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Forge (Rare) is a traveling merchant in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII who randomly moves from place to place. Though labelled as "Forge (Rare)" on the field, his name changes to "Red Dragon Outfitters" in the shop menu. Forge (Rare) can be found on any continent in any moment of any day on or after Day 3, and there is no way to determine where he is going to spawn. He is a dark-skinned man with a red and black checkered hat and a rucksack.

Although he is labelled as "Forge", Forge (Rare) is actually an "Outfitter", as he sells garbs and an adornment.

How to find[]

To trigger Forge (Rare)'s appearance, the player must reach Day 3 and visit at least one Outfitter. A spawn check is run every hour, using a probability cycle of 25%, then 50%, then 75%, and finally 100%. In other words, Forge (Rare) is guaranteed to appear at least once every few hours. However, he can appear on any continent, and in one of five places on each one. Therefore, even if one looks for him during an hour he is certain to spawn, there is only a 5% chance that he will appear at any one location. To minimize frustration, the player should plan ahead and keep the necessary amount of gil to make as many purchases from Forge (Rare) as possible whenever one runs into him.

One way to look for him is to save the game at the beginning of an hour, activate Chronostasis and teleport or walk to one of the spawn locations (not take the monorail). If Forge (Rare) is not there, the player can teleport or walk to the next location, until they are out of EP. If that happens the player can exit the game and load, then check locations they haven't checked yet, until they have checked all spawn locations before the next hour.

Forge (Rare) can spawn in the Warren even when the gates are closed. If time is not of concern, the player can go to Poltae and stay at the inn until Forge (Rare) spawns next to it.

Possible locations[]

Continent Location
Luxerion North Station Plaza
Old Town
South end of Pilgrim's Causeway
Yusnaan Southwest in Glutton's Quarter
Near the Cactuar Statue
Back alley in Reveler's Quarter
Pleasure Alley
Near the Palace entrance in Augur's Quarter
Wildlands Poltae
Moogle Village's entrance
Near the southernmost wreckage in Grasslands
Eremite Plains, northwest, near the path that leads west
Southwest of Aryas Village, near the highroad to Dead Dunes
Dead Dunes Giant's Sandbox near Giant's Head
Grave of the Colossi near the arch to the southeast
Path leading to Ruffian from Grave of the Colossi
Dead end where a Pilgrim's Crux is found in Dry Floodlands
West look-out tower in Atomos's Sands

Red Dragon Outfitters[]

Three of Forge (Rare)'s garbs can be purchased elsewhere after certain Canvas of Prayers tasks have been completed. Hidden Justice can be found in the Wildlands' Canopus Farms' Expert Outfitters, and Witching Hour can be found in Outfitters Rouge by Luxerion's South Station upon the completion of "Roadworks I". Danse Macabre can be found in Outfitters Marionette in Yusnaan's Glutton's Quarter upon the completion of "Roadworks III". However, these prayer quests are only available from Day 9 onwards.

Item Type Available Price
Hidden Justice Garb Day 3 8,000 gil
Witching Hour Garb Day 3 8,000 gil
Danse Macabre Garb Day 3 10,000 gil
Shadow Trooper Garb Day 3 10,000 gil
Lightning's Shades Adornment Day 3 3,200 gil
Vigilance Garb Day 6 15,000 gil
Carnaval Crusher Garb Day 9 15,000 gil
Astral Lord Garb Hard Mode 500,000 gil