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Charm enemies to make them forget about attacking.


Flirt is a Dancer command ability in Final Fantasy V. It inflicts charm on the enemy, causing them to lose their next turn. Attacking with the Lilith Rod has the same effect as using Flirt with the added benefit of it also occasionally using Osmose.


Flirt is not innate to Dancer, and must be learned after reaching job level 1 with the job for 25 AP. Once learned, any job can equip the ability.


Flirt in GBA.

Flirt has the chance to inflict charm and cause an enemy to lose their next turn. Though this can be effective against some enemies, it never works on a Heavy-type enemy, and berserk overwrites the effects of Flirt. Other ways to make enemies lose their turn would be inflicting them with paralyze, stop, or petrify.