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Fortune Street, known as Itadaki Street in Japan and Boom Street in Europe and Australia, is a series of real-estate trading virtual board games published by Square Enix. Developed by Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii from a Dragon Quest III minigame, the series maintains a following in the Japanese market.

The Fortune Street series is well-known for its collaboration with other Square Enix properties, particularly those in the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy franchises. However, the series has seen only two titles released in the West, with neither linking to Final Fantasy characters.


Similar in execution to the American board game Monopoly, up to four players move around a selectable game board to buy property on the board. With turn order determined initially by a random number generator, players throw a single die to determine the distance to move along the board. Property owned by other players results in the current player paying rent on the property. Properties owned in the same block on the board increase their rent value, and can also be further developed when the player is able to circumnavigate the board in a specific way. Trading properties is also possible. Some titles have included stock-trading minigames as well. The player with the highest assets value wins.

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