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Fort Vaullerey is an imperial base in Final Fantasy XV. It is visited as part of the story in Chapter 6. Afterward, the player can explore it at their leisure to find various treasures.


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Fort Vaullerey casts an imposing shadow over the Lucian countryside, making it an ideal target for Noctis and company as they seek to avenge Jared's death.

After returning to Lestallum after passing Ramuh's trial, Prince Noctis and his retinue learn that the retainer of House Amicitia was killed during their absence by General Brigadier Caligo Ulldor as part of Niflheim's effort to locate them. When the party is on its way to Cape Caem they spot a flying fortress heading to Fort Vaullerey whose magitek generator is active. The party decides to take revenge and sneak into the compound and take Caligo hostage. Though they manage to capture him, he escapes, and the party is accosted by Commodore Aranea Highwind. She spars with Noctis but leaves after he gets the upper hand, saying she doesn't work after hours.

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Cerberus location.

The Ω-Files M.E. 745-XI-25th (Windows/Royal Editions) is also found in a small building along the western wall (Image).


The Frogs of Legend[]

There is a rainbow frog by the river near the southern edge of Fort Vaullerey in the shadow of a big rock. The Frogs of Legend is the final quest for Sania Yeagre and yields the coveted Ribbon accessory.

Wondrous Weapon[]

Wondrous WeaponFort VaullereyComplete "Cursed Legend"20,000 EXP, Zwill Crossblades

The final Legend in Randolph's quest line in Chapter 15, the Naglfar, is fought at Fort Vaullerey. It resists all weapon types but is weak to all elements. The player should focus on creating the best Elemancy spells to use against it. By creating spells with Zu Beaks, the player can create multiple spells that break the damage limit. If Noctis equips the right weaponry and eats the right meal that boosts his Magic, these spells can deal 99,999 damage to Naglfar.

The recommended level for this quest is 99.