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Fomors are the spirits of those who were slain during battle. Fomors look like normal characters with black skin and glowing eyes. Their names usually follow the pattern of "Fomor (Job)," for example, "Fomor Thief."

The Fomors in Dynamis are the corrupted souls of the "multi-national" strike force (the majority being San d'Orian) known as the Hydra Corps who were transported to the Shrouded Land of Dynamis along with the elite beastmen units—the Forlorn Vanguard and Dark Kindred.

The Fomors of Tavnazian Archipelago, who are spirits of soldiers slain during the invasion of the Tavnazian Archipelago, do not aggro until the player kills up to five Fomors. At that point, they will aggro to sound. The player can reset this "Fomor Hate" by avenging their deaths from the invasion by killing the Orcs, Gigas, and Tauri found in Tavnazian Archipelago. To check Fomor Hate, talk to Resauchamet in Tavnazian Safehold.

The Fomors in the Near East are the souls of the fallen Ephramadian soldiers in the war between the Kingdom of Ephramad and the Empire of Aht Urhgan long ago. Unlike the Fomors of Tavnazia, they do not possess any type of "Fomor Hate." There are also Fomors in Arrapago Reef that are the souls of those who have fallen in the struggle for the Astral Candescence. They too do not possess any "Fomor Hate."


  • Aquila
  • Balrahn Eidolon
  • Fhu Madihmin
  • Haudrale
  • Larzos
  • Salabwahn

Special Attacks[]

Fomors come equipped with jobs, and will readily use the spells granted them in addition to their special attacks.

  • Aegis Schism: Single target Defense down.
  • Barbed Crescent: Single target damage and Accuracy down.
  • Carnal Nightmare: 10' AoE TP reset.
  • Dancing Chains: 10' AoE Drown.
  • Foxfire: Cone attack damage and Stun. Only used by Fomor wielding one-handed weapons.
  • Grim Halo: 10' AoE heavy damage. Only used by Fomor wielding two-handed weapons.
  • Netherspikes: Cone attack damage and Bind.
  • Shackled Fists: Fivefold single target damage. Only used by unarmed or fist weapon-wielding Fomor.

Other appearances[]

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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In Irish mythology, the Fomoire or Fomorians are a semi-divine race said to have inhabited Ireland in ancient times. They may have once been believed to be the beings who preceded the gods, similar to the Greek Titans. The race are known as the Fomoire or Fomoiri, names that are often Anglicised as Fomorians, Fomors or Fomori.