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Instantly kills opponent


Flash is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Slash-All Materia at level 2. The ability replaces the Attack command, and will attempt to inflict Instant Death on all enemies on the opposing party. Flash replaces the basic Slash-All ability when the Materia is leveled up.


Command Materia Slash-All
Effect Physical attack against each member of enemy party. Long range.
Compatible Support Materia None


Cid and Red XIII using Flash.

Flash replaces the basic Attack command when a LV2+ Slash-All is equipped. It launches a single attack, regardless of row, which attempts to instantly kill all enemies on the opposing party. This attack can instantly clear enemies that are not immune to Instant Death, quickly ending fights even faster than the basic Slash-All ability.

Flash's success is independent of the user's stats. Its success rate is the equipped weapon's Attack% halved. This means it should be given to characters with weapons that have a high Attack% accuracy. Tifa's God's Hand and Vincent's Sniper CR both have 255 Attack%, making both characters excellent choices.

The main drawback to Flash is that the Instant Death it applies is not guaranteed to work, and many enemies are immune to Instant Death. If used on some undead enemies, Flash recovers them fully. Therefore, players may prefer the basic Slash-All ability and equip a lower-level Slash-All Materia (which can be obtained by mastering the first one), or simply use Mega All. If a character has a level 1 and level 2 Slash-All Materia equipped, the one found last in the equipment will determine which is used (left is the lowest priority, right is the highest, and all armor slots being a higher-priority than weapon slots).

Flash is not compatible with any Support Materia.