Fort-Lune is a location in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is Magnolia Arch's hometown and is located on the Moon.

Story[edit | edit source]

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A year after the Ba'al Diamante ravaged the moon, Magnolia gives chase after the monster on a Buster ship.

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Fort-Lune Reconstruction sidequest[edit | edit source]

Rebuilding the Moon.

The Fort-Lune Reconstruction sidequest similar to the Norende Reconstruction sidequest from Bravely Default. Players can get workers by updating their StreetPass data, which can be relocated to rebuild a certain area of the Moon. Each location has different rebuild times and having more workers towards one area will reduced the reconstruction time. When an area is completed, players can unlock items and skills. Any items that are unlocked can be purchased from the Adventurer. When the 3DS is in sleep mode, the time still counts towards the rebuild time.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Go Moongazing[edit | edit source]

First Contact

Select the Moon icon from the map menu to communicate with Magnolia's friends on the Moo, Help them rebuild their home!

Rebuilding the Moon[edit | edit source]

A Trip to Fort-Lune

A Ba'al attack has left Magnolia's home in shambles. Do what you can to help repair and rebuild. As the Moon recovers, it's resources will serve to help Yew and his friends on their quest.

Repairing Facilities

Select a facility you want to repair and the number of workers to put on the job, and construction will commence. Repair the roads between craters and reclaim even more areas to develop!

Many Hands Make Light Work

With every StreetPass encounter, the population of Fort-Lune will grow by one.

A task that takes one worker an hour will take two workers only thirty minutes. Bring in more people and reap the benefits!

Let's Get Building!

Use buttons or the lower screen to assign work. Press right on the +Control Pad to open the panel for button input.

Gifts from the Moon[edit | edit source]

Moon Aid

Build facilities like item labs, workshops, and bio plants and they'll reward you with periodic presents. Raise the building level and reap even more potent rewards!

The Adventurer's Shop

You can buy Moon-made goods from the adventurer as well! (Level up facilities to acquire special moves and parts.)

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

Obstacles prevent workers from building facilities in other areas of the Moon. The first area and its one facility is available by default.

Obstacle Required time Unlocks
N/A N/A Pharm Lab
Copernicus Bridge 1 hour Trigger Lab
Parts Lab α
Apollonius Bridge 5 hours Special R&D Lab α
Tycho Pass 30 hours Munitions Factory
Parts Lab β
Clavius Access Road 50 hours Bioplant
Parts Lab γ
D'Arrest Tunnel 70 hours Parts Lab δ
De Sitter Overpass 99 hours Special R&D Lab β

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Pharm-Lab[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 15 minutes Potion
Teleport Stone
2 1 hour Antidote
Eye Drops
3 2 hours 30 minutes Echo Herbs
Wakeup Bell
4 3 hours 30 minutes Phoenix Down
5 5 hours Hi-Potion
6 8 hours Ether
7 11 hours Balsam
8 15 hours Remedy
9 24 hours Ether
10 36 hours Turbo Ether

Munitions Factory[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 hour Bomb Fragment
2 2 hours 30 minutes Antarctic Wind
3 4 hours 30 minutes Zeus's Wrath
4 8 hours Tengu's Yawn
Catch Me Conch
5 14 hours Earth Drum
6 26 hours Bomb Arm
Spider's Web
7 35 hours Arctic Wind
8 56 hours Pantheon's Wrath
9 76 hours Tengu Sneeze
10 84 hours Earth Mallet
Enopu Mushroom

Bioplant[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 hour Beast Flesh
2 2 hours 30 minutes Roc Filet
3 4 hours Leviathan Sashimi
4 6 hours Cat Feather
5 10 hours Dragon Steak
6 20 hours Rare Cheese
7 28 hours Dried Remora
8 40 hours Monoceros Flakes
9 54 hours Tender Victuals
10 72 hours Amande

Parts Lab α[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 2 hours Fire
Fire Res Up
Fire Res Down
2 3 hours Water
Water Res Up
Water Res Down
3 5 hours Lightning
Lightning Res Up
Lightning Res Down
4 9 hours Wind
Wind Res Up
Wind Res Down
5 15 hours Earth
Earth Res Up
Earth Res Down
6 26 hours Speed Up
Speed Down
7 42 hours Light
Light Res Up
Light Res Down
8 60 hours Evade Up
Accuracy Down
9 90 hours Dark
Dark Res Up
Dark Res Down
10 99 hours Cure Doom
Doom Res Up
Death Res Up

Parts Lab β[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 hour 30 minutes HP Recovery Lv 1
Poison Touch
Poison Res Down
2 3 hours MP Recovery Lv 1
Blind Touch
Blind Res Down
3 5 hours 30 minutes HP Recovery Lv 2
Silence Touch
Silence Res Down
4 11 hours MP Recovery Lv 2
Sleep Touch
Sleep Res Down
5 22 hours HP Recovery Lv 3
Paralyze Touch
Paralyze Res Down
6 32 hours MP Recovery Lv 3
Dread Touch
Dread Res Down
7 42 hours HP Recovery Lv 4
Stop Touch
Stop Res Down
8 60 hours MP Recovery Lv 4
Confuse Touch
Confuse Res Down
9 90 hours HP Recovery Lv 5
Charm Touch
Charm Res Down
10 99 hours MP Recovery Lv 5
Death Touch
Death Res Down

