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Inflicts darkness on all enemies with a brilliant flash. Use with the Tools command.


Flash is one of Edgar's Tools in Final Fantasy VI. When used with the Tools command, it deals non-elemental magic damage to all opponents, with a chance of inflicting the darkness status effect, causing most of their physical attacks to miss. This makes it a very turn-efficient and effective way to deal magic damage to all enemies. Flash can be obtained fairly early on, and the command can be used as long as the tool exists in the player's inventory.


The Flash tool can be purchased in Figaro Castle for 1000 gil after completing the frozen esper battle in Narshe. It can also be stolen from Death Machine.

Gogo can also use any Tools abilities also, as long as the tool still exists in the player's inventory and Tools is equipped in Gogo's ability menu.


As a magic damage ability with a spell power of 42, it deals damage with the following formula:

where "Level" refers to the user's level, and Magic refers to the user's Magic stat. Unlike most magic spells, Flash ignores split damage. Because the spell deals non-elemental damage, it deals the same damage ignoring the enemy's elemental affinity.

The spell may also inflict the darkness status effect. This effect halves the affected's hit rate for physical attacks in most versions of the game.[note 1]


Flash deals strong magic damage to all enemies, making it an effective and turn-efficient ability when acquired, as well as a good way to deal magic damage to all enemies for no MP cost. Its spell power is midway between the level 1 magic spells (Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder) and the level 2 spells (Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara). Flash has the bonus of inflicting darkness to enemies, causing most of their attacks to miss, and making it a useful defensive spell.[note 1]

Compared to other Tools abilities, Flash's spell power is double that of Bioblaster, and its darkness effect is more useful, making Flash the better ability. However, if used purely for the defensive effect, Noiseblaster has a similar role with a more useful effect that can also prevent the enemy casting magic damage against the party. Auto Crossbow, which instead deals physical damage, has comparable damage output, but no added effect. Flash's spell power is the same as that of Sabin's Blitz technique, Rising Phoenix, which instead deals fire-elemental damage.

Since Edgar's most powerful Tools abilities are physical attacks, the player should prioritize magicite that boost his Strength when leveling up his stats, instead of his Magic stat that would improve Flash. Due to this, and the availability of much more powerful spells later in the game, Flash becomes much less useful. Though its ability to inflict darkness on all enemies remains useful, Noiseblaster is often the better defensive choice.

Due to Gogo's naturally higher Magic stat, Gogo benefits more from using Flash compared to physical-based Tools. However, by the time Gogo is recruited, other, more damaging spells are available, and Gogo can instead equip Blitz to take advantage of magic damage.



  1. 1.0 1.1 Darkness is ineffective in the original SNES release due to the evade bug.