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The Flare Gigas is an enemy in the Dawn of Souls and succeeding remakes of the original Final Fantasy. It is found in the deepest levels (B31 - B39) of the Whisperwind Cove in the levels resembling Mount Gulg, and more commonly in the Labyrinth of Time.


Battle Edit

It is the strongest member of the Gigas brotherhood. As implied by its name, the Flare Gigas has no particular elemental affinity. Therefore, the party should simply use its strongest attacks to defeat it.

Etymology Edit

A flare is a pyrotechnical phenomenon that produces intense amounts of heat and energy that does not result in an explosion (an immediate release of energy).

Gigas is a popular term for races of giants in fantasy games. Gigas is a Greek word meaning "giant," originally used to describe the race of Gigantes in Greek mythology and is used in the scientific name, as the specific epithet, of hundreds of species of animals and dozens of plant species to denote their size.

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