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Flight through the City, Climb to the Roof (建物をつたっていく, Tatemono o Tsutatteiku?, lit. Climb Up the Building), and Break the Blockade (包囲網を突破, Hōimō o Toppa?, lit. Break through the Siege) are the sixth, seventh, and eighth quests of Chapter 2, "Fateful Encounters", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The quests take place in Sector 8. After a lengthened battle on his way to the Sector 8 Station, Cloud Strife then searches for an alternate escape route, and considers climbing up the building to escape.


In the Business District plaza around the fountain, a blue waypoint appears guiding Cloud to a ladder. Climb a set of ladders up to the roof of a building, and take the ladder down to another roof. An iron bangle can be found in a treasure chest here. After this, use the ladders down to an alleyway, where security officers are fought alongside a riot trooper. The riot trooper will block normal attacks, meaning Fire Fire is best against it. Fight the security officers to build ATB gauge, and then kill the riot trooper with Fire to proceed.

Following this is a linear path along the street, with a few more Officers that appear, and boxes to break either side for items. Along the way, grenadiers appear, as well as riot troopers. Here, the Riot Trooper is the priority, so defeat the grenadiers with normal attacks and use Fire against the Riot Troopers. Around this area, stairs can be taken up to a treasure chest with ether on the lefthand side by a cafe, while stairs on the righthand side lead up to boxes to break. After this, follow the street forward.

A Riot Trooper appears along with two guard dogs. These are all fairly durable enemies, but the guard dogs cannot block normal attacks the way riot troopers can. Use the guard dogs to build up ATB gauge and cast Fire against the riot troopers, and then defeat the guard dogs with the usual tricks; Focused Thrust to stagger them quickly, and then lay into them with Punisher Mode. Further down the street, a truck can be seen on the left, and to its right is a Hi-Potion inside a treasure chest. Continue going down the street.

Eventually, a cutscene commences, with several troopers attacking. As before, the riot trooper is the priority to cast Fire against. Consider waiting until the riot trooper is close to other security officers, as when Fire is cast, its area of effect radius can take out the nearby soldiers also. Battle more guards, but leave the ATB up, only used against Riot Troopers, since a more durable enemy will appear.

The Huntsman is a tougher, red riot trooper with similar attacks. Once again, casting Fire against it is effective to deal guaranteed damage through its shield and pressure it, but will not be enough to kill it. Instead, after exhausting ATB charges, keep Cloud in Punisher Mode and keep him guarding, then wait for it attack. As it does, Cloud will counter, and it will expose itself; lay into it with normal attacks to build more ATB charges. If pressured, lay into it further, but do not use ATB charges until it is done. After a few more Fire casts, The Huntsman will go down.

A cutscene then commences as more Shinra soldiers arrive, and Cloud leaps down to the train, leading to "Last Train".

Hard mode tips[]

Triple Slash works against all enemies except the riot troopers. Against these enemies, Counterstance proves more effective.

In the final battle against The Huntsman and other soldiers, it is acceptable to cast very powerful spells, as this is the end of the chapter and MP is recovered in between chapters. Casting Regen Regen may be useful, and equipping Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia is helpful to resist the incoming fire Cloud will receive. The Huntsman can be defeated by using Counterstance to counter its attacks and build its stagger gauge, at which point, Infinity's End can defeat it.

Completing the chapter grants Cloud The Art of Swordplay Vol. IV.