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Hello again. It's been a while.

I've never been one to use discussion forums of this type much, but I'm posting here today with a couple of requests in my capacity as an administrator for one of our sister sites, the Wiki of Mana.

Adopted in 2018, our wiki is looking to build itself as the premier source of information for the Mana franchise, which, as many of you know, began with Final Fantasy Adventure. To do that, I'm looking for the assistance of folks who have experience with the original Adventure and can accurately expand what information we have on the characters, etc. We've also got a brand new release coming out that a few guys and girls are working feverishly to build content for. You may call it Seiken Densetsu 3, but we'd rather call it Trials of Mana from here on out.

Unfortunately, managing this particular space also leaves me to deal with one incredible purist asshole. If something isn't from the One Original Team, it isn't Mana; and she (or he) sees fit to totally discredit or remove it. However, they have a history of very valuable contributions that I have no desire to ignore.

In recent weeks, we've taken on a Spanish language affiliate as well, and their pro tem manager could also use a few extra hands. They've only got eight pages; and even then, the intended Spanish text is inconsistent with what little I've seen of the Spanish text in Trials. There's a user, goes by the handle "WFlash", Who would love to hear from somebody.

The most obvious issues right now, though, are cosmetic. I can't tell you how long we've had a creamed spinach color with a very dull pattern at our front door. So, I'm looking for someone who can build a new theme that accurately reflects the vibrance of the Mana series using sky blue as a base color.

I realize that many of you are busy folks, whether with this here wiki or some other project you've got going on, but if you can spare a few minutes, why not take a look around? We are looking forward to seeing you.

If you have questions or material that will help us grow, please contact me directly. Thanks for stopping by to read this. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 23:52, April 22, 2020 (UTC)