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Holy hat.


The Flash Hat is a light armor headgear in Final Fantasy IX. It is a late game hat for Zidane, Vivi, Dagger, Eiko, and Amarant. It teaches Beast Killer, which allows the character to deal more damage to beast enemies, and Eye 4 Eye, which improves Counter. It strengthens the user's Thunder and Holy damage, and grants a small level up bonus to the wearer's Speed.


Flash Hat treasure in Bran Bal.

The Flash Hat is bought for 5,200 gil in Bran Bal and also in Daguerreo after the player has visited Bran Bal. It is also found in Bran Bal; the player must find the obscure path to right from the left side of the village "pond" and then follow it to the end to locate the treasure.


The Flash Hat provides 2 Evasion, allowing the wearer to avoid enemies' attacks slightly more often, and 37 Magic Defense, mitigating damage from magic attacks. The hat boosts the wearer's Thunder and Holy damage by 50%, being compatible with Vivi's Thunder, Thundara, and Thundaga, as well as his normal attack with Lightning Staff; Dagger's Ramuh and normal attack with Asura's Rod; and Eiko's Holy and Madeen.

The hat minorly boosts the wearer's Speed when they level up with it equipped. When enough "level up bonuses" from gear have been accrued, the character gains a permanent stat increase, though they would need to level up multiple times with +1 gear for noticeable stat gain.


The Flash Hat is late game gear and good to equip to Zidane and Amarant to master Eye 4 Eye to make the best of their Counters. The Speed bonus from it is a minor boon, but level grinding or min-maxing are unnecessary in a normal playthrough and the player can prioritize gear based on their defensive offerings and abilities, and still be able to do any encounter in the game with the right strategy. For mages, the Flash Hat is good for its Elem-Atk.

The guests from Tantalus can also equip the hat, but the player cannot see this in a normal playthrough.