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Causes the target to float in midair.


Float is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It grants the float effect to one or all targets, which causes them to avoid all earth-elemental attacks. The spell is taught by magicite.


Float is learned from Cait Sith (rate of x2) and Quetzalli (rate of x5).


Float is affected by reflect and Runic.


Float is a positive buff that can be used effectively against enemies dealing earth-elemental damage, such as the Earth Dragon. It can also be used to great effect if the player is casting Quake, allowing the player party to avoid damage from Quake while the enemy is still hit. The only time a player would not want this spell when earth-elemental damage is involved is if the player is equipping armor such as Gaia Gear to absorb earth damage.

Float can also be used to make enemies vulnerable to Locke's Hawkeye and Sniper weapons. However, this is generally MP-inefficient.

Angel Wings can be used to grant the status automatically, meaning that it does not need to be re-applied on KO.