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Float is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. The spell bestows a status that temporarily causes a target to float in the air, rendering them immune to Earth attacks. It can be junctioned to boost stats.


Float is a rare spell only drawn from a few enemies, and cannot be refined from any items. The best source of Float is through the Thrustaevis, a common enemy found near the Tomb of the Unknown King, where Float becomes important. The Tomb also contains a draw point for Float.



Float applies the Float status effect, which causes the target to float above the ground temporarily. It makes the target immune to any Earth-elemental attacks. The status lasts 11.73 seconds.

Casting Float on Sacred from FFVIII Remastered.png

Float notably prevents Sacred and Minotaur's constant healing, making them much easier to defeat. Another good use of the spell is against Cerberus who may Triple-cast Quake on the party.

Float can be cast using the Magic command or Selphie's Slot Limit Break. Casting Float in battle lowers compatibility with Brothers by 0.4.

Float provides only minor boosts to stats and a 50% resistance to the Earth element. It is better cast than junctioned.

Float is rendered mostly redundant by Quake, which allows a party member to absorb Earth-elemental damage. No enemies can inflict Float.