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DISSIDIA WARS IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETED! Pikmin Master 20:47, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

Now that the story is over, others can make side stories. Here are instructions on how to make your story.

Here is the original page, for comments and ideas on character lists.

Character ContestEdit

Exdeath64 and I were thinking of having a Dissidia Wars Character Contest. This is unlike the current Dissidia Dream Characters Moveset Contest. This is a contest between the characters used in this collab. For the time being, the plan is to do it tournament style, just like the Magicite Madness from a few years back. Anyone interested just sign here.

Pikmin Master 15:31, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

Stories linksEdit

The stories are on the userpage of whoever makes them. After the page is made, they go here. The order of the stories will be determined below.

SquallisbetterthanCloud -all finished!

Pikmin Master -all finished!

WarxePB -claimed finished!

Final BattlesEdit

The Final Battle Page


Our story begins after Ultima is slain by Ramza and his party.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Interdimentional Rift, Cid of the Lufaine made a new deal with Shinryu. "What happens if the forces of Good and Evil work together for a common goal?", he asked. Shinryu decides to revive Ultima and place her within the closed world that he revived after the Warriors of Cosmos won their war against the Warriors of Chaos.

Ultima, alone, starts destroying various stages. Cosmos and Chaos are both in shock. Both are thinking the other is responsible for the attack and are prepared for another war...

The Warrior of Light, radiant as ever, walks to the same spot his friends and fellow Warriors left. Suddenly, he sees Firion, later Onion Knight, Cecil, Bartz, and so on. Like the Warrior, the other 9 former Warriors of Cosmos are holding their Crystals. Cloud immediately thinks that their coming back is a trap. The Crystals start to glow and all ten of them disappear...

Cosmos waits for the heroes to arrive, but none showed up. The Crystals did, however. Fearing the worst, Cosmos starts to summon more warriors, but can not determine who to summon, so she summons a hero that, through his loyalty and sacrifice, helped a Warrior of Cosmos achieve his goal.

This hero approaches Cosmos, asking why did she summon him. Cosmos responds by saying that she needs a helper to determine who is best to deal with what she thinks is imminemt destruction by Chaos' hands. The hero, dressed in white, tells Cosmos that he can think of quite a lot of people who are suitable to defeat Chaos once more. Cosmos responds by saying, "Thank you...Minwu."

Cosmos summons many new Warriors, although Cosmos recognizes quite a few of them. Perhaps they served Cosmos earlier. Or maybe once served Chaos and decided to come to the light. Each approaches Cosmos and her new partner, Minwu. Cosmos tells the Warriors that Chaos is destroying the world and she needs each and every one of them to stop Chaos and to restore the world. Some agreed, some hesitated. Either way, they formed groups and left in different directions.

Chaos notices this and summons Warriors of his own. He tells them that the light of Cosmos is destroying the world and needs the Warriors he summoned to stop and destroy Cosmos and her Warriors.

A new war has begun.


Everyone has finished their individual adventures. But now, something big is going on. Cid of the Lufaine sees this and asks Shinryu "Is this what you have in mind for our goal? Adding an unknown element into the mix?" Shinryu figured that was a good idea.

Cosmos has sent Minwu, Cecil, Rosa, Onion Knight, and Warrior of Darkness to locate the remaining Cosmos Warriors to meet with Cosmos herself where Ramza, Marche, Luso, Orlandeau, Delita, Illua, and Llednar are. She has also sent Leon, Kain, and Golbez to Chaos to warn him about this threat.

The three do so and Chaos does not believe them. All he cares is that those three are traitors. However, further proof appeared when Garland shows up. He has heard everything and senses the power. Chaos believes Garland and sends all of the Chaos Warriors to meet with the Cosmos Warriors. He himself comes along to see what's going on.

Back to Ramza and company. Cosmos projects herself and tells them that help will be on its way. Llednar thinks he doesn't need help. He rushes to this being and gets OHKOed by it. NOW he says he needs help. Strangely, the being doesn't attack, which confuses Orlandeau.

The radient Warrior of Light is the first to appear. The being comes forth. Light sees the creature and recognizes it as "CHRONODIA!"

Chronodia appears and has Ultima's body attached to it. By the time the heroes see this, Tidus, Zidane, Bartz, and Jecht appear. Zidane and Bartz freaked out. Tidus and Jecht stopped Zidane and Bartz.

Eventually, every Cosmos and Chaos Warriors appeared (the room is THAT wide). Chronodia warped the space around the room, making it essentially a Dissidia version of SSBB's Subspace. Cosmos and Chaos themselves appear and even they couldn't stop Chronodia.

Suddenly, a surprise appears. A rift in space opens up and comes out GILGAMESH. He doesn't like what he sees. So...

"Enough expository banter!"

Bartz knows what's coming, so he plays along.

"Now we fight like men! And ladies!"

Bartz points to the men. Zidane points to the ladies.

"And ladies who dress like men!"


"And men who dress like ladies!"

EVERYONE looks at Kuja.

"For Gilgamesh..."

Everyone takes their battling positions. Then, everyone shouts (even Cloud and Squall, who REALLY don't want to say it.)



What will Minwu do? Everyone else has fought their Chronodia copies and the one he's fighting has a hold on Cosmos. Suddenly, Chaos himself shows up. He says something like "There's no way some orb thing is getting away with doing MY job!" Chaos brutally attacks Chronodia while Minwu heals Cosmos everytime Cosmos gets hurt. Chronodia is destroyed and Cosmos is safe, whether Chaos likes it or not.

The orignial Chronodia has one more trick up its sleeve. It absorbs all of the Chronodia copies and with them, the abilities of those who faught them. But someone new (sort of) shows up to fight Chronodia. The Warrior of Darkness senses it and it holds no darkness at all.

It's the Warrior of Light! Dark senses others with him, with varying degrees of darkness and evil. It seems that Light has brought the remaining Warriors of Cosmos and Chaos to fight Chronodia. Before Chronodia can split into more copies, Cosmos and Chaos nullifies its ability to clone itself. The other Warriors weakened Chronodia and Light makes the finishing move. Chronodia is defeated. Cosmos thanks Chaos for helping her and the others. Chaos just leaves with his Warriors.

Cid of the Lufaine tells Shinryu "Well...that worked...At least they sort of got along, right...?" Shinryu makes that draconic "I told you so" face.

Back at Order's Santuary, Cosmos thanks her Warriors, old and new, for helping out at a time of need. She sends all of them back to their respective worlds. Chaos does the same with his Warriors.

While this story is over, there are many parallel dimentions that have not ended this way. Some as close to this one, some not so much. Either way, there will always be a story of conflict in the world of DISSIDIA!

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