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Footsteps of the Cetra was a single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


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In their pursuit of Sephiroth, Cloud and his team chase a lead from Shinra executives also tracking the elusive warrior. Using Cid's Tiny Bronco plane as a watercraft, the party finds the Temple of the Ancients in a heavily forested region of southern Gaia. The structure is full of mazes and traps, as if to protect something of great value. As the last remaining Cetra, Aerith is the only one who can solve the temple's myriad mysteries by communing with the spirits of her forebears.

This event takes place as the party attempts to solve puzzles on the face of a giant clock, after having escaped the various crush-traps within.

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  • Although set in the Cetra Temple, "Aerith's Theme" was the principal music for the Event. "The Forested Temple" played in each Dungeon.
  • None of the standard Cetra Temple enemies were rendered for the Event.