The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos is an Adventuring Foray and the second addition to the Forbidden Land Eureka. The completion of the Eureka Anemos story is needed to continue in this instance. Set in an icy wasteland the expedition on the Isle of Val continues.

Story[edit | edit source]

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With Krile completing her work on the aethernet relay the expedition discovers another region with ice-aspected aether dubbing the area: 'Pagos'. It was discovered that the local aetherial currents were weaker compared to Anemos, and a confluence of aether similar to those discovered in Anemos was detected. Krile has the Warrior of Light search for this disturbance, and they found a magicite bereft of aether. While the flow of the lifestream remained poor following the recovery of the magicite there was apparently a measured improvement, and it was decided that they would continue to investigate confluences.

Sent on a mission to pick up a third magicite, the Warrior of Light discovers a sharp decrease in aetherial density with the magicite being drained of its aether in that very moment. The Warrior of Light has another vision of Galuf Baldesion and his companions, discussing the fate of the entity they imprisoned. Krile theorizes that the masked man is searching for magicite to drain for reasons unknown.

Ejika Tsunjika suggests that the expedition seek out a proto-aetheryte to gain greater insight on the current state of aetherial currents. Unable to teleport to the proto-aetheryte, it was discovered that a massive concentration of aether was responsible for the difficulties. The Warrior of Light goes out to discover that it was a massive aether geyser, with nothing left to report Krile begins her work and until she is finished, the expedition is put on hold.

Off on his own Ejika looks into the distance to see the headquarters of the Students of Baldesion, behind him the masked man appears and asks them if they seek power. Ejika questions who or what they are and the masked man proclaims that he is Eureka.

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New Additions[edit | edit source]

Happy Bunnies[edit | edit source]

Happy Bunny.

A new addition to Eureka Pagos is Happy bunnies. These bunnies reward players that save them with hidden treasure. They will follow the player around the map unless they are KO'd, the bunny can be KO'd as well, and you will lose the treasure.

The Eureka Effect[edit | edit source]

Certain gear found in Eureka Pagos will have the Eureka Effect, which grants the gear special attributes not found in regular gear. Gear with this effect is only usable in Eureka.

Notorious Monsters[edit | edit source]

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