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Floatland Town on the Floatland map.

Floatland Town (ヤディス, Yadisu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III. The only town on Floatland, and it seems that time does not pass on here and in Pureland. To the north lies the Northern Ruins. Floatland Town becomes unrevisistable after the player leaves Floatland.



Name Cost
FFLIII Staff.gifFast 4000 G
FFLIII Sword.gifX-Plane 4000 G
FFLIII Explosive2.gifStar 1700 G
FFLIII Explosive2.gifTearGas 5500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII Shield.gifX-Plane 5500 G
FFLIII Helmet.gifX-Plane 5500 G
FFLIII Shoes.gifSpeed 5500 G
FFLIII Other2.gifEarring 5500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII Curative.gifCure2 150 G
FFLIII Curative.gifSoft 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifAntedot 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifThroat 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifEyedrop 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifElixir 3500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII White Magic.gifCure3 5500 G
FFLIII White Magic.gifFast 5500 G
FFLIII Black Magic.gifFire2 5500 G
FFLIII Black Magic.gifErase 5500 G