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Foretold by Prophecy is the second chapter in World of Final Fantasy. It comprises the events after Lann and Reynn leave Wellspring Woods in search of civilization.


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Reynn and Lann ride a train run by a Cactuar Conductor and arrive in the town of Cornelia. There, they find a host of Mirages in the employ of the Bahamutian Army attacking the city. They make quick work of them, but Lann shocks the townsfolk by assuming his Jiant form. Nevertheless, the town's leader, Princess Sarah, detects the truth of their otherworldly nature and warmly invites them to her castle. She tells them that they are the "Jiants from the Hills" of prophecy, who will bring either salvation or ruin to Grymoire. The two leave, agreeing to return to help Cornelia, but first they must visit The Nether Nebula to capture more Mirages.

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This chapter is fairly short and is mostly cinematic. There is only one battle and it consists of several Mirages that cannot be imprismed. Gates are introduced at the end of this chapter.



Bridge Overlook[]

When arriving at Bridge Overlook
REYNN: What's over past the bridge? ...A town?


REYNN: Castle Cornelia is perched up at the top of the town.

After talking to Princess Sarah
TAMA: Exit Cornelia at the bottom, and then the-north we go!

Tip Jar tips[]

The following tips pop up on the Tip Jar during this chapter:

Nine Wood Hills

Theater Mode cutscenes[]

  • The Train Whistle
  • Tickets, Please!
  • Something Right Out of a Fantasy
  • Visitors from Another World
  • The Cornelian Princess
  • A Path Links Up