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Lauriane looks at you with an appraising eye.

Quest description

For Keep's Sake For Keep's Sake is a Quest in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Journal[edit | edit source]

  • Upon learning that it was you who purged the Lambs of Dalamud from the bowels of Amdapor Keep, Lauriane informs you there is one who would speak with you. His name is Brother Adestan, and he waits at Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud. Venture there to hear his story.
  • Brother Adestan reveals that he is investigating Amdapor Keep at the behest of A–Ruhn–Senna. New evil festers within the castle walls, and its source is voidsent invoked by an unknown fiend. While the mystery of the summoner can wait, the voidsent threat must be destroyed with all haste for the good of the Shroud. Adestan bids you speak with Maxinne, the guard watching over Amdapor Keep, that you might behold the terrors within for yourself.
  • Maxinne grants you entry to the castle, but not without a warning. The darkness inside has made the forest life turn savage and feral. It will pose a deadly challenge to you until the voidsent lord lurking at the castle's heart is defeated.

※Amdapor Keep (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.

  • You have felled the voidsent lord, a nightmarish being seemingly garbed in harlequin's attire. Return to Camp Tranquil and tell Brother Adestan that you have had the last laugh.
  • After hearing of your adventure, Adestan realizes the voidsent were summoned forth not by the living, but rather by the dead. The Lambs of Dalamud's dark rites had been complete but for blood. When you purged them, their vitality ran forth over the ground, and brought their foul rituals to fruition. Adestan wonders if the voidsent drew the Lambs to Amdapor in the first place, before dismissing such theories as improbable. He nevertheless thanks you for restoring peace to the Shroud.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Adestan at Camp Tranquil.
  • Speak with Maxinne at Amdapor Keep.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter Amdapor Keep (Hard).
  • Report to Adestan.

Script[edit | edit source]

For Keep's Sake For Keep's Sake script
Lauriane A wayfarer like yourself must be privy to all manner of tales, yes? So tell me, what do you know of the adventurers who purged the cultists from the ruins of Amdapor Keep?
Lauriane What? It was you who did the deed? Then you are just the person I have been seeking! There is a man I would have you lend your ear to, a Hearer known as Adestan.
Lauriane He dwells in Camp Tranquil, from where he surveys the Twelveswood. Of late, he has sensed dark stirrings in Amdapor Keep, and would speak with one who has braved the ruins already.
Lauriane But I shall put no more words in Brother Adestan's mouth. Pray attend him in the South Shroud. If you give him my name as proof of your intent, he will not withhold a single detail of what he has observed.
Lauriane Have you met with Brother Adestan at Camp Tranquil yet? When you do make your way there, do tell him Lauriane sent you.
Maxinne Adventurer, some malicious intent pervades the air about these ruins. Brother Adestan of Camp Tranquil has vowed to find the source─though his answers are long in the coming.
Adestan Hm? Yes, I am Adestan, one ever listening to the Shroud. Pray tell, why have you sought me out?
Adestan You are come at Lauriane's urging? Good heavens, the elementals smile upon me, sending one of the brave souls who smote the cultists within Amdapor Keep!
Adestan Well met, my friend! I am here at A–Ruhn–Senna's behest to investigate the keep. You are here because of my findings: terrible things fester within those ruins, and someone must destroy them!
Adestan Yes, even though the Lambs of Dalamud─and their dealings with voidsent─plague us no longer, the fell presence hanging over the place grows stronger by the day.
Adestan Wood Wailers ventured into the keep to find the cause. Their reports were chilling: someone has completed the cultists' rituals, and summoned the most ghastly of voidsent. Over them reigns a leader, peerless in might and malice.
Adestan You must fell this voidsent lord, and so dispel the foulness hanging over the ruins! Maxinne guards the gates of Amdapor Keep. I shall alert her to your coming. Now go, my friend, and may the elementals guide you to victory!
Adestan Slaying the voidsent lord must free Amdapor Keep from the presence of evil. Please, speak with Maxinne and brave the ruins for the sake of the Twelveswood!
Maxinne What brings you back to this tainted place, adventurer? Aaah, so you are the one who has answered Brother Adestan's call to enter the ruins.
Maxinne I warn you, though─the keep has never been more perilous. The evil that dwells within has warped the forest life, turning woodland animals to brutish beasts. The place is feral!
Maxinne Our only hope is to slay the voidsent at the heart of the castle. If we do not... Well, I pray that the elementals guide your way through the keep, adventurer, and your victory brings peace to the forest!
Maxinne Adventurer, I fear we may lose the forest lest the threat in Amdapor Keep is slain. Pray make haste!
Maxinne Does the voidsent lord no longer live? Wonderful! That explains the long-absent warmth to the air! Did you learn something of the fiends' summoner?
Maxinne No? Well, I shall leave that mystery to Brother Adestan. Pray hurry back to Camp Tranquil and tell him of your victory!
Adestan I am glad to see you unharmed, my friend! By Maxinne's report, the people of the Twelveswood owe you many thanks for vanquishing the voidsent lord.
Adestan Yet its death does leave a question: who summoned the fiends if not the Lambs of Dalamud? My friend, saw you aught within those sinister walls that might provide the answer?
Adestan Not another living soul, you say? How curious. Could it be that the summoner quit the keep, then? Yes, unless...
Adestan In your last venture inside, you came upon cultists attempting to summon voidsent. This time, did you perchance see their remains upon the ground?
Adestan Hah! Then I know the truth of it. 'Twas no living soul who brought the voidsent upon us. No, it was the blood of the Lambs of Dalamud, the very same that stains the ground!
Adestan The dark sigils drawn by the cultists must have been finished but for a sacrifice! How ironic, that their own blood should bring the rites to completion.
Adestan It was mere coincidence, and nothing more. No sinister forces here conspired, no mortals eagerly beckoned voidsent into our realm. We may put this matter to rest.
Adestan ...Save for the voidsent lord at the heart of the keep. I had assumed it was an unthinking brute, but from what you said of its manner, mayhap it had cunning aplenty...
Adestan Indeed, this fiend could have beguiled the Lambs of Dalamud into all of this. If dark forces are able to so lead mortals, then grim days lie ahead of us.
Adestan But such ill musings do not suit your victory. I shall enjoy this respite from danger, as I hope you shall, too. Go well, and rest assured that A–Ruhn–Senna will learn of your valor this day.
Quest complete.
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