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Some battlefields contain Foraging Points, locations at which a group leader can forage for food to restore the HP of all members in his group.

In-Game Description

Foraging is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. On battlefields, various edible icons will be strewn about in random places. These could be mushrooms, fruit, or other consumables. When the stylus is moved over one of these icons, the cursor will change to a flat palm.

A Group Leader may forage from these icons, restoring a small amount of HP to themselves and their whole Group of Yarhi. A Foraging Icon may be harvested in this way four times before disappearing.

List of Foraging IconsEdit

Brush GrapesEdit

BrushGrapes ffxiirw

Ripe only during the Dry, these grapes burst on the tongue.


Location: Giza Plains

Cockatrice EggsEdit

CockatriceEggs ffxiirw

Richly flavored eggs of the proud avian livestock.


Location: The Ymir Qul Underground during Mission 64: Comfort Food.

Dalmascan DewberryEdit

DalmascanDewberry ffxiirw

This sweet fruit is a precious source of water in the desert.


Location: Dalmasca Estersand


Damson ffxiirw

Sweet fruit favored by the aegyl.


Location: The Bosco Pampa

Glow MorelEdit

GlowMorel ffxiirw

This softly glowing mushroom gives off a fragrant scent.


Location: Lesrekta, Isle of Illusions


Goblinberries ffxiirw

Wild berry popular with the island's indigent goblins.


Location: The Kisne Rise

Gucuma MannaEdit

GucumaManna ffxiirw

Wind's bounty given form. It has a subtly sour flavor.


Location: Fane of Gucuma Qul

Knight OnionsEdit

KnightOnions ffxiirw

Resilient member of the onion family.


Location: The Feol Warren

Maiden's CapEdit

MaidensCap ffxiirw

Edible mushroom whose rough appearance belies its flavor.


Location: Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

Muruc MannaEdit

MurucManna ffxiirw

Fire's bounty given form. its flavor dances on the tongue.


Location: Underfane of Huin Qul


Ochrebud ffxiirw

An edible flower bud with a peculiar bittersweet taste.


Location: Oghu, the Veiled Isle, Ymir Qul Range

Prickle PlumEdit

PricklyPlum ffxiirw

This fruit's thorny outer skin conceals succulent fruit.


Location: Gugoza Falls during Mission 22: A Gift for Penelo.


Roeweed ffxiirw

Rugged plant that grows along the coast and tastes of roe.


Location: Isshu, Jewel of the Skysea, Cebe, Isle of Treasures

Sea CurrantEdit

SeaCurrant ffxiirw

Chewy fruit best eaten raw.


Location: Isshu, Jewel of the Skysea during Mission 54: A Savory Task.


Snowgrass ffxiirw

Hardy plant that thrives in the cold.


Location: The Paramina Rift


Starfruit ffxiirw

Savory fruit used in some of Penelo's best dishes


Location: Giza Plains during Mission 73: Just for Penelo.

Tehp MannaEdit

TehpManna ffxiirw

Earth's bounty given form. It tastes vaguely of salt.


Location: Fane of Tehp Qul

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