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Non-elemental magic damage/one enemy


Flare is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a non-elemental spell that can deal significant damage when cast as a spell. It also provides among the highest boost to Strength and Magic when junctioned.


Flare is difficult to acquire, as it can only be drawn from challenging or high-level enemies. It can be acquired from a few draw points, including the Island Closest to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell. It can also be refined using the Guardian Force Ifrit's ability F Mag-RF (in spite of not being Fire-elemental), from Flare Stones and Inferno Fangs. In the early game the player can most easily procure them from Ruby Dragon and Tiamat cards.



Flare has a spell power of 48 when cast, meaning its damage is calculated as:


It can deal heavy non-elemental damage to a single target when cast as a spell. While it, therefore, cannot take advantage of any elemental weaknesses, it can also not be resisted or absorbed by an enemy either. It is cast as a spell in the Magic command, Selphie's Slot Limit Break, or Rinoa's Angel Wing if she has it in her inventory.

Casting Flare in battle increases compatibility with Eden by 0.4 and with Brothers, Diablos, Leviathan and Bahamut by 0.2. Casting Flare doesn't lower compatibility with any GF.

Due to its rarity and its very strong bonuses when junctioned, it is better to stock Flare spells and not cast with the Magic command. However, it can deal significant damage when cast with Rinoa's Angel Wing, while not expending a spell.

Flare provides among the highest boosts to Strength or Magic of any spell. It can also heavily resist against Fire, Thunder, and Ice elemental damage. Though Flare is outclassed by spells such as Ultima in providing a boost to HP and Strength, in the absence of more powerful spells, it is very potent in providing such boosts.

Flare is cast by a few enemies and bosses in battle, including Adel, Behemoth, Griever, Ruby Dragon, Seifer (fourth battle), Sorceress B, and Ultimecia's final form. Flare can be reflected.