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Forest of the Fey.

Forest of the Fey (妖精の森, Yōsei no Mori?) is a forest in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the north of Mt. Rusalka.


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Gypsy's son is in danger.

The Warriors of Light come here to find the Bottle of Bubbly Water. They meet a man named Gypsy. He found a faerie and put her inside a bottle. The faerie can create Bubbly Water, allowing one to breathe underwater. The Warriors tell Gypsy that he was very cruel. Gypsy offer the bottle for one million gil. Suddenly, a Vortex appears on the middle of a nearby lake and sucks Gypsy's son into it. The Warriors then save his son from the Vortex.

In order to show his gratitude, Gypsy gives the Warriors the bottle. Sarah then opens it and release the faerie. The faerie says that her mother must have been worrying sick for her by now. Gypsy then says sorry to the faerie. The faeries then tells him not to do anything like that again, and create some Bubbly Water. The Warriors then acquire the Bottle of Bubbly Water.

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Normal chests[]

Item Place
Mythril Axe Chest
Potion Chest
Hi-Potion Chest
Remedy Chest
Lightning Bow Chest

Gypsy's chests[]

These chests can be accessed after the Warriors save Gypsy's son. The chest on the left costs 100 gil to open. It usually gives obtains some common items that can be bought at almost any shop. The chest on the right costs 1,000 gil to open. It usually gives better items compared to the 100 gil chest.

Chest Items
Left Chest Potion, Maiden's Kiss, Mallet, Echo Grass, Eye Drops, Antidote, Scared Candle, Mini Dagger, nothing, 100 gil, 200 gil
Right Chest Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Tent, Remedy, Swift Shoes, Faerie Ring, White Cape, Star Pendant, Small Fang, 500 gil, 1,000 gil, 2,000 gil, Drowsy Ring
Both Chests Golden Needle, Phoenix Down, Cottage, Ether, Golden Harp



Fey comes from Middle English meaning "doomed, or fated to die". It is also an alternate word for "fairy".