Just to make it easier (IMO) to write the story, I am going with making talk bubbles for each character, so that you can tell who is currently telling their part of the story (in-story, meaning that you can tell which character is telling their side)

To start off with, every bubble will be composed of the color code of the PC, their hair color, and then their eye color as the colors, and then no image (unless a user wants to be nice and make one for each PC and stuff. These can be changed by the onwer of the PC at will, as it is really only there as a placeholder until it is customized by the user who created that character.

When changing you colors, please refer to this site instead of the Color Chart on the wiki; it has WAY more options then the one here does. Also, when you are making changes, copy the template to a different place on the edit page, and repeatedly use the 'preview' button until you are satisfied with the results. Then just copy the changes onto the one within the template coding and delete the testing one. Also keep in mind what other users and using for their color combinations - each character is unique, so each talk bubble should be unique as well.

This may sound complicated, but in all honestly it is pretty easy once you know exactly what you're doing.

The BubblesEdit

To use a bubble, ust copy this text onto the page and replace the name with the name of the character that you are telling the story as.

As an example:

{{../Bubble|time=~~~~~|Weslei=Your story text}}

Then just change the "Weslei" parameter into the name of your character.

As an example:

{{../Bubble|time=~~~~~|Weslei=Your story text}} changes into {{../Bubble|time=~~~~~|Isaac=Your story text}}

(NOTE: By the PC quote thing, that is where you can put something of note that that character has said in the story. So, if you thought that something you had the character say was good, then you could put it there)

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