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Forbidden Treasure (封印されし秘宝, Fūin sa Reshi Hihō?, lit. The Sealed Treasures) was a combined Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Similar in structure to both the Festival of Gold and Soul Break Celebration events as a single unit, this event offered players the chance to obtain many rare or hard-to-get items and characters in five two-day segments. During each period, the Relic Draw drop rate of Soul Break equipment was increased for specific character groups. Two characters from prior Challenge Events returned to participate. New characters exclusive to this event were Mog, Firion, and Edward.

In the global release, it ran from September 4, 2015 to September 14, 2015.

Forbidden Treasure was realm-neutral, but the musical theme chosen was "Cloister of Trials" from Final Fantasy X. Its dungeon, battle, and boss themes matched the Realms visited, but the victory theme was "Victory Fanfare V" as for a neutral battle.

The Forbidden Treasure Event[]

The event dungeon for this period was a one-battle boss dungeon with a choice of difficulty levels, similar to a Collector's Event. However, instead of the player having to acquire currency, he was given up to ten tablets to use across the event's dungeons in order to unlock the rarest items. If the player spent tablets in each phase, a tablet would be added at the next phase. The unlocked items were transferred to the Item Chest for later collection, provided the player completed the chosen difficulty level.

The bosses and their associated realms varied with each phase; but no Record Synergies were in play.

Each of the five phases had specific items available, as listed below.


Phase 1

Realms: I, III, ??

Phase 2

Realms: II, XII, X

Phase 3
  • Large amounts of Gil

Realms: V, XII, VII

Phase 4

Realms: VI, I, IV

Phase 5

Realms: VI, XII, XIII


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