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(leaving this here to maybe work on later, or for people to comment on if they want)

I was looking at the FFI&II Kanzen Kōryaku-hen which lists all the enemies from both games and gives them numbers. More interestingly it groups enemies into families. These are listed below (FFI on left, FFII on right)

鬼系 Devil
獣系 Beast
爬虫類系 Reptile
巨人系 Giant
魚系 Fish
人間系 Humanoid
悪魔系 Demon

[Eyes, Beholder Evil Eye, Medusa, Vampire, Gargoyle, Mindflayer, -Dark Wizard-, -Nightmare-]

[Brain, Parasite, -Beast Demon-, Imp, Vampire, -Beelzebub-, -Astaroth-]

骸骨系 Skeleton
虫系 Bug
獣人系 Mutant/Beastman

[-Werewolf-, -Minotaur-, -Weretiger-]

[-Werewolf-, -Werepanther-, Lamia, Yeti]

悪霊系 Wraith
ゾンビ系 Zombie

[-Minotaur Zombie-, Zombie, -Dragon Zombie-, Mummy]

[-Dual Deads-, Zombie/Ghoul, -Zombie Borghen-]

精霊系 Soul
ドラゴン系 Dragon
スライム系 Slime
不定形系 Amorphous
恐竜系 Dinosaur
鳥系 Bird
植物系 Plant
メカ系 Mech/Construct
ゴーレム系 Golem
カオス Chaos
皇帝 Emperor

Points of note: Enemies that are palette-swaps of each other aren't always found in the same family. Undead variants will often be found in a group especially for undeads. If the enemy has "were" in front of its name then it will be considered a Beastman/Mutant. Crazy Horse gets classed as a beast while Nightmare is a demon, and one of the weirdest situations is that Dark Fighter is humanoid but Dark Wizard is Demon???

I don't know if we want to just simply use these as families, or if we want to use a "Genus" and "Class" system (a la XII), so we can have "Devil: Goblin".

Shouldn't be hard for us to categorise the Advance enemies. JBed (talk) 12:11, October 23, 2019 (UTC)