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Eyeball with wings and a nasty gaze attack.


Floateye in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a blue spherical monster that can cause various status effects with its single eye. It has a pair of wings to fly over other units on the battlefield. Although its mobility and Speed scores are high, it is a fragile creature. Floateye is related to the Ahriman monster.

Its Stare ability is learnable as Blue Magic, and it is easy to learn due to how Stare works. This process can be sped up by having a Beastmaster command a Floateye to use Stare. Stare is an effective method of inflicting confusion, as it can be 100% accurate, and it also has an area effect in front of the user.

Morphers can use Floateye abilities alongside Ahriman abilities, since Floateyes are capturable. This gives players access to Devil Gaze, which operates on the same principles as Stare, where it only works when the user faces the enemy, but it does so with 100% accuracy. Devil Gaze inflicts both Blind and Silence, which disables any unit for a period of time, or encourages an enemy to heal themselves. The Floateye has no damaging abilities, but they do provide great status effects, especially with Ahriman abilities.


Floateye command. Shoot evil from eye.

Ability Effect MP
Stare Fearsome gaze. Confuses target.
All units facing the caster with 100% Accuracy.
Devil Gaze Gaze silences and inflicts darkness.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.


Ability Effect
Weapon Def+ Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage.



Mission Information
Mission #045: Frosty Mage The Black Mage here has one Floateye crony.
Mission #050: Staring Eyes Two Floateyes and an Ahriman will swoop down from Cyril's rooftops to confront the party.
Mission #005: Twisted Flow The Totema Famfrit will summon two Floateyes and two Ahrimans to help him guard his crystal.
Mission: With Babus The specter of Queen Remedi calls a Floateye and Ahriman to fight against Marche and Babus.

Clan encounters[]

Home base Clan Information
Aisenfield Aisen Ghosts A Floateye is one of the three non-undead enemies in this clan.
Materiwood Lost Monsters The Floateye's wings allow it to expertly maneuver around its vertically inconsistent home base.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Floateye FFTA.png
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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Floateye TCG.png

Floateye appears with a wind-elemental card.