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The Force Stealer is a weapon for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. It is acquired midway through Part 1. It is notable for providing double AP growth to its equipped Materia, though it is later outclassed by other weapons for Cloud that do this. The Force Stealer can be equipped to Cloud or thrown.


The Force Stealer can be won from the Junon parade if the player gets 100 or more points during Rufus Shinra's send-off. It can also be purchased for 2,200 gil at North Corel. Though the Force Stealer is the top reward for Rufus's send-off minigame, many consider it inferior to the second prize of HP Plus Materia, which is purchasable later than Force Stealer becomes available in shops and also costs more gil.


As the Force Stealer has a base Attack stat bonus of 36, the base damage for physical attacks when the Force Stealer is equipped is the following formula:

where "Level" is Cloud's current level and "Strength" is his Strength stat. The Force Stealer also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 100%, and grants a +7 bonus to Cloud's Magic stat when casting spells.


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Force Stealer has moderate stats, but notably provides double AP to its three Materia slots. This means that Materia equipped in Force Stealer will level up at a double the usual rate, making it worthwhile to equip if the player is level grinding to improve Materia.

As none of Force Stealer's Materia slots are linked, none of them can benefit from Support Materia, namely All, meaning that unless the equipped Materia has an ability to hit all enemies (such as a Summon Materia), Cloud will be unable to clear waves, which can hinder level grinding. This can be mitigated by bringing a character with abilities that hit all, notably one with Enemy Skill Materia equipped and the abilities Matra Magic or Aqualung, or simply equipping to Cloud's armor and sparing the slots on Force Stealer for a Materia that benefits from double AP.

Force Stealer is later outclassed by Rune Blade that has more Materia slots and greater stats. Past this, it is far outclassed by Apocalypse, which provides triple AP rather than double, and far greater stats. Additionally, the player can equip Platinum Bangle or Rune Armlet, which provide double AP to two and four Materia slots respectively, either as an alternative to or in addition to Force Stealer.