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[[File:FFI PSP Focus.png|thumb|250px|Focus in the original ''[[Final Fantasy]]'' (PSP).]]
{{Q|Increase physical attack power.|Description, ''[[Final Fantasy Tactics]]''.}}
'''Focus''' {{j|シェイプ|Sheipu}}, also known as '''Spell Focus''' {{j|めいそう|Meisō}}, '''Accumulate''' {{j|ためる|Tameru}}, '''Lock''', '''Store''', '''BuildUp''', or '''Power''', is a recurring ability in the ''[[Final Fantasy (Series)|Final Fantasy]]'' series. Unlike many abilities, Focus has had no set function, but follows the general formula of increasing a certain stat of the user. Sometimes, it has an upgraded version called [[Focara]].
===''[[Final Fantasy]]''===
[[File:Black Mage - LOCK.gif|right]]
Called LOCK in the original [[Nintendo Entertainment System|NES]] release, Focus1 in the ''[[Final Fantasy Origins]]'' release, and Focus in subsequent releases, it is a Level 1 [[Magic (Final Fantasy)#Black Magic|Black Magic]] spell bought in [[Cornelia (Final Fantasy)|Cornelia]] and can be learned by the [[Black Mage (Final Fantasy)|Black Mage]], [[Black Mage (Final Fantasy)#Black Wizard|Black Wizard]], [[Red Mage (Final Fantasy)|Red Mage]], [[Red Mage (Final Fantasy)#Red Wizard|Red Wizard]], and [[Thief (Final Fantasy)#Ninja|Ninja]] job classes. It lowers an opponent's [[Evasion]] stat by 10. It costs 3 MP to cast in the ''[[Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls]]'' and ''[[Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary|20th Anniversary Edition]]'' releases.
The spell is [[Magic Bugs|bugged]] in the NES version and always misses. [[Water Naga]] is the only enemy to utilize the spell.
===''[[Final Fantasy III]]''===
Boost, or Buildup in the NES version, is the command ability of the [[Black Belt (Final Fantasy III)|Black Belt]] class, which doubles the next attack's power. It can be used three consecutive times, before the user releases its boosted energy and takes damage.
===''[[Final Fantasy IV]]''===
[[File:FF4PSP Yang Focus.png|right|26px|Yang's Focus sprite (PSP).]]
[[File:FFIVDS Focus Symbol.png|right|Symbol in ''[[Final Fantasy IV|FFIV]]''.]]
This ability was removed on the SNES North American and ''Easy Type'' versions of the game. Focus was known as Power in the PS translation. In the [[Game Boy Advance|GBA]] release [[Yang Fang Leiden|Yang]] has the Focus ability. Focus has a [[Charge Time]] of 4. When used, it causes Yang to spend a short time charging up, and then make an attack with double his regular attack power a short time later, though Yang is unable to avoid any magic attacks. This makes Focus particularly effective against monsters with high [[Defense (Stat)|Defense]] stats, and can even get past the immense Defense stats of [[Flan]] type monsters if Yang is wielding claws which match their elemental weaknesses.
In the GBA and PSP releases Yang can upgrade the Focus attack to [[Deathblow (Ability)|Deadly]] by equipping the [[List of Final Fantasy IV Armor#Discipline Armband|Discipline Armband]]; Deadly has the same properties, but triples his attack power.
The duration of both abilities are determined by Yang's [[Speed (Stat)|Agility]].
In the 3D releases Yang still has the Focus ability, and it can be obtained as an [[Augment (Final Fantasy IV)|augment]] after he leaves the party. The Focus ability works slightly different here; instead of executing automatically, it can be used up to three times in succession, each time powering up the next physical attack even further. Focus affects the [[Attack (Command)|Attack]], [[Jump (Ability)|Jump]], [[Kick (Ability)|Kick]], [[Aim]], and [[Throw (Ability)|Throw]] commands, and stacks with [[Souleater|Darkness]].
====''[[Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-]]''====
Focus returns in the sequel of ''Final Fantasy IV'' as Yang's exclusive ability. It functions the same way as it did in the predecessor.
====''[[Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]]''====
[[File:FF4PSP TAY Yang Focus.png|right|28px|Yang's Focus sprite in ''The After Years''.]]
Yang's Focus works as it does in the GBA release of ''Final Fantasy IV''. It has a [[Charge Time]] of 4.
===''[[Final Fantasy V]]''===
[[Monk (Final Fantasy V)|Monks]] can use Focus to double their Attack power after a turn. Focus will ignore any [[Added Ability|added abilities]] from weapons (randomly cast spells or a weapon's special ability), excluding [[Spellblade (Final Fantasy V)|Spellblade]] effects currently on the character. Any weapon that works on magic, such as rods and the [[List of Final Fantasy V Weapons#Blood Sword|Blood Sword]], will not get a damage boost from Focus.
===''[[Final Fantasy IX]]''===
{{Q|Raise Magic.|Description}}
The Focus command increases [[Vivi Ornitier|Vivi's]] [[Magic Power]]. Vivi can stack the effect multiple times, but once the Magic stat reaches 99 it will not increase further. The effect lasts for the entire [[Battle (Term)|battle]], even if [[Knocked Out|KO'd]].
The formula for Focus is as follows:
:<math>[Magic * 1.25]</math>
===''[[Final Fantasy X]]''===
Focus is a [[Special (Final Fantasy X)|special]] ability that raises party's Magic and Magic Defense.
Focus raises party's Magic stat by 1 point each cast (up to 5 times as maximum). This can even raise the Magic stat to 260 during battle. Focus raises party's Magic Defence by 1/15 of their HP Max (first use), in 1/12 of their HP Max (second use), in 1/9 of their HP Max (third use), in 1/6 of their HP Max (fourth use), and 1/3 of their HP Max (fifth use). That is, up to 33% maximum. The effect of both will remain until the end of the battle.
It is found in [[Lulu]]'s section of the [[Sphere Grid]].
====''[[Final Fantasy X-2]]''====
Focus is an ability on the [[Black Mage (Final Fantasy X-2)|Black Mage]] [[dressphere]]. Focus raises the caster's Magic by three points every use, stackable up to ten points. It costs 10 AP to learn.
===''[[Final Fantasy XI]]''===
Focus is an ability available to [[Monk (Final Fantasy XI)|Monks]]. It is an ability that increases their Accuracy.
===''[[Final Fantasy XII]]''===
Focus is an [[Augments (Final Fantasy XII)|augment]] that increases the character's [[Strength]] while at full HP. Focus also appears as an [[List of Final Fantasy XII Enemy Abilities|enemy ability]] that heals HP.
====''[[Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings]]''====
Focus is an ability learned by [[Rikken]] and enemy [[Monk (Revenant Wings)|Monks]] that increases the damage of the user's next attack. [[Kytes]]'s ability Charge increases the damage of his next spell.
===''[[Final Fantasy Tactics]]''===
Focus (originally known as Accumulate) is an ability learned by the [[Squire (Tactics)|Squire]] class for 300 JP. It increases the user's Attack power by 1 for the duration of the battle, and has a 100% hit rate. It has no charge time, but can only target the user.
===''[[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]]''===
Focus (called "Boost" in the English version) is an ability learned by [[Archer (Tactics Advance)|Archers]] with the [[Longbow]]. It increases the power of the next physical attack, whether it be an action or a [[Counter (Ability)|Counterattack]].
====''[[Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift]]''====
Focus is once again an ability learned by [[Archer (Tactics A2)|Archers]] with the Longbow for 100 AP. It works the same as it did in ''Final Fantasy Tactics Advance''.
===''[[Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light]]''===
The Boost command is equipped to every playable character by default, and lets the user conserve their [[Action Point (The 4 Heroes of Light)|Action Points]] without taking a turn. They take less damage from enemy attacks on their Boost turn, making the Boost command comparable to the [[Defend (Ability)|Defend]] command in other ''Final Fantasy'' titles.
Spell Focus is an ability learned by [[Black Mage (The 4 Heroes of Light)|Black Mages]]. It boosts the power of their next spell and takes two [[Action Point (The 4 Heroes of Light)|AP]] to perform. A weaker version of the ability, called Magic Mojo, is initially learned by Black Mages. The [[White Mage (The 4 Heroes of Light)|White Mage]] has a similar ability, called the Lifegiver, that boosts the power of the next White Magic spell and lets the White Mage's spells [[Group-cast|target all allies]].
===''[[Final Fantasy Dimensions]]''===
{{Q|Stores power to increase strength of next ability. Can store 3 times.|Description, ''[[Final Fantasy Dimensions]]''.}}
Focus is the level 3 ability of the [[Monk (Dimensions)|Monk]] class, learned for 40 AP. It can be used up to 3 times to increase the power of the next used ability, and requires one ability slot to equip. [[Glaive (Dimensions)|Glaive]] begins the game with this ability.
===''[[Theatrhythm Final Fantasy]]''===
[[List of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Abilities#Focus|Focus]] comes in three levels of power and is a Reactive ability that activates during [[Battle Music Sequence]]s each time the player receives a "Good" or better on 13 Hold Triggers. Focus deals physical damage based on the level of the skill. [[Firion]], [[Kain Highwind|Kain]], [[Cloud Strife|Cloud]], [[Squall Leonhart|Squall]] and [[Prishe]] can learn all three levels of Focus, while [[Warrior (Final Fantasy)|Warrior of Light]] learns Focus Lv1 and Focus Lv3 and [[Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)|Sephiroth]] learns Focus Lv1.
====''[[Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call]]''====
{{Abil-stub|Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call}}
===''[[Pictlogica Final Fantasy]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Pictlogica Final Fantasy}}
===''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade}}
===''[[Final Fantasy Artniks]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Final Fantasy Artniks}}
===''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Final Fantasy Record Keeper}}
|File:FFI Focus1 PS.png|''[[Final Fantasy]]'' (PS).
|File:FFI_Focus_GBA.png|''[[Final Fantasy]]'' (GBA).
|File:FFIII NES Build Up.png|''[[Final Fantasy III]]'' (NES).
|X|''[[Final Fantasy III]]'' (DS).
|File:FFIV DS Focus.jpg|''[[Final Fantasy IV]]'' (DS).
|File:FFIVDS Focus Status.png|Yang in Focus status (DS).
|File:FF4PSP Ability Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection]]''.
|File:FFIV TAY iOS Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]]'' (iOS/Android).
|File:FFV Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy V]]''.
|File:FFIX Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy IX]]''.
|File:FFX_Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy X]]''.
|File:FFX-2 Focus.PNG|''[[Final Fantasy X-2]]''.
|X|''[[Final Fantasy XI]]''.
|X|''[[Final Fantasy XII]]''.
|X|''[[Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings]]''.
|File:FFT Accumulate.png|''[[Final Fantasy Tactics]]''.
|X|''[[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]]''.
|File:FFTA2 Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift]]''.
|File:FF4HoL Boost.png|''[[Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light]]''.
|File:Spell Focus.png|Spell Focus in ''[[Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light]]''.
|File:FF Dimensions Focus.png|''[[Final Fantasy Dimensions]]''.
|File:FFAB Accumulate - Monk (M) R.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (R).
|File:FFAB Accumulate - Monk (M) R+.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (R+).
|File:FFAB Focus - Yang SR.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SR) [FFIV].
|File:FFAB Focus - Yang SR+.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SR+) [FFIV].
|File:Refia IV Brigade.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]''.
|File:FFAB Focus - Yang Legend SR.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SR Legend) [FFIV].
|File:FFAB Focus - Yang Legend SR+.png|''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SR+ Legend) [FFIV].
|File:FFRK Magic Focus Icon.png|Focus (Magic) in ''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''.
|File:FFRK Vivi Focus (Magic Power).png|Vivi's Focus (Magic Power) in ''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''.
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