyd as the voice of Cait Sith
- Barry Pepper as Cid Highwind (fireinthewronghole)
- Brenda Song as Yuffie Kisaragi
- Ben Barnes as Vincent Valentine (fireinthewronghole)
- Jake Gyllenhaal as Zack Fair (fireinthewronghole)
- Shyann McClure as Marlene Wallace (fireinthewronghole)
- Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Reeve Tuesti (fireinthewronghole)
- Daniel Henney as Tseng (fireinthewronghole)
- MyAnna Buring as Elena (fireinthewronghole)
- Nick Lashaway as Reno (fireinthewronghole)
- Wentworth Miller as Rude (RocKSpaM [YouTube])
- Chace Crawford as Rufus Shinra (fireinthewronghole)
- Hugo Weaving as Professor Hojo
- Zachary Quinto as Sephiroth (fireinthewronghole)

- Jared Padalecki as Squall Leonhart (MintChip_lover2)
- Camilla Belle as Rinoa Heartilly
- Leelee Sobieski as Quistis Trepe (fireinthewronghole)
- Thomas Dekker as Zell Dincht (fireinthewronghole)
- Alexis Bledel as Selphie Tilmitt (wheresatari)
- Kevin Zegers as Irvine Kinneas (fireinthewronghole)
- John Stamos as Laguna Loire
- Edi Gathegi as Kiros Seagill (fireinthewronghole)
- Randy Couture as Ward Zabac (fireinthewronghole)
- Rachael Leigh Cook as Ellone (castrejon04)
- Robin Williams as Cid Kramer
- Cam Gigandet as Seifer Almasy (pho_)
- Serinda Swan as Fujin (fireinthewronghole)
- Victor Rasuk as Raijin (fireinthewronghole)
- Monica Bellucci as Sorceress Edea (Rhapsodic_Chord)
- Kathleen Turner as the voice of Adel (fireinthewronghole)
- Tilda Swinton as Ultimecia (Phostopho)

- Max Thieriot as Zidane Tribal (WesternShotgun)
- Victoria Justice as Dagger (safer_sef [IGN])
- Chandler Canterbury as the voice of Vivi Orunitia (fireinthewronghole)
- Brendan Fraser as Adelbert Steiner (fireinthewronghole)
- Jennifer Lawrence as the voice of Freya Crescent (fireinthewronghole)
- Rosie O'Donnell as the voice of Quina Quen
- Karley Scott Collins as Eiko Carol (fireinthewronghole)
- Jason Momoa as Amarant Coral (fireinthewronghole)
- Natasha Henstridge as Beatrix (fireinthewronghole)
- Kathy Bates as Queen Brahne (fireinthewronghole)
- Christopher Lee as Garland (Scizoreon)
- Ezra Miller as Kuja (silentbloodshed [DissidiaForums])

- Michael Welch as Tidus (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Kirsten Prout as Yuna (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Hugh Jackman as Auron (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Willa Holland as Rikku (fireinthewronghole)
- Kellan Lutz as Wakka (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lulu (fireinthewronghole)
- Ron Perlman as Kimahri (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Mickey Rourke as Jecht (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Cillian Murphy as Seymour Guado (silly_sausage)

- Anton Yelchin as Vaan (fireinthewronghole)
- Gemma Arterton as Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (fireinthewronghole)
- Chris Hemsworth as Basch & Noah fon Ronsenburg
- Chris Pine as Balthier (fireinthewronghole)
- Zoe Saldana as Fran (fireinthewronghole)
- Juno Temple as Penelo (fireinthewronghole)
- Jesse McCartney as Reks (fireinthewronghole)
- Djimon Hounsou as Reddas (fireinthewronghole)
- Taylor Kinney as Vossler York Azelas (fireinthewronghole)
- Preston Strother as Larsa Ferrinas Solidor (fireinthewronghole)
- William Petersen as Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (fireinthewronghole)
- Eric Bana as Vayne Carudas Solidor (fireinthewronghole)

- Charlize Theron as Lightning
- Ryan Gosling as Snow Villiers (fireinthewronghole)
- Mike Epps as Sazh Katzroy (chaosflame108)
- Charlie Rowe as Hope Estheim
- Zooey Deschanel as Oerba Dia Vanille (WesternShotgun)
- Lynn Collins as Oerba Yun Fang (UPRC [YouTube])
- Jewel Staite as Serah Farron (fireinthewronghole)
- Tyree Brown as Dajh Katzroy (chaosflame108)
- Lee Byung-Hun as Cid Raines (fireinthewronghole)
- Martin Csokas as Yaag Rosch (fireinthewronghole)
- Gabriel Byrne as Galenth Dysley

- Diane Kruger as Cosmos (chaosflame108)
- Ed Harris as the voice of Cid Of The Lufaine (fireinthewronghole)

Additional suggestions:
- Marion Cotillard as Princess Sara (fireinthewronghole)
- Dev Patel as Minwu (NinjablazerZero)
- Ryan Kwanten as Gordon (fireinthewronghole)
- Tom Selleck as Cid (fireinthewronghole)
- Alyssa Milano as Rydia of Mist (Scizoreon)
- Taylor Lautner as Edward "Edge" Geraldine (fireinthewronghole)
- Anne Hathaway as Terra Branford (fireinthewronghole)
- James Franco as Setzer Gabbiani (fireinthewronghole)
- Rob Paulsen as the voice of Mog (fireinthewronghole)
- Nina Dobrev as Tifa Lockhart (fireinthewronghole)
- Summer Glau as Tifa Lockhart (vheissu512)
- Gerard Butler as Cid Highwind (KamenRiderOsaka)
- Robert Downey Jr. as Reeve Tuesti (NessEggman)
- Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Sephiroth
- Mads Mikkelsen as Sephiroth (fireinthewronghole)
- Liana Liberato as Rinoa Heartilly (fireinthewronghole)
- Saoirse Ronan as Quistis Trepe (fireinthewronghole)
- Stefanie Scott as Selphie Tilmitt (fireinthewronghole)
- Zac Efron as Irvine Kinneas (fireinthewronghole)
- Bill Pullman as Cid Kramer (M_Infernum)
- Selena Gomez as Dagger (SuperMetroidFTW)
- Carey Mulligan as Dagger (WesternShotgun)
- Brad Garrett as Adelbert Steiner (fireinthewronghole)
- Brian Blessed as Baku (Scizoreon)
- Miranda Otto as Beatrix (fireinthewronghole)
- Rosie O'Donnell as Queen Brahne (Dragon Angel X2)
- Garret Hedlund as Tidus
- Bruce Willis as Auron (AvengedStevenfold21 [YouTube])
- Bruce Boxleitner as Auron (DivineFistOka)
- Katrina Bowden as Rikku (Fallacia)
- Jamie Chung as Paine (fireinthewronghole)
- Vanessa Hudgens as Fran (fireinthewronghole)
- Milla Jovovich as Lightning (chaosflame108)
- Rachel Nichols as Lightning (fireinthewronghole)
- Chris Evans as Snow Villiers (fireinthewronghole)
- Evan Rachel Wood as Oerba Dia Vanille (Thinker2112 [YouTube])
- Maggie Q as Oerba Yun Fang (fireinthewronghole)
- Ellen Page as Serah Farron (Scizoreon)
- Taylor Kitsch as Rygdea (fireinthewronghole)
- Christopher Walken as Galenth Dysley (Halaitsame [YouTube])
- Martin Sheen as Galenth Dysley
- Chandler Riggs as Onion Knight (fireinthewronghole)
- Cate Blanchett as Cosmos (fireinthewronghole)

Thanks for reading and thanks to those who participated.

Comments Edit

FF8 Adel

Wow, I gotta congratulate everyone who contributed. These are nothing short of brilliant! Every actor chosen looks almost identical to the character they're paired with. And some were hilarious (Ron Perlman = Kimahri). But seriously, these are great. Also, I think it's universally accepted that Christopher Lee is the real life Garland!

Thanks. I'm glad to have gotten a lot of good contributions too. (And yeah, I thought that Ron Perlman as Kimahri was awesome too.)

I wanted to avoid high-ranking A-listers like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, who seemed to be in almost every live action cast list that I've seen so far. I think the less high-ranking A-listers, the better. (Unless they're the absolute best choice for that character.) And unfortunately, both Jack Nicholson and David Bowie are too old now to play those roles. =/

BlueHighwind TA

Speaking of Bowie, he wouldn’t make a bad Galenth Dysley:
What do you think? Nice, he would deff fit that role. AaaaaThe Netherealm awaits for you 00:48, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

Wow, David Bowie could just about play any FF character, can't he?

Except Serah. David Bowie can't play Serah.C A T U S E04:21, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

Hmm. good list so far. time to find a bunch of rich, FF-obsessed people to finance this. How about Christian Bale as Vince Valentine in FF7? He could also do Cloud, now that i think about it. Dynamitejoe 21:33, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

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