Parts Lab γ[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 hour Beast Slayer
Cure Poison
Poison Res Up
2 2 hours 30 minutes Plant Slayer
Cure Blind
Blind Res Up
3 4 hours Aquatic Slayer
Cure Silence
Silence Res Up
4 8 hours Insect Slayer
Cure Sleep
Sleep Res Up
5 15 hours Flier Slayer
Cure Paralyze
Paralyze Res Up
6 26 hours Undead Slayer
Cure Dread
Dread Res Up
7 42 hours Demon Slayer
Cure Berserk
Berserk Res Up
8 52 hours Dragon Slayer
Cure Stop
Stop Res Up
9 81 hours Crit Rate Up
Cure Confuse
Confuse Res Up
10 99 hours Cure K.O.
Cure Charm
Charm Res Up

Parts Lab δ[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 3 hours Power Boost Lv 1
+1 Turn
2 5 hours M.Atk Up
M.Atk Down
3 7 hours 30 minutes Power Boost Lv 2
+2 Turns
4 15 hours P.Atk Up
P.Atk Down
5 15 hours Power Boost Lv 3
+3 Turns
6 26 hours M.Def Up
M.Def Down
7 42 hours Power Boost Lv 4
+4 Turns
8 52 hours P.Def Up
P.Def Down
9 81 hours Power Boost Lv 5
BP Bonus Lv 1
10 99 hours +5 Turns
BP Bonus Lv 2

Special R&D Lab α[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 2 hours Piercing Bolt *Rods Level 1
2 2 hours Rejuvenation *Staves Level 1
Infinity *Daggers Level 1
3 2 hours Moonshadow *Katana Level 1
Grand Strike *Axes Level 1
4 2 hours Horizon *Spears Level 1
Laser Discharge *Pistols Level 1
5 3 hours Maximum Draw *Bows Level 1
Moonbeam *Knuckles Level 1
Limit Break *G.Swords Level 1
6 24 hours Sword Dance *Swords Level 2
Withering Wave *Rods Level 2
7 24 hours Acid Rain *Staves Level
Blade Storm *Daggers Level 2
8 24 hours Breaking Wave *Katana Level 2
Maelstrom *Axes Level 2
9 24 hours Overpower *Spears Level 2
Spider's Web *Pistols Level 2
10 48 hours Cursed Arrow *Bows Level 2
Qigong Wind *Knuckles Level 2
Air Splitter *G.Swords Level 2

Special R&D Lab β[edit | edit source]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 48 hours Sonic Wave *Swords Level 3
Tempest Fang *Rods Level 3
2 48 hours Lux *Staves Level 3
Perfect Circle *Daggers Level 3
3 48 hours Petal Swirl *Katana Level 3
Gigaton Swing *Axes Level 3
4 48 hours Megiddo Flame *Spears Level 3
Trigger Happy *Pistols Level 3
5 72 hours Rapid Fire *Bows Level 3
Ascendant Palm *Knuckles Level 3
Cross Crusher *G.Swords Level 3
6 72 hours Bolt Storm *Swords Level 4
Holy Weapon *Rods Level 4
7 72 hours Cross Divide *Daggers Level 4
Divine Light *Staves Level 4
8 72 hours Autumn Brocade *Katana Level 4
Tyrant's Lore *Axes Level 4
9 72 hours Grazioso *Spears Level 4
Assault Mission *Pistols Level 4
10 99 hours Angelic Pillar *Bows Level 4
Thunderburst *Knuckles Level 4
Supernova *G.Swords Level 4

Trigger Lab[edit | edit source]

Note: This shop is used for unlocking activating conditions for Special Moves.

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 hour 30 minutes Brave
2 3 hours Default
3 5 hours 30 minutes Heal
4 11 hours Magic
5 22 hours Slayer
6 30 hours Attacker
7 36 hours Critical
8 45 hours Item
9 60 hours Exploit
10 72 hours Damage

Ba'al[edit | edit source]

After defeating the first Ba'al, players have the chance to fight Ba'als invading Fort-Lune. They are powerful optional bosses that can be fought for the sake of challenge or to obtain rare items. Players are provided with a Buster Ship, which can be used to reduce the Ba'als level. The ship can also be upgraded using StreetPass workers to further improve its firepower. Extra ships can be obtained depending on the amount of workers in the fort, up to a maximum of four.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Ba'als and Buster Ships[edit | edit source]

Ba'alology 101

Ba'als are fearsome otherworldly invaders that have come to Luxendarc for purposes unknown. Ba'als Amy appear when updating data, as a side effect of a StreetPass encounter, or may be sent by a friend.

Fighting a Ba'al

Touch a Ba'al to engage it in battle, but it's game over if you're defeated! Check its level to assess the threat

Buster Ships

Soften Ba'als up with a pre-battle barrage! Your party gets one ship, plus friends can join in the action!

Let 'me Have It!

Target a Ba'al, choose Fire, then select your ships and let the barrage begin! The attack will be more potent if the Ba'al and your ship share a color! (*Ship color is determined at random.)

Protect and Send Ba'als

Fort-Lune's radar can keep track of seven Ba'als at most. When an eighth arrives, the oldest will vanish-unless you protect it. You can also use StreetPass to send challenging Ba'als to other players!

Ba'al Buster Ship[edit | edit source]

The Ba'al Buster Ship is available after defeating the first Ba'al. These ships are used for weakening Ba'als that are sent through StreetPass.

Level Required time Firepower
1 to 10 10 minutes to 2 hours 1-20
11 to 20 2 hours to 7 hours 22-40
21 to 30 7 hours to 12 hours 42-60
31 to 40 13 hours to 22 hours 62-80
41 to 50 23 hours to 32 hours 82-100
51 to 60 33 hours to 47 hours 104-140
61 to 70 48 hours to 62 hours 124-160
71 to 80 64 hours to 82 hours 164-180
81 to 90 84 hours to 99 hours 182-200
91 to 98 99 hours 210-285
99 116 hours 300

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Lune is the French word for "moon". A natural satellite or moon is an astronomical body that orbits a planet or minor planet.

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