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The Floating Ruins is a location in Final Fantasy X-2, situated at the peak of Mt. Gagazet. The peak used to be perpetually shrouded in fog, but after the Fayth Scar became dormant the fog lifted revealing the ruins at the top.

It is the location of the first mission, and thus acts as a tutorial and introduction. Starting Chapter 3, it can be revisited by finding the path that leads there from Mt. Gagazet caverns.

Story Edit

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FFX-2 HD YRP&Leblanc Gagazet

YRP encounter Leblanc.

As the Gullwings' Sphere Oscillo-finder picks up a signal from the ruins, Brother flies Yuna, Rikku and Paine there on the Celsius. The girls make the landing but Yuna slips and is left hanging from an edge while Rikku and Paine rush to save her. The YRP navigate their way to the top but come across Leblanc and her cronies, Logos and Ormi—rival sphere hunters—and race to reach the top of the ruins. Leblanc gets stuck on a precipice and the YRP reach the sphere room at the top first, but must fight the fiend Boris before they can claim the treasure.

Taking the sphere to the Celsius they view it to find it contains images from Zanarkand. Shinra analyzes the sphere and says it can be used as a dressphere, and thus the Gullwings acquire the Black Mage dressphere.

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Missions Edit

Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate Edit

Beat the Syndicate to the top! But watch out, there's no telling what they'll do to stop you!

The player will still get the sphere if they fail the mission.

Items Edit

Note: These treasures do not refill.

Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

"Gagazet Mountain" plays in the Floating Ruins.

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