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FFD Forest Hunt near Verde

Forest Hut near Verde.

FFD Forest Hut near Gardenia

Forest Hut near Gardenia.

Forest Huts (森の小屋, Mori Nokoya?) are several locations in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Besides the name, they are not really related to each other. The Forest Hut near Verde is where an old man lives. The Forest Hut nears Gardenia is inhabited by Desert Moon.


Forest Hut near VerdeEdit

An old man lives in the Forest Hut near Verde. When the Warriors of Darkness come there, the hut is empty so they decide to look around. There is a dirty magazine on the shelf.

Forest Hut near GardeniaEdit

This forest hut is guarded by members of the Desert Moon. When the Warriors of Darkness are sent to assault the Imperial Forward Camp, they are allowed to past this place. Later, people in here are killed by imperial soldiers as they try to eradicate the Desert Moon.


Forest Hut near VerdeEdit

Item Price
Maiden's Kiss Barrel
Dirty Magazine Shelf

Forest Hut near GardeniaEdit

There is no treasure here.


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