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Floating Death is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Insomnia. It is introduced in the Windows and Royal editions. Floating Death can be found in the northern area of the city, near to the East Interchange lodging. When the party first runs into Cor Leonis, they find him surrounded by ahrimans that keep appearing. After the player has killed enough ahrimans, some floating deaths appear. Cor joins as a guest for the battle.

Floating deaths use laser beam attacks and try to stay away from the player's vicinity. They are not difficult to defeat.


A multi-eyed and multi-legged daemon that has appeared in Insomnia. This particular species was first sighted after the spread of the Starscourge and the advent of the long night, but documents recently recovered from one of the empire's magitek research facilities reveal images of daemonic subjects that bear a strong similarity to this one.
Size: 10.10 ft. Weight: 633.1 lb.


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