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Flying Through the Night is the first quest in Chapter 18, "Destiny's Crossroads" in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Aerith Gainsborough, and Red XIII flee the Shinra Building on the Midgar Expressway.


Cloud rides the Hardy-Daytona motorcycle for this quest, while the rest of the party use the Shinra Hauler SA-37. The controls are the same as before in "Mad Dash". The quest is initially simple, as Cloud must knock other bikers off the road, though later, a track appears and targets Cloud with a red reticule. It can only fire from one side, so steer to the other side and its gun will be unable to reach. Get in melee damage when in range of it, and whittle away at it with long ranged attacks to defeat it.

Later down the road, a helicopter will appear. Avoid the target reticule to evade its fire, and steer away from the explosions. Drones will appear after this, which should be steered around and then hit with melee attacks once in range. When the larger robot enemy appears, guard against its ranged spinning discs, and when it closes in on Cloud, guard against its spinning disc to disable it, then attack it.

Past this, several more durable bikers appear, and a helicopter will fire on the road. Avoid the red reticules to dodge the explosions, and focus on the bikers when they are within reach. After both are defeated, a cutscene commences.

Following this, M.O.T.O.R. appears, and its six wheels are the target. Either race in to attack them when in range, saving the special attacks for later, and move away when it raises them before it slams them in the ground. Once each is crippled, the machine is staggered; attack it deal as much damage as possible, then move out of range of its flame attacks, or additional attacks depending on how much HP it has lost. The wheels will come back online after this; attack them again to repeat the process from before. The stagger damage it receives increases each time, and carries over to the following stagger. When attacking its wheels while it has low HP, it will use an arm attack; before this attack fires, brake to avoid it before moving back in to attack.

Once its HP is depleted, a cutscene will commence, and the machine is defeated, leading to the quest "The Turning Point".

In New Game Plus playthroughs the biking segment can be skipped.