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Flying sure is fun! I could fly around all day! Boy oh boy oh boy.

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Flutter symbols are symbols in World of Final Fantasy that indicate spots in dungeons where the player can fly over gaps of terrain on the field. Flutter Symbols are identified by a glowing square symbol with a pair of wings superimposed over it, and interacting with it requires a Mirage with the Flutter ability unlocked, and be present in Lann and Reynn's party.

Flutter symbols appear when the player approaches certain gaps of terrain that need to be crossed. If a Mirage with the Flutter ability is present, it appears at the spot, carries the player across the gap, then returns back to them. Flutter symbols appear in pairs to allow the player to cross over gaps from both sides.


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Dungeon Area Location
The Nether Nebula Cavern 4
Saronia Docks Station 2
Station 3
The Dragon Scars Scar 1
Scar 2
Scar 3
Scar 4
Underground Prison Ophion 4
Mako Reactor 0 Sector 2
The Crystal Tower First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fifth Floor
EX Dungeon C Area 2
Hidden Dungeon Wind route - Floor 1

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