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Flytraps are voracious plants in Final Fantasy XI. They are mainly seen at Carpenters' Landing, although a few varieties are found elsewhere. Hovering over the ground with petals extended, they attract their prey by looking like typical peaceful flora, only to close their "trap" and capture their prey inside. With attacks that can paralyze or put entire parties to sleep, or slow an attacker down to a crawl, these plants can pack quite a punch and should not be underestimated.

They are stingy as well, generally providing the victorious adventurer with only a flytrap leaf as a reward. That said, the leaf can be valuable, not only to various merchants in Vana'diel, who will often pay more than 1,000 gil for each leaf, but also to crafters, who can use the leaves in a few select, but valuable, Synthesis. Flytraps are carnivorous plants usually named after the species of animal they eat. Most flytraps do not attack things they don't consider prey.

Beastmaster Pets[]

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