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Hey all, I'm finally starting up the FFT LP (I don't know how many months late) after some nagging from the other LPers. The LP will be for the Android WotL version, I because I wanted to use the newer translation and special characters but also didn't want to deal with the terrible framelag that the PSP version has (this isn't a problem with the emulator, SE intentionally programmed this into the game. If you're interested in being in the LP, let me know here or over IRC. Most likely the recordings will be over Skype on any day of the week that isn't TuWTh, and interludes will include Legend of the Crystals and The Spirits Within, probably to be hosted by SCM and Scathe.

Now that wouldn't be enough by itself to warrant a forum post — the IRC cabal churns out LPs all the time — but back in 2011 there was project to revamp our FFT coverage that was mostly complete, except for location pages. I found a bunch of overhead maps somewhere on the internet and put them on location pages, only to be informed years later that they were copyright a member of FFHacktics.com, so we cannot use them. So I decided to replace the overhead images with something FFWiki-created ... and true to form, never did. Well, better late than never.

Back in 2011 BH made an overhead table, but it was never implemented (it would have been a lot of work to do so). Thanks to Lua, it is now fairly easy to mass produce tables, so I tried my hand at writing a script which generates overhead map tables. This one is the first few rows of the Mandalia Plains (without units because I haven't programmed that feature in yet).

{{#invoke:Battlemap|map|FFT|1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; np; 0, grass; 0, grass; 0, grass; 0, grass; 0, grass; 1, grass; 2, grass; 2, grass
1, grass; 1, grass; 2, stone; np; 0, grass; 1, stone; 3, stone; 0, grass; 1, grass; 2, grass; 2, grass; np
1.5, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 0, grass; 0, grass; 0, grass; 0, grass; 1, grass; 2, grass; 2, grass
np; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, stone; np; 0, grass; np; np; 2, grass; np
3, stone; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 0.5, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; 1, grass; np; np; np

The green squares mean grass, the gray mean stone, black is unpassable terrain (I should probably come up with a better color for this), and the numbers indicate the height of the tile. Not sure what I'll do when there's two tiles in one square (e.g. the bridge over the waterfall at Zeirchele Falls has tiles on the bridge, as well as down in the water below, which are different terrain and different heights).

Does anyone have any formatting suggestions for these map tables? They will likely be used in conjunction with {{Battle information FFT}}, a template that could use a touchup of its own (tabber? in 2016? It's less likely than you think.) An ideal implementation of the module and {{Battle information FFT}} would work well on mobile, have all the information that's already there and anything else someone may see fit to add, be easy to read, and not be unsightly. Obviously the Units table with its horrible xy-coordinate system can be removed, since the units will be written right into the map. Also, at some point we might be able to generalize them to FFTA, FFTA2, and FFTS, but I'm not familiar with any of those games, so I'm reluctant to take on the task of filling out tables for them. However, as I play through FFT for the LP, I will fill out these tables and location pages. Cat (meowhunt) 05:47, July 16, 2016 (UTC)

This LP ever happening or has it a schedule or how do I get in? ---BlueHighwind 18:28, August 14, 2016 (UTC)

Intermission 1: Legend of the Crystals[edit source]

So, as an intermission to FFT between chapters 2 and 3 and as what I guess is an epilogue to the shitpost-tastic FFV LP, we're watching Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, a 1 3/4 hour long anime that all I really know about is that it's a sequel to FFV where the wind crystal decides to occupy a girl's butt. The 90s were really bizarre.

We'll do it in a format similar to what we were going to do with Advent Children before all the audio was lost. We just put our audio on the YouTube channel, and watchers need to easily pirate a copy using YouTube like we're doing find their own copy of the anime to sync it up with.

I want to try and get this done sometime in the next week or two. If you're interested, post what times you're available and I'll try to figure out who to bring. -- Some Color Mage ~ (Talk) 03:20, November 28, 2016 (UTC)

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