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Flimflam (早業, Hayawaza?, lit. Quick Work) is a command skillset in Final Fantasy X-2 exclusive to Thief dressphere. Flimflams revolve around stealing things from opponents, such as HP, items, and other supportive abilities. Flimflams are learned on the Thief dressphere by accumulated Ability Points in battle.

Name MP AP Description Prerequisite
Pilfer Gil
FFX-2 Pilfer Gil.png
2 30 Steal gil from one enemy.
Borrowed Time
FFX-2 Borrowed Time.png
16 100 Inflict Stop on one enemy.
Pilfer HP
FFX-2 Pilfer HP.png
10 60 Steal HP from one enemy. Pilfer Gil
Pilfer MP
FFX-2 Pilfer MP.png
- 60 Steal MP from one enemy. Pilfer HP
Sticky Fingers
FFX-2 Sticky Fingers.png
20 120 Always steal items from one enemy. Pilfer HP
Master Thief
FFX-2 Master Thief.png
20 140 Steal rare items from one enemy. Sticky Fingers
Soul Swipe
FFX-2 Soul Swipe.png
12 160 Inflict Berserk on one enemy. Pilfer HP
Steal Will
FFX-2 Steal Will.png
18 160 Cause one enemy to flee from battle. Soul Swipe


Flimflam is an act of dishonest behavior meant to take money or property from someone.