Lunge toward an enemy with a piercing strike that hits multiple times. Significantly increases stagger.


Focused Thrust is an ability for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Remake, provided by the Buster Sword Buster Sword. Cloud thrusts forward to an enemy in a straight line, hitting multiple times. The ability greatly increases the target's stagger gauge.

While there is no equivalent in ability in the original Final Fantasy VII, Focused Thrust is roughly inspired by the initial animation Climhazzard, his second level 1 limit break.

Use[edit | edit source]

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Focused Thrust is mainly used to build stagger against larger enemies, but can also deal area-of-effect damage to a cluster of enemies together. Compared to Braver, Cloud's default ability, Focused Thrust attacks faster, but deals half as much raw damage total. Instead, Focused Thrust is better used against enemies under the pressured status to build up their stagger gauge, to quickly close the gap.

For enemies that can be defeated more easily with pure physical damage, Braver and Triple Slash are preferable, Focus Thrust being better against larger enemies and bosses. Focused Thrust is the best way to build stagger except against those who resist physical damage. Against such enemies, Cloud should instead use magic spells to pressure or stagger them, preferably taking advantage of any elemental weakness they have.

Focused Thrust also pushes smaller enemies away, which can be useful to punish those out of position and isolate them from more dangerous enemies. Its fast startup also serves as a decent way to close gap against farther enemies.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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