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Post all the characters that you think should be included here. The sides are split into the main characters and the support characters (heroes and villains). If you wish to post then do so as follows:

Category Main Hero Main Villain Support Hero Support Villain
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Golbez Kain An Archfiend

If you would like a different character to be included then simply add a / after the already entered name, so it would look something like this:

Support Hero-Kain/Edge

When we are ready to begin creating the game I will create a poll to see who will be the featured character.

I will start off with the main games but if you want more then just add them

If a name is in red then that is the final character that will be used so don't add any more names to that section please.

Category Main Hero Main Villain Support Hero Support Villain
Final Fantasy I Warrior of Light Garland White Mage Chronodia/Chaos
Final Fantasy II Firion Emperor Minwu/Ricard Leon (Dark Knight)
Final Fantasy III Onion Knight Cloud of Darkness Doga/Unei/Luneth Xande
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Zemus/Golbez Kain Golbez/Zemus
Final Fantasy V Bartz Exdeath Faris/Galuf Gilgamesh
Final Fantasy VI Terra Kefka Locke/Celes/Shadow/Edgar Emperor Gestahl
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Sephiroth Cid/Aerith/Tifa Jenova Doll//Kadaj
Dirge of Cerebus Vincent Weiss Shalua Rosso/Azul/Nero
Crisis Core Zack Genesis Tseng Angeal
Final Fantasy VIII Squall Ultimecia Zell/Rinoa/Edea Seifer
Final Fantasy IX Zidane Kuja Garnet/Vivi/Steiner Necron/Garland
Final Fantasy X Tidus Jecht Auron Seymour
Final Fantasy XI Prishe Promathia Shantotto Shadow Lord
Final Fantasy XII Vaan Vayne Basch/Balthier/Fran/Penelo/Ashe Gabranth/Dr.Cid

Character Profiles of all the final characters.

After the current members have finalised their character choices the polls can begin :D
Character Polls