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An eccentric knight who fights atop a chocobo. Fohlen wears flexible and adjustable armor that allows him to wander around the world working as a mercenary for hire. Chocobos are usually used as a means of transportation and as a tool for cultivating the land, whilst most military forces prefer airships to carry out their duties. For this reason, chocobo knights are often frowned upon, making their numbers scarce.

In-game description

Fohlen is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A wandering Chocobo Knight in a journey of self-discovery with his chocobo partner, he has come under the employment of Amelia, a maid who serves Zoldaad's imperial family, or more specifically Prince Shera. As such, Fohlen is part of the so-called Shera's Commandos group.


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Fohlen is a Chocobo Knight who set out on journey of self-discovery with his chocobo partner, and works as a mercenary for hire as they wander around the world. He is a experienced fighter due to him vanquishing beasts in order to cover for his traveling expenses.

During his travels, Fohlen was hired by Amelia, a maid in service to Zoldaad's heir to the throne, Shera. Working as her scout alongside Illias and Camille,[1] Fohlen is sent along Illias to rescue a party who had been involved in liberating Zoldaad from the oppressive hand of Dr. Lazarov, and who are travelling through Gronoa in order to protect the crystals from the Sworn Six of Paladia. Fohlen and Illias catch up with the party at the Swamp of No Return, where they find them in a critical state due to the continent's miasma.

Thanks to Illias' salve-making skills, the party quickly recovers and continues its way to Gronoa Shrine. Fohlen and Illias escort them right into Underground Ruins, where they all become aware of Dark Elf's presence at the ruins. Although Jake asks Fohlen and Illias to return to Zoldaad, they refuse, wanting to be of some help the "heroes" of Zoldaad.

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Fohlen appears a summonable optional 5-7★ playable character. Being a Chocobo Knight, Fohlen fights while riding a chocobo and is a physically-geared attacker that has the ability to Jump as well as several Wind-elemental abilities. While he favors spears due to his passives, he can also equip daggers and swords. Regarding armor equipment, he can wear light shields, heavy shields, helms, clothes, light armor, heavy armor and accessories